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    Opening the Stareye: part 1 | part 2 | part 3 | part 4 | Accepting Now | Real Relationships
    opening the Stareye

    Opening the Stareye
    Part Three: Awakening Your Whole Body Awareness

    In Parts 1 & 2 of Opening the Stareye, we talked about why we need to recognise and fulfil our everyday, real needs — "Should I... drink coffee or tea? vacation in Penzance or Provence? smile or scowl?" — we're constantly making choices and they all, incrementally, take the energies of our lives and awareness up towards the freedom of higher awareness — or down and, increasingly, out of our bodies and our lives.

    The more concrete and complete your awareness, the more you can perceive and fulfil your real needs. The more you perceive and fulfil your real needs, the more aware you become. It's an ascending spiral of consciousness—but where can you step on the ride?

    Well, the place to begin for optimum long-term results is not a new set of ideas or beliefs from the latest fashionable book, joining an exotic community or changing the style of your attire; it's your own body. "Hang on a minute!" you might say, "I've been stuck with this body all my life so far and I'm as confused as ever!" Or, alternatively, "My body is in great shape but my life is another matter." Or perhaps, "Intuition rules okay! Now what should I do?"...

    Nevertheless, your body, no matter what its condition, is where living with intent begins and continues, because your body—not your mind—is the only place in the world that contains all the answers you need from one day to the next. Everything and everyone else comes a very poor second by comparison. In fact, the only real challenge is that of getting in touch with what you've already got. So the following six practices are designed to help you do exactly that.

    Opening the Stareye

    As you may know, in the spiritual traditions the development of higher awareness is achieved through practising a combination of (i) rules of behaviour and (ii) energetic techniques. For example, a traditional rule of behaviour might be to not associate with someone of the opposite gender. And an energetic technique might be to recite a mantra.

    The original reason for these practices is that they were designed and observed—by those who could perceive energies—to cause desired changes in the energy bodies of practitioners. However, how useful any rule or technique is for you at any given time (if ever) is another matter.

    Accurate and complete perception of what another individual really needs for developing their higher awareness—without incurring harmful side-effects in the process—requires the opening of an energetic organ immediately above and between your eyes. This is sometimes called the "3rd eye," or the "wish-fulfilling gem." We call it the "Stareye" because of its unique receptivity to many unusual forms of light from the sky.

    Nowadays, powerful energy-influencing rules and techniques are routinely prescribed by people whose stareyes aren't really open at all—or they are partially open but not enough to clearly see others' needs for their personal development. This leads to a host of potential problems for people who aspire to higher awareness. These can include: developing serious illnesses, exaggerated personality disorders, illusory "knowledge" of all kinds or simply no significant result at all other than feeling less stressed and being more at peace with the world... a tangible benefit indeed, but a great loss of what could have been achieved through accurately-prescribed, effective practices.

    Opening the Stareye is not only essential for anyone who seeks to help others develop their awareness, it's also essential for each one of us to help ourselves. This is because it's the only means by which we can learn to live with a complete or whole body intent. In other words, the Stareye can show us everything we currently, really need—and everything we need to avoid.

    To the degree we do not develop the faculties offered by the Stareye, we are held hostage by our own lack of awareness of the consequences of our countless daily actions. Fortunately, opening the Stareye is not a process that is only available to the dedicated few who have endless years to spare from the constant demands of modern life. This is because every area of life—including the opposite gender or the latest Terminator movie—is a potential source of life ascension-enabling energies.

    Effective practices for opening the Stareye enable you to resonate with every source of energy that you encounter throughout any normal day—which is every experience. The rude taxi driver, the sprained ankle, being fired from work, feeling exhausted or depressed, getting married or divorced, going shopping... the energy of everything that you experience can increasingly be accepted as a gift of empowerment because, through opening your Stareye, you literally become able to transmute the shocks, stresses, strains, sunshine and showers that you encounter into a brighter and ever higher awareness.

