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    Virgo Solar Festival: part 1 | part 2 | part 3 | Wesak Festival | Aries Festival | Pisces Festival

    Abduction, by Paul Cézanne

    Virgo's Moon, a Total Lunar Eclipse:
    The Virgo Solar Festival
    Subtle Meanings of the Full Moon in Pisces 2007 [part 3]

    Malvin concludes his discussion of the esoteric impact of the 2007 Virgo Solar Festival. He discusses the dynamic influence of the planetary aspects and the effect of the Spirit Dancers on our daily rejuvenation, joy and spiritual connection.

    Planetary Dynamics

    We will not look at the planetary dynamics of this eclipse too much because there is little space to do so. However, there are three main aspects to it. Firstly, the Sun/Moon axis forms a t-square with Jupiter at the apex. Ordinary astrological interpretation would posit that such a configuration could be quite joyful, and it may well be, but there is a danger of excessiveness with it, even though the orb is considered a bit wide. It is also an aspect that fosters intolerance – pride, in other words. Hence, there could be major tests as to the amount of pride in one's nature with this solar festival. Venus has just passed, but is still within orb of, an opposition with Neptune.

    Be careful around affairs of the heart begun at the time of this eclipse, unless one is only after a quick affair. This aspect tends to breed eventual disillusionment and has been called a 'money pit' aspect. On the higher side of it, if the people involved are understanding, then this aspect is a brilliant one for clarification of shared goals in life, spiritual direction and where one's heart truly lays. However, there is usually some struggle to be had before these realizations come with this influence. This is one aspect that really tends to show what one's true orientation is in life – the purely sensual or 'the Higher Way'.

    Lastly there is a t-square formed by a Mercury/Uranus opposition with Mars at the apex. Arguments and clashes, anyone? Fierce feelings of independence and/or spirited debate? This configuration will surely bring all that, especially when the eclipse is activated, which brings us to the most interesting and potent side to this eclipse.

    Sun Conjunct Saturn and the Moon Wobble

    The Sun is conjunct Saturn in this figure, which carries a double meaning: one meaning being very clear, the other veiled. Saturn conjunct the Sun tends to give a note of heaviness and pessimism for most people. The Sun was exactly conjoined to Saturn a few days before the eclipse, so the tone has already been set. We need to realize, too, that this eclipse is a Moon Wobble. There will be some very fated outcomes from it, especially when it is activated, and that is very soon thereafter. What those outcomes are will depend upon one's motivation, what one is due, what is activated in one's chart (in terms of planets or angles) and how much we can be open to the opportunity presented.

    We have been in the Moon Wobble period since the 20th of this month, with the exact time being on the 31st. It will gradually wane until the time of the next eclipse. Be very careful not to be reactive during this period. Consider your responses with great concern for outcome. A good rule of thumb is as follows: If something is commenced at a point when one's emotions are in turmoil, then the general prognosis is dim. Good can come, but unless one is clear and of right intention the basis for any project or relationship begun thus has a basic, often fatal, flaw within it. There is always such a test when things are begun under the influence of Saturn in aspect with the Sun. Remember: Saturn brings completion and/or culmination, not fresh beginnings, unless the closing of one door opens another. Anything begun under such an influence carries the psychic charge of something being finished from a karmic point of view. There is often a strong or heavy past-life feel to it. Old situations are to be finished under the application of this eclipse. These are the obvious meanings revealed by the Sun/Saturn conjunction.

    Veiled Meaning

    The veiled meaning of the Sun/Saturn conjunction might come as a bit of a surprise when it happens, and that has to do with when Saturn activates the eclipse point. The first such activation comes on 13 Oct 2007, just a month and a half after the eclipse. This is a very short period of time. At that activation there is a contra-parallel by declination of Saturn with Chiron and a Venus/Saturn conjunction on the eclipse point. The Venus/Saturn conjunction is the final one of three that is occurring during the current Venus retrograde period.

    This first activation of the eclipse point by Saturn carries the onus of 'bad news from loved ones' as indicated by the Saros cycle, and it will tend to come from one primary area – affairs. The dynamics just mentioned can bring an end to existing relationships if they are shaky to begin with. Out of that, however, some very good things can arise. Perhaps one has been stuck in a relationship that is simply not working. Perhaps the relationship is essentially 'done', completed, and it is time to move on. Although there can be heartbreak and hard feelings around this, both parties in the existing relationship can be set free to greater things. The key here is the motivation by the person ending the relationship, if that is what happens. Saturn, after all, brings completion with it, certain opportunities and the sense that, well, it is time to move on. Again, such scenarios must be carefully considered and not done in a mad rush or the heat of passion. Saturn will not allow for either of those things and brings lessons later if action is taken out of turn or impulsively.

