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    Opening the Stareye: part 1 | part 2 | part 3 | part 4 | Accepting Now | Real Relationships
    opening the Stareye

    Opening the Stareye
    Part Two: Creating a Higher Energy Future

    In the second part of this outstanding article, Stephen and Lynda Kane show that fulfilling our real needs cultivates the body's energies in a way that automatically creates the time we need to cultivate life and awareness. Through living with intent, challenging your attachments and learning to distinguish what is real from what is not, we can achieve perfect understanding and a state of maximum fulfilment.

    What Is A Real Need?
    Most of us want more out of life and many of us sense that there is more—or there couldbe—more to life than just having another same old good time or merely trying to get through another day. And, if there really is more to life, what do you need to do to find out what that is? What do you need to do to sort out your problems? Or, what do you need for your life to become more fulfilling even when you don’t have any problems? In other words:
    How can you tell what you really really need?
    When I told Julie that she didn’t need Peter and he didn’t need her, I was speaking in my professional capacity, which is to look at people’s energies then show them how they are, or will be, affected by whatever concerns them. We also teach others to do this for themselves.

    The essential principles of this activity are very straightforward:
    Anything you don’t really need to do—but you do anyway—literally drags some of your energy down and, eventually, out of your body. And you and your life are depleted or damaged as a direct consequence.  
    Every time you fulfil a real need—no matter how small or insignificant it may seem—one or more of your essential life energies rises through your body. The more an energy rises within you, the more the area of your life that it affects, changes for the better in one way or another.
    This is the most fundamental difference between all your real needs and everything else. It’s that simple.

    No matter what you may "know" about, say, the health benefits or risks of coffee or tea, you cannot
    really know if either or both are good or bad for you if you cannot sense, in some way, their effects on you. And most of the effects of everything in your life are on your subtle energies and so are "invisible" to your physical senses. Long before any change, for better or for worse, occurs in you, your consciousness or your life there has already been a change in your body's energies.

    So by cultivating your
    awareness of your own energies, you can see, with ever-greater clarity, what you really need—and what you should avoid. Indeed, anyone who chooses to develop a concrete awareness of their own energies, soon notices the whole, "What do I need to do?" issue increasingly collapsing. It steadily falls apart. All that dependance on "knowings," reasons, physical perceptions, intuitions, beliefs and neuroses subsides. It’s a huge relief!

    If Julie had been able to perceive energies, she would have seen that, as a result of leaving Peter, several of her sunken energies were
    re-ascending her body from her lower chakras. And she also would have seen that several of Peter's energies were being restored to his higher chakras.

    Both of them felt bad in one way or another because of the energy-draining connections that continued to exist between them. But both of them eventually experienced considerably happier and more fulfilling lives because they
    didn't resume their mutually-weakening relationship. Knowledge, feelings, reasons and wants are always fooling us into doing things that drag our energies down. The more you learn to perceive your energies, the less you will deceive yourself.
    So What Do You Really Need?
    Well, it's whatever comes next in the ascending order of your life.

    That's all.

    all you need to do to steadily turn the direction of every energy within you that is you upwards. Mantras, tantras and yantras have their place but cultivating the energy of your whole body in every moment is the ultimate practice for higher awareness. And what’s more, there’s a bonus: it ain’t deep...

    Here’s an example: in between writing the words "deep" and "Here’s", I had a sip of my coffee. I had a sip of
    coffee because that’s what my awareness showed me came next in the ascending order of my life. Technically speaking, the coffee caused an energy called "work ki" to ascend from my solar plexus to my forehead—after all, I’m working so I need all the work ki I can get! If I hadn’t taken this sip, or if it had been, say, tea this energy would not have ascended. I would have missed a living moment of attention to what I needed to do then and there.

    Why bother? Because who and what you become in your
    future is enormously affected by everything you do today, tomorrow and every day after that. Every moment, you are making choices about what to do or continue doing—just like I’ve just chosen to have that sip of coffee. Every choice you make causes your energies to shift up—or down. The higher your life energies ascend through your body, the more they awaken your higher awareness and you start to perceive more and more of the world around you in new and, eventually, extraordinary ways.