    Essential Life Practices for Opening the Stareye
    There are three essential practices for recognising your real needs and cultivating the intent needed to fulfil them. This means, both recognising when you don't need to eat that double chocolate fudge sundae and having the energy to actually not do it. These life practices for opening the Stareye are called:
    • Acceptance
    • Attention
    • Service

    If you learn these simple practices and constantly re-remind yourself of them throughout each day, you will cause enormous quantities of your life and awareness energies to ascend through your body over time, consequently increasinging the quality of your life and consciousness. The alternative is that these same energies—the energies that cause you to feel alive—will continue to steadily flow down and out, regardless of any energetic techniques you may happen to practice.

    Unfortunately, many people prefer not to think about these "life practices"—perhaps they lack the "entertainment value" of more overtly esoteric techniques. But the more they are lacking in your life, the more your life will eventually lack—often in ways you can't even recognise beyond feeling, disconsolately, "Is this as good as it gets?"

    The life practices for opening the Stareye seem absurdly simple to many people—too simple to believe they can make any real difference to your consciousness or your life. This brings us nicely to the fundamental difference between the development of higher awareness and any other, more visible faculty or ability: you have to try it and see.

    For a long time. If you don't try it, you won't see. Try it a little and you'll come to see a little. More leads to more. All the time generates awareness of the energy of everything that's causing you and your life to be the way you are—and the power to change. This awareness is, in itself, utterly extraordinary and it transforms your view of life and the world of which we are all such a tiny part.

    • Acceptance means to accept all your personal experiences—and everyone you meet—as they are, neither reacting negatively to differences nor wishing them to be more like you or anyone else. This includes making space for others' points of view, neither attached to your own nor to yours being accepted by them

    • Attention means to be quiet within and to remain aware of your current focus (see below), empty-minded, neither fantasising nor talking to yourself in your head. Attending to your current focus is the most powerful means of developing your inner silence, which enables your Stareye to open.

    • Service means to respect and respond, without stress, to others' needs and requests—even when these are in conflict with your own wishes

    These simple life practices aren't easy. Over time, they challenge everything you think, want, think you want, know, think you know and every other good reason for maintaining any desired position and thus avoiding awakening your higher awareness. Attention, Acceptance and Service as constant disciplines are simple in concept, difficult in practice and completely life-transforming in effect.

    Learning these new behaviours is a long-term inner struggle. The urge to not accept an annoying other, to not be attentive to the present moment, to not be of service to that other, arises again and again. And every time this urge arises—with all its accompanying good reasons—you make the choice to succumb to it or overcome it.

    Every time you re-choose to accept, to attend, to be of service, your energy slightly rises. And this change repeated a thousand times then ten thousand times and more brings you the awareness and energy—your own energy—for a life and a Way of life you never knew before.

    Your energies make your life the way it is. The good things, the bad things and the lack of things. How is each area of your life today? What's working or not working? What feels good or maybe not so good? The life practices for opening the Stareye generate the energies you need for your life to work in the ways you most need it to work—which are often ways you never even noticed until they start waking up...

    By the way, some people cannot practise the Stareye life practices because they are not resonant with them. Maybe they don't make sense: "My father abused me as a child. Why shouldn't I hate him now?" Or they seem invasive: "If I stopped thinking all the time, I wouldn't be me anymore." Or they just seem crazy: "Do you mean I should give a lunatic a knife when he asks me for one?"

    To be effective, any life practice must resonate with your heart chakra. This means, the life practice, itself, must generate a recognition of rightness that arises within you before any analytical thought appears.

    In the absence of this heart-felt resonance, an awareness-cultivating discipline is inappropriate because it fails to connect with the part of you that enables you to really understand or benefit from it. Then it becomes just some form of ritualised behaviour in which the "letter" of the discipline may be practised but the spirit is largely missing.

    In part four of this powerful article Stephen and Lynda Kane discuss techniques for stabilising your consciousness, awakening whole-body awareness and developing your own unique Way of Life.

    Go ForwardRead part four of Opening the Stareye: A Breath of Ascending Life.

    Stephen & Lynda Kane – All rights reserved



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    Opening the Stareye: part 1 | part 2 | part 3 | part 4 | Accepting Now | Real Relationships

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