    Retrograde Activation

    The retrograde activation by Saturn of the eclipse point takes place on 29 Feb 2008, the 29th of Feb being the date that women traditionally propose to men. On that date we find that Mercury, Venus and Pluto are all parallel by declination, which is a powerful linkage for romance, sexuality and communications. Pluto has just peeked over into Capricorn and Mars is opposing Pluto on that date. (Be careful, guys. It might be a shotgun wedding! :-)

    The final pass of Saturn over the eclipse point takes place on July 4th of 2008. Mars is both conjunct and parallel Saturn then. There are some brilliant romantic aspects there as well – Sun/Venus conjunction opposing Jupiter, Venus quincunx to Chiron, Chiron conjunct Neptune, Venus trine Uranus, the Sun, Venus and Jupiter all parallel. You cannot get much better than that in terms of marriage and romance aspects. Those aspects are also good for business. The only problem for romance is the Mars/Saturn interaction, which diminishes the sex drive in a relationship chart, and that is no small thing if one wants to plan a marriage or start an intimate relationship at that time. This particular activation, then, is not so great for commencement of intimate relationships, but it can be quite good for cementing business partnerships. If one does plan to marry around that date my advice would be to pick another time. The main activation date for love and affairs of the heart is clearly the 29th of February. So, we have the following scenario with each of the activation dates for the August 28th eclipse: The first activation is about break-ups, the second is about new affairs and marriages and the third is about financial empowerment.

    Saturn conjunct Regulus

    With some final notes to the August eclipse, Saturn is on the degree of the great star Regulus (Cor Leonis) – the Heart of the Lion. This star can confer great honors, especially when the Sun or Jupiter conjoins it. However, it is also a position that brings sudden eclipses of power with it as well (falls from power or grace) and that is particularly true when Saturn is conjunct Regulus [see The Fixed Stars – ed.]. The most mundane reading of this conjunction is that a leader will be assassinated or fall from power. At a personal level, if one has planets conjunct or opposing Regulus, then there can be a fall from grace in one's social circles or a withdrawal from outer activity – even one being stripped of honors.

    The countries most affected by this are the US (the White House, spec.), Mexico, the UK, the Vatican, France, Iran and Canada. We will have to wait and see what happens there. The symbols for the degrees of the lunar nodes in eclipses are of significance, too, for they show what is being activated or addressed instinctively within the psyche.

    • For this eclipse the South Node degree speaks of 'the potential for initiation and new steps to be taken' (The symbol is “A 5-yr-old child taking a first dancing lesson”)
    • and the North Node degree speaks of answering the clarion call of the higher Self. (The symbol is “A girl blowing a bugle”)
    • The Sun is conjunct the South Node in the eclipse figure, but since this is a lunar eclipse it is considered to be a 'North Node eclipse', hence the references made previously to new starts in emotional spheres.

    There is a bit of a paradox with this figure. If we are going to 'be solar' about it, then we must be prepared to venture into unknown territory and seize upon opportunities for growth presented to us. If we are to 'be lunar' about it (and that is not a negative thing in a lunar eclipse), then we must answer the call that we hear. Either way, we are pulled out of our comfort zone with this eclipse. Either way, as well, there is a wonderful seed to be planted here that can eventually open our now-veiled eye(s) to greater realities or possibilities.

    Solar Eclipse

    The Solar eclipse of September 11th this year takes place at 10:32 PM AEST (12:32 PM UT). This eclipse marks the new moon and thus the start of the Chinese Month of the Earth Rooster – the 'Rooster Pecking for Food'. Subjectively, this figure speaks of 'putting things away for a rainy day', that storms can come at the worst of times, that expenditures should be curtailed (look at the housing market debacle in the US) and that adaptability and a joyful heart will bring rewards along the way. You will not find any of what has just been stated in the Western chart, but the dynamics of the eclipse will point to it. The symbol for the degree of the Sun/Moon conjunction in the eclipse figure sets the tone for the chart and it reads:

