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    Opening the Stareye: part 1 | part 2 | part 3 | part 4 | Accepting Now | Real Relationships
    opening the Stareye

    Opening the Stareye
    Part Four: A Breath of Ascending Life

    In this last part of Opening the Stareye, Stephen and Lynda present some powerful techniques for developing your own Way of Life. This concludes the stunning and potentially enlightening series of techniques for Opening the Stareye, exclusively outlined in these remarkable articles by Stephen and Lynda Kane.

    So now you know the fundamental "rules of behaviour" in their simplest forms for recognising and fulfilling your real needs. But new behaviours aren't sufficient on their own. The reason for this is very simple: you can't really do them. Okay okay. You can do them up to a point. But my point is this: we each only have so much energy available to live with intent.

    Here's an example: your boss yells at you. She's really mean. Now, you are trying to live with intent—which includes the three life practices—so you don't yell back or burst into tears or whatever you might otherwise be inclined to do.

    However, perhaps you experience a tight sensation in your chest, your face is downcast and you can't think very clearly. In other words, you can't help reacting to what she said, even though you're really trying to accept her as she is... a bad-tempered so-and-so.

    Energetic Techniques

    The reason you can deliberately modify, to a certain extent, your normal reaction to being aggressed against is that you have enough energy available to do this. The reason you can't do it completely is because you are still short of sufficient energy to fully accept the boss from hell. Consequently, your body cannot totally transform her energetic assault into a catalyst that causes your energies to ascend towards your higher chakras.

    Because life practices are not sufficient in themselves, you also need to use energetic techniques to cultivate your intent. Although there are many such techniques—which really do have to be prescribed on an individual basis—there are some initial practices that are beneficial for anyone who is sincerely trying to fulfil the life practices for opening their Stareye.

    Three of these are to do with your breathing...
    • Complete Breathing, which is practised all the time, is to fully inhale—expanding your abdomen then your chest—then fully exhale while "deflating" them in the opposite order. At the same time, keep the tip of your tongue touching the roof of your mouth, up behind your front teeth.

      Complete breathing has a marked effect on your psychological and physical health and well-being, which is why it's taught in conventional stress-management workshops. This simple but easily forgotten activity causes more and more of your energies to ascend the left channel or "meridian" that runs up your spinal cord. The more this occurs, the more you automatically attract new, positive opportunities into your life—often without any conscious intention on your part. More good things just start happening to you...
    • The Attention Breath is a constant concentration on feeling the breath at the tip of your nose in the midst of anything else you may happen to be doing. This form of meditation in life automatically, increasingly orients you to make the right (i.e. energy-ascending) choices. It does this by causing more of your life energies to ascend to your higher chakras which then infuse your decisions with more awareness.

      Attention breath—which is the first focus for opening the Stareye—can be an almost "magical" experience when practised conscientiously. It can guide your feet to where you need to be, your hands to make what needs to be made, your mouth to speak the right words and your eyes to notice what you need to see. The attention breath also grounds your awareness back down your left spinal channel, causing it to become an increasingly concrete higher awareness of the real world. This helps prevent the all-too-common error of confusing the potentially overwhelming flights of fancy caused by a disconnected or ungrounded expansion of the 6th (forehead) chakra with conscious higher awareness.
    • Dawn Light Breathing is a variant of the attention breath. It's practised just before going to sleep and immediately on waking. As you are going to sleep, practise the attention breath while fully inhaling and exhaling. Remember, the more you focus on feeling your breath, the less energy you have for thinking or imagining. The force of your concentration on your breath is the key.

      Dawn light breathing, before and after your dreaming, cultivates a growing awareness of the world seen in a new light. It's as if everything you've seen before you've only half-seen and everything you've believed or "known" needs to be reconsidered. Real energy awareness inevitably, profoundly changes your view of life, the world around you and yourself. Daily practice of dawn light breathing also develops your:

      • Awareness of other peoples' energies
      • Awareness of the environmental energies that are affecting you and your life
      • Awareness of how your energies are affected by your actions—what you say, think, eat, do for a living, do for fun—and everything else in a busy life

    The more you develop these forms of awareness, the more you will be able to resolve your current problems, avoid future problems and create a happier and more fulfilling life.

    Creating Your Way of Life

    The three life practices—Acceptance, Attention and Service—and the three breaths—Complete, Attention and Dawn Light—for opening the Stareye contain the beginnings of a Way that illuminates your real needs through enlivening your body. The life practices and breaths all demand a real, bodily commitment that cultivates the very energies on which your life depends. This commitment to accept, to attend, to be of service and to breathe inevitably causes positive changes within you, as your awareness ascends through your body and beyond.

    We call this the "Way of life" because it fits into your own life in a way that is truly resonant with your nature and your needs—rather than trying to make you dance to someone else's tune. The intent that increasingly emanates from your own body generates your own Way.

    The Way itself is an ascending flow of awareness from your crown to points far above. Although it's the work of a lifetime, it's encapsulated in every living moment when you pause, before each action, to be sure—with all the force you can muster—that this next expression of your wholehearted acceptance, attention and service to the Spirit of the life you have been given is, without a doubt, the very best that you can do.

    This concludes Opening the Stareye, by Stephen and Lynda Kane.

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    © Stephen & Lynda Kane – All rights reserved



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    Opening the Stareye: part 1 | part 2 | part 3 | part 4 | Accepting Now | Real Relationships

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    Stephen and Lynda Kane are awareness empowerment mentors for kitai practitioners all over the world. They also offer the Energy Solutions service for people suffering from chronic problems that haven't responded to conventional or alternative interventions. Stephen and Lynda can be reached at: [email protected]. Their comprehensive e-book, Hidden Secrets of Real Health, for restoring and protecting your health, awakening your healing talents and developing your energy awareness is available through www.realhealth-online.com.Click to go to RealHealth

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