    Constantly doing what you
    really need to do generates an ascending order of higher quality opportunities in your life. All other actions generate a descending order of lower quality opportunities. The only reason many peoples' lives don't rapidly fall apart due to all the energy-losing choices they make is that we all have spare energy to burn. That is, until the day comes that our bodies or lives can't take it anymore and problems start appearing that just won't go away.

    As for having enough energy for "higher awareness", what's that? Who has time to be the "Buddha" when it takes all you've got just to get through another day? Most of us, most of the time, live our lives from one appointment to the next—without the faintest real awareness of whether we're creating a
    brighter future or just digging ourselves a deeper hole...
    Living with Intent
    Hidden Secrets of Real Health Fulfilling your real needs cultivates your body's energies in a way that automatically creates the time you need to cultivate your life and awareness [energies]. For example, suppose that instead of drinking some coffee, I’d read a book from my bookshelf. I’ll do it now...I’m looking at The Eagle's Gift by Carlos Castaneda. This action has a different effect. Instead of my work ki ascending, my partnership and health kis are descending...

    What does this mean? It means that simply by doing something I
    don’t currently need to do, I’m losing some of the energies that control the quality of my health and my closest relationships. The more these energies sink, the more my future time will be taken up by health and relationship problems and my attempts to sort them out—except, of course, I'll have less and less high-quality energy available with which to do this effectively.

    Let’s be clear: this isn’t about coffee or Castaneda; it’s about what
    I choose to do here and now. It’s the same in the world of everyday awareness: Shall I cross the road now—and meet my friend for lunch—or five seconds later, get hit by a bus, and meet my Maker? Each choice makes a small (or big) difference to one or more of your body’s energies. A thousand small choices always add up to a big difference—and we are each making choices all the time. Every ascending choice is a small step in the right direction.

    Regrettably, as Julie and Peter discovered, even though all your real needs—everything that really
    is good for you—raise your body’s energies, they aren’t always fun. Sometimes they’re enjoyable and sometimes they're a drag. Sometimes they are in line with your or others’ knowledge, reasons, intuitions or beliefs and sometimes they are in direct conflict with them.

    Many of your needs are
    easy to fulfil. Some are very hard. We call this on-going activity of fulfilling your needs, "living with intent". Living with intent is a constant struggle between what you feel, think, know or believe you should do—or whatever you want to do—and doing what you need to do. It’s a hard sell. Most of each one of us is not really very interested in living with intent—or even actively opposes it within ourselves and others. Except, of course, when we find we really need that double-dip chocolate fudge sundae...
    Challenging your Attachments
    We all have our own attachments in our lives that are as strong as any anorexic’s aversion to food. All of them are eventually challenged through living with intent. Hopefully, this does not involve too much blood but it undoubtedly and repeatedly takes sweat and, sometimes, tears. So why bother?

    Because you
    need to.

    Cultivating your energy is the
    only Way to discover what your life is all about—not as just another, more exotic set of beliefs but as a complete, concrete realization of who you are, what you are a part of and where you belong. But to achieve this, you have to raise your energy. A lot. The purpose of any effective meditation or other technique for spiritual development is to increase the energy in your higher chakras. The more fuel they have, the better they function. The better they function, the more they shed a previously unknown, eye-opening and illuminating light on every area of your life.

    To fully realize your extraordinary potential, you have to engage fully with the hidden world of energy that's all around you. To do this, you don’t (usually) have to go find the maha-avatar dwelling in the secret cave on the backside of Kailash (a holy mountain in Tibet). Rather, you have to learn to do the washing up
    with intent, the weeding with intent, the accepting of others’ mistreatment and general lunacy with intent (sheesh!), your work, play and even sleeping with intent, your every living moment with the discipline to determine the appropriate action—regardless of your automatic reactions.