    “A swimming race.” – 19° Virgo

    There is nothing that spurs progress faster than the coming together of like-minded people in a common goal. It is well-known in occult circles that group cooperation and endeavor is the key to all successful spiritual work. We never truly work alone, yet we are all fully self-taught and self-initiated when it comes down to it. The swimming race is a group effort and it is the end result of many long and arduous hours spent in training. It is a test of efforts, quite aside from a sporting engagement. The training leading up to it furthers the athletic evolution of the human being. At the same time, it keeps the individual at their physical peak, sharpens the mind and the organism, fosters will-power and endurance in the task at hand, teaches the swimmer the value of pushing through pain and obstacles to achieve the goal and coaxes one past what was normally thought possible of them. The same can be applied to spiritual life and practice, and it is exactly what has been described about this symbol that the eclipse of Sept. 11th will convey to people. When we combine this description with the subjective meaning conveyed earlier, the full meaning of the eclipse comes to light. Since this is a Nine North eclipse as well as the one on Aug 28th, we would expect more unsettling news, especially since it is a South Node eclipse. The planetary dynamics in this figure are more alarming and fiery than the planetary patterns in the previous figure. Even though it is not classed as an especially powerful one, this is one eclipse that will set things in motion. It is, on the whole, a very liberating event, and its effects will promulgate even larger shock waves to come in about 3-4 years.

    Eclipse Opposes Uranus in a T-square with Mars

    The primary dynamic within the eclipse figure is a t-square formed by the Sun/Moon conjunction opposing Uranus with Mars at the apex. The configuration just described disposes people to rash actions, sudden breakdowns in relationships, injuries, combativeness, temperament, and the feeling of sudden, seemingly insurmountable obstacles being placed in one's way. As we say in Australia, “Not happy, Jan!”

    Still, if one wants to be liberated from a confining situation, this would be an ideal time to take advantage of the energies about, provided one is prepared to play with fire. On the other hand, destiny may be forced upon one anyway, like it or not. The effects will depend entirely upon one's own development and what is activated in one's chart. Just think of what can happen when Saturn activates the eclipse point, as it will in just over a year's time.

    Financial References

    The primary countries affected will be Canada, Iran, North Korea and Mexico. However, there is one area to which I am drawn more than I am to countries, even though two of those are in the supposed 'Axis of Evil' (No, I am not talking about Canada and Mexico.) The biggest 'entity' that causes me concern when I look at the effects of this eclipse is none other than the New York Stock Exchange, with this eclipse happily sitting on the Mars of that entity's chart, and with Saturn passing over that point three times in the next two years. As the saying goes, 'When the American stock market sneezes, the world catches a cold.' Start building your financial immunity, folks.

    Interestingly, there was another solar South Node eclipse on the Mars point of the NYSE on Sept 11th 1988. Not much was going on in the dynamics of that eclipse, though, and it was a weak one with respect to the impact of the planetary dynamics relative to the NYSE. Also, it was never properly 'finished' by Saturn, nor did it receive any activation from the outer planets. However, just to show that the Mars point is a sensitive one in that chart, at the time of the 1987 Crash, Saturn squared the Mars point exactly and the horizon of the chart was squared by Pluto. Mars rules the Midheaven of the NYSE chart (public prominence, honors, culmination of one's efforts, career, etc.) and when it is stressed through activation from an outer planet, especially Saturn, public confidence tends to be shaken.

    Uranus has been in a retrograde transit opposite that point for the past month, which is why we are seeing sudden reversals in fortune in the housing sector and erosion of public confidence, astrologically speaking (Uranus showing sudden shudders and turns). As it turns out, Saturn and Uranus will be doing a dance around the NYSE Mars through March of next year. In fact, each activation of the Sept 11th 2007 eclipse point by Saturn will coincide with major planetary stresses within the NYSE chart. The dates for those activations are

    1. 29 Oct 2008
    2. 9 Mar 2009 and
    3. 21 Jul 2009.

    The eclipse point is going to be a sore one after Sept 11th this year given the dynamics of this eclipse and every planetary activation of the eclipse point after September of this year will send at least a little ripple through the American stock market, depending upon the nature of the passing planet. Public confidence in finances is going to be shaken over the next few years, leading to a large event in 2010, as I see it, but we don't have the space to go into all that in this letter. I will save it for a later one in which we will look solely at finances.

