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    Saturn Enters Virgo 2007
    How this transit affects the Sign Taurus

    Saturn, slow-moving Lord of Karma, changes from one sign to the next every two and a half years, restructuring the foundations of our social awareness and karmic realisation. Each sign is affected differently, so in this article, Mary MacLean discusses the effects of this transit on the sign of Taurus, the Bull.

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    Saturn in Virgo in the 5th house asks us to redefine our creativity. Creativity can mean many things to many people, but some of the more important points to think about are children, love affairs, entertainment and investments. Prepare to readjust your life in any area or all of these areas during this cycle. Risk-taking, whether physical, economic, or emotional should be undertaken only with the greatest of caution and in the light of mature experience. Children will be more demanding and may see you as too strict, or restrictive, so be prepared to renegotiate or restructure your attitude to them. Though this phase implies the possibility of long-lasting, stable romance, it also suggests that a serious emotional commitment must accompany such a relationship or it will not last.

    The consequence of destructive habits of overindulgence in the past now require you to exert powerful self-discipline. Your social life can be emphasized in such a way as to cause you to derive less enjoyment from it, or as the case may be, feel deprived for the lack of it. You will notice changes, but they will be for your security and open new doors of opportunity.

    The highest rewards for correct actions during this period include stronger, more stable relationships, a better sense of how to control selfish desires, and a more mature and successful approach to enjoying every aspect of life.

    Mars Retrograde Phase

    Mars transiting Gemini on the 2nd house can indicate a disruption in your value system, along with stress on your personal finances. Mars always seems to shake things up a bit! The Mighty Warrior has a way of taking action and will remap your second house. This means that as far as money and love goes, expect some changes. Money may become a yardstick and you will be inclined to measure your growth by the dollar signs in your paycheck!

    You may notice some set backs from November 15, 2007 when Mars goes retrograde. One thing to remember is that when Mars finally goes direct on January 30th 2008 you will be closer to your financial and emotional goals than ever before.

    The Full Moon Eclipse (Aug. 28, 2007) at 4°46' of Pisces will land in your 11th house of hope, wishes and goals. Expect changes and possible endings, especially in friendships and associations. This supports the effort you have been putting forth for some time.

    A New Moon Eclipse (September 11, 2007) at 18°25' Virgo in your 5th reinforces the Saturn entrance into the 5th house. This announces new challenges in creativity, children, love affairs and entertainment.

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