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    Alexandria MoonStar

    Alexandria MoonStar has been on the Pagan path for around 20 years this life time and is sure she has been on that path in my past life times. Although trained as an Alexandrian traditional witch, she has also been trained in other paths.
    Alexandria says: "I could also add that I am A High Priestess, A Healer, Tarot Reader, A Spell Caster; I am given messages from the dead, my Spirit Guides and Angels. I speak to my Animal guides and I like to do Spiritual cooking. I am a member of a closed Coven and also run groups from my home. We have turned our path to the ways of the Ancients, back to the Bare Bones and the deep Mysteries within the Earth, the Universe and within ourselves. All of my children are Witches too; it's a way of life we share and enjoy very much. Blessed Be"
    Alexandria is a New Zealander living in the southern highlands of New South Wales.

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    Mother Earth Father Sky by Susan Seddon Boulet

    Pagan Parenting
    on a Budget!

    Given the tough times everyone is experiencing lately – and in view of the upcoming celebration of Halloween, the pagan festival of Samhain – how excellent that Alexandria MoonStar has submitted this article on how to deal with tight family budgets, from the perspective of a single mother and a Witch!

    Being on a budget is never easy. But for most people these days it's just a way of life. Being a single parent on a budget is extremely hard. So whether you are just starting out as a witch with children, or you have been a witch for a while and are trying to include the kids in your celebrations, don't stress about extra costs that a book or someone else has told you that you just can't do what you have to do without spending a fortune.

    I like to ask my children where they see Magic. For example, going for a walk with your children is cost-free. If it's hot, take a drink from home; take a sandwich, a small snack and maybe something for the ducks at the local lake. While out walking, take your time to really see what the Goddess gives us. Your children will see magic in everything. We always come home with feathers (magic wands), stones (magic crystals), and flowers for healing. We are always careful, and if they want a leaf that is still on the tree they must first ask the tree. If the leaf comes away easy, then they have been given permission; they must never tug on the tree or cause damage in any way. Most of the time the leaves are already on the ground. My children believe they were left for them by the goddess who asked the wind god to blow them off the trees for us.

    Wiccan Altar

    Once we get home, whatever they have collected are either put on the altar for the home or put in a special place in their bedrooms. It's such a great thing to do as a family and no cost at all. We have to remember that everything in nature, in our lives and in our children is pure magic.

    When we have celebrations, we simply cannot afford expensive gifts, but we have never let that bother us. Every Yule we exchange crystals that we have bought for $2 each. If there is just no money, we share what we already have. Please remember, it is not about the material things. Everything you need for a magical life is right inside you and outside in the natural world.

    When you're in the position, like a lot of us, renting, you can't always rent a house with a garden. I have been in places that had no flowers, no garden, and certainly no funds to grow anything. But I put together an altar made with an upside-down box and a tea-towel to cover it. I was able to collect flowers that came from weeds, and sticks that were on the ground, along with some lovely stones.

    As the years have gone by I have added things that make me happy - and a lot of that was given to me by my children. I have more sticks, stones and feathers than anything else. The only thing I don't bring in the house are really, really long sticks. My two young boys sometimes choose sticks that are so big they can hardly carry them. But we keep them in the garden.

    Now supermarkets are great when you're on a budget, don't you think? $2 for rock salt to consecrate your home or sacred place. A few dollars for candles and even the herbs they sell can be used in a lot of spell work. And we just celebrated Ostara with Kinder Surprise eggs. Ostara or Spring Equinox celebrates all the newness of the season, new plants and flowers, new baby animals and such and with all the little babies around what more fun can you have than a chocolate egg with a little gift inside. We bought a wooden bowl from our local charity shop for twenty cents and added in flowers and milk and honey and after our Ostara ritual we left the bowl outside under the full moon as an offering.

    Once the little ones are ready for bed, you could help them to learn a little verse. We always make up our own and none of them are ever rejected. The trick is to keep it very short. No matter how many books there are with prayers or poems or verses for children, they just seem to me to be very long or hard to remember. Here is one we use a lot: "Goddess of Light, Watch over me Tonight." Simple.

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