    Aside from the financial sector, a lot can come from this eclipse. The last time it happened for me I took a very clear step forward on my spiritual path, but I had to leave something behind to do so, not that what I left behind was any great loss. What I left behind was in the nature of how I utilized my time. In doing so, however, my actions had a direct effect upon people close to me and my work situation. Everything came out well in the end, but there were some initially uncomfortable adjustments.

    Initiatory Action

    To be clear, the Sept. 11th eclipse this year has the theme of initiatory and self-disciplinary action stamped clearly upon it, whether we look at the eclipse degree (“Swimming race”), the nodal degree (“Dancing lessons”) or the general planetary dynamics of the chart. Something in our lives will be released, if we receive activation by this event, but great good can come of it. What is plain to me in looking at the various entities involved is that a scenario is being set up in the world wherein a more sober look at how each one of us uses our resources will be thrust upon us. Many people are clearly living beyond their means. The wide gulf between the rich and the poor is about to be adjusted. Public confidence in leadership and the financial sector is even now going through a major shake-up.

    What is actually happening is that we are all being offered the chance to be self-responsible and self-regulating. That is the way of Nature anyway. Living under a mountain of debt is like living on borrowed time. If the structure that props up the debt is suddenly wiped away, what happens to all that we have worked so hard to materially accrue? How will that impact us? What is truly important to us, anyway? As with everything that has been going on since the start of this century, we are being coaxed or even forced to look inward for our answers and not rely on someone else to prop us up or solve our problems for us. Enjoy what this eclipse brings, for there are many hidden blessings in it! This brings us to the concluding points in this letter.

    Divine Comedy

    Since the first of April (April Fool's Day – some of the dates in this letter have 'Divine Comedy' stamped all over them), Pluto has been retrograde. It goes direct on Sept 7th this year. A scenario that was taking place back in December has been under re-examination and is being finally tidied up. We have had to look deeply into our subconscious motivations for things. Neptune has been retrograde since May 24th. It goes direct Nov 1st this year. We are gaining clarity on what took place at the last Saturn/Neptune opposition (beginning of March this year) and finally seeing the truth behind the outer events that were taking place at that time. Our inner Truth is being revealed to us. The two eclipses just described will set us free to pursue that Truth.

    Uranus has been retrograde since June 24th and many people experienced sudden reversals of fortune around that time and found themselves stuck again when they thought they were moving forward. What has ensued is a more sober evaluation of how we wish to be free to live our Truth. Uranus is about freedom and the urge to move forward on the spiritual path. The retrograde phase often brings the feeling that the urges just described have somehow been thwarted. Such is not the case, but we do become very clear on how we want to move forward and clearly when Uranus goes direct again, which takes place on the 24th of November this year. We can, to be sure, break free of confining circumstances at any time, and the urge to do so is very strong at the moment. Uranus is playing a very potent role in people's lives now. So much is unsettled. Saturn moved direct over its last retrograde station on July 24th. A very important decision was made or realization was had by many people around that time – something that became clear to us at the end of 2006. Look carefully at your life at that earlier time and you will see what, coupled with realizations at the end of July, is playing out for you now and is seeking a fuller and more appropriate expression.

    Aside from all that and to use the more colloquial “New Age' vernacular, the energies about the place have just been hard (difficult), especially over the past couple of months. Virtually everyone I speak to has voiced the same complaints or a combination thereof – they feel dragged down, tired, full of aches and pains, feel stuck, unable to move forward with their plans, have been ill with a cold/flu/gastro, etc., feel a vague or very real sense of anxiety, feel an oppressive or uncomfortable electric sort of dynamic 'in the air' – need I go on? What is going on?

    To start with, from my own experience subtle and not-so-subtle geologic stresses have been stronger than usual. Such forces always affect me in the joints and articulations, as they do with so many people. We have had some strong and devastating earthquakes and the like. There have been a lot of mining disasters as a result. We have seen the bridge collapse in Minnesota. There have been several air disasters. These are all earth-energy related events and have to do with the shifting magnetic and geologic currents in the Earth's crust. The astrological indicators for this activity will not be found in a geocentric horoscope and are, to a large degree, beyond our solar system altogether. Such shifts affect our own Sun and cause increased solar flare activity and magnetic perturbations in the solar sphere, thus affecting our planetary life. I cannot go into all the dynamics of it here. Perhaps I should devote a letter to extra-systemic astrology in its entirety (if such a thing is possible) to show you what is happening. Suffice it to say, we are being impacted by a lot that is 'not of this world' but yet entirely of it, but to us it is just plain uncomfortable. It is actually all for our growth and to awaken us to greater realities. I am constantly and repeatedly reminded within myself: “Rely continuously on a happy mind alone”. It is the last thing I want to be reminded of in the midst of a bout of gastro, but eventually the light of day shines once again.

