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     Sexuality: Understanding the Life Force [part 2]

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    We are naturally attracted by our affinities, yet also by desirable characteristics which are to some degree lacking in ourselves. A potent sexual attraction plugs in to these features, in an energy exchange that is both stimulating and compelling. This exchange seems designed to develop the generation of new life and the ultimate continuance of all life on earth.

    Sexual Freedom

    Women today (at least in the West) have the sexual freedoms once the prerogative of men. Reliable birth control and technologically mediated voyeurism – even virtual sex – have become a reality, so people of both sexes (and those somewhere in between) can freely express their sexuality over the full potential for actualisation.

    This is a new development, not seen since primitive times before the establishment of the patriarchial hegemony. In those ancient days, sexuality was a sacrament, child raising was a communal responsibility, and property rights (such as they were!) carried through the female line, for the concept of fatherhood had not yet been developed. Mars and Venus had a field day!

    Aspects to Venus and Mars in the birth chart and how these planets are placed by sign, dignity and elevation, can be clear indicators of sexual behaviour. Venus in Scorpio, for example, is considered weak, especially if further debilitated by aspect. It can express intense, even compulsive or deviant sexual behaviour. The polarity of this position means some individuals may drop sex altogether and focus on spiritual goals, or even other all-consuming activities such as art or charitable works.

    Infinite Complexities

    There are infinite complexities in relationships. Astrological analysis at this level gives us a rule of thumb, not an absolute. Venus and Mars have other symbolic levels of meaning, whilst the Sun represents the husband in a woman's chart and the Moon represents the wife in the chart of a man (the Sun also stands for the father and the Moon for the mother in anyone's chart, for astrological symbolism works at many levels).

    The life force flows along subtle channels, or pathways between people. When you plug in to that special person, the experience can be electifying! But relationships work on many levels other than the physical/emotional conduits of the force. The complex set of energies that make up the whole person determines our attractions, our relationships and our destinies. To explore the potential of your relationships, you can order a Relationship Analysis, or a Soul Connection chart from us, to see what the stars hold in store.

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