    I appreciate this is a bit much to contemplate as an initial concept, but it’s still worth remembering that every single right (energy ascending) action—no matter how small it may be ("coffee or tea?")—paves your Way to the hidden realms. Everything else, no matter how entertaining, interesting or affirming it may be,
    eats the energies of your awareness... energies you really can't afford to lose.
    Seeking the Master
    The initial "problem" with recognizing your energy-ascending needs from moment to moment is that of the old chicken and egg: the more you fulfil your needs, the more your awareness grows. The more your awareness grows, the more you recognize your needs. But where to begin?

    Traditionally, of course, you begin with the "Master". The Master says do this and that and after doing this and that a lot, you have that famous flash of realization... and never look back. Hopefully.

    So then the question becomes, "How or where to meet the Master?" Then you hear stuff like, "The Master will appear when you are ready," "Follow the road to Vindaloo" or "Take this wonderful workshop with X and all will be revealed"... This, of course, can sometimes lead to

    For example, the eventually-appearing Master may turn out to be more interested in exercising his, er, 2nd chakra
    [2nd chakra governs sex — ed.]. Vindaloo is like a bazaar with umpteen "Masters" on every street corner and the workshop was, perhaps, charming in its own way but, unfortunately, there was a notable lack of revelation—for you at least. So, as people often discover, it can be a quandary.

    There's also another potential problem with the, "Do what the Master or Teaching says you should do" argument, which is that of said higher authority’s
    actual awareness of your personal, energetic needs. I don’t want to get bogged down in technicalities here, but even people whose awareness really is very evolved in one way can still be highly (lowly?) unevolved in other ways—which is, in fact, a direct consequence of their fulfilling one set of needs in their own lives, but at the cost of others.

    Consequently, one man’s Master is another person’s problem. Remember the "coffee or Castaneda" question? Well, it’s the same for spiritual teachers or teachings. Even someone or some teaching you are very attracted to is not necessarily who or what your body's energies
    really need.
    To Be Intuit? – Or Not To Be Intuit?
    Another approach to recognizing your real needs is to trust your intuition. Unfortunately, intuitions are as subject to sub-conscious, energy-descending urges as any other common decision-making faculty. Just because it intuitively feels right, it doesn’t necessarily mean it is. Intuition is an invaluable faculty but it’s subject to all kinds of potential errors and distortions—resulting from the sabotaging presence of various foreign energies in your body (which is another story—see Hidden Secrets of Real Health)—and is rarely a reliable final arbiter of what you really need. Indeed, for most people, an honest, non-rationalising assessment of one’s real-life intuitions and consequent experiences proves this almost every time.
    Creating a Higher Energy Future
    The bottom line is, "How can I tell which choices in my day-to-day life will cause my energy to ascend to higher awareness and self-realization, or descend to eventual doom, gloom and general disarray?" Being able to make this distinction whenever you make a choice provides you with an incredibly powerful means of gradually creating a life for yourself that generates more and more of the energies within you that form a comprehensive, concrete higher awareness.

    Being able to see, in advance, whether your decision about
    anything in any area of your life will take you up or drag you down is, in essence, the most critical form of consciousness you can develop—because of its profound effect on all the others.

    Doing only what you need to do—whatever that may be from one day to the next—is an accessible and powerful Way for you to fully realize who you’re capable of being. So, in the next section of
    Opening the Stareye, we’ll look at how you can start developing your ability to recognize and choose the ascending options that your life is constantly offering you.

    Go ForwardRead part three of Opening the Stareye: Awakening Your Whole Body Awareness.

    Stephen & Lynda Kane – All rights reserved



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    Stephen & Lynda Kane are the authors of Hidden Secrets of Real Health - over 170 unique or novel ways to cultivate the energies underlying your health and develop your energy awareness.

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    Lynda and Stephen have worked together for over 15 years, having come from such disparate backgrounds as Chief Psychologist for British Airways and Director of the Institute for Advanced Health Research and Arcadia - a group focused on the cultivation of many forms of higher awareness. They now run Time for a Change at - a web-based entry point for anyone interested in developing the energies that determine their quality of life and their awareness of human and environmental energy.
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