    I know this has been a long letter. Thank you for bearing through it. A lot has been happening, both within the heavens and right here on our doorstep, and we needed to take a closer look at what is looming before us and what has been in order to get a context around everything. The next few years are going to show a lot of upheaval. Be prepared for it, but do not shrink away from it. Embrace it fully instead and see what it has to offer you and those closest to you. Some of the greatest fortunes have been made out of the worst economic crashes, for example, and that can be applied to spiritual matters as well. We are going through a major period of readjustment. Don't expect spaceships to land tomorrow or to magically wake up one morning to realize that you have suddenly shifted consciousness to a higher reality. Personally, that sort of thing is a lot of crap, even though I say it with all love in heart. Evolution is a gradual process, even though it can be accelerated – and it has been – but life will settle over the next decade or so, and we will be left with a saner sense of values and will have been prepared for some quite wonderful revelations to come, for those who are ready to embrace them. Can we not realize the seeds for some profound inner revelations and shifts in consciousness have been and are being planted within the collective and individual psyche? Major outer stresses are a signal that internal shifts are happening and the mind tends to rebel against that. 'Stress' is simply another way of saying 'over-attachment', seen from one perspective. If you find yourself locked in a situation that just will not seem to resolve, then we could perhaps see it as like trying to hold on to a cup of coffee that is too hot to handle – tell the cup to let go of your hand. A bit of coffee might spill, but the cup will understand. So will your loved ones, or even your adversaries – eventually.

    Am I mad? Sure. Out with the fairies? You bet! – but I am right here, too, as sane as the next person, with my own set of insecurities, my hard-won strengths, my 'inherited' skills and talents and my absolute conviction that I am doing the best I can with what I know and that somehow, some way, I will reach my destination. I have a pretty good idea on how to get there, too. I have so much for which to be thankful. Yes, I have a lot of work to do, within and out in the world. Every morning I get up and put my legs through my pants, finish getting dressed, wash the night off my face and embrace another day. The world is a much brighter place for me now than it has been in some time. I guess I have made some progress. Well, I know I have. Is it not the same for the rest of you? Are we not all mad with the call of the Spirit, with our head in the clouds yet all the while dealing, somehow, with the realities of earthly existence, trying to make sense of all that is impinging upon us while maintaining some sense of proportion and balance within our lives? There is a lot to take in, but there is so much that we have already as well. Every now and then when the cares of the world get to be too much I get awakened from my slumber and reminded of the 'heaven realms' that gave me birth and sustain me. We are all born of those realms. I don't necessarily have to go out at 4 AM to be reminded. The smell of a flower, the smile of friend, a passage from a book or any of a host of things can trigger recognition of the higher realms and send one into a reverie of Spirit. It works for me.

    We need that regular spiritual connection and rejuvenation, especially in the day-to-day life. Next time the Spirit Dancers come calling (and they often do through dreams and in meditations) take the time to lose yourself in their dance. Their only wish is to reconnect you with your joy, which will ultimately lead to your happiness. We could all use a bit of that, could we not?

    Oh, and if you find yourself out walking in the wee hours of the morning, try not to ring. We could all really use the sleep right now.

    My sincerest blessings to you all. I have missed you.

    22 Aug 2007

    Here endeth the Lesson.

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    Yin Yang Malvin Artley is an accredited member of the American Federation of Astrologers. His primary focus over the past 25 years has been on the sciences as they express occultism and with bridging work between the two. His special interests in those fields are the human subtle energy system and all the chakras, or energy centres, physics and technology, astronomy and all aspects of Chinese occultism.
    He sends out periodic emails about astrological happenings and developments. These letters are sent out as a gift and a service. If you wish to be added to or deleted from the mailing list please let me know. If you feel inspired to pass them on please do so, but do so without alteration or charge. They are sent to people of many persuasions, not just astrologers. Blessings. Click here to subscribe to Malvin's periodic letters.

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