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    2010 Wesak Festival: part 1 | part 2 | Aries Festival | Chinese New Year | Aquarius Festival | Capricorn Festival
    Wesak 2010

    Taurus' Moon:
    The Wesak Festival 2010 [part 2]
    Of Dentists and Demons

    at the Full Moon in Scorpio 2010

    Malvin Artley concludes his discussion of the Wesak Moon for 2010. He discusses the symbolism of the degrees and the need in the world to overcome oppression. This is a purifying process that leads to transformation.

    The full moon of Wesak takes place on 28 Apr 10 at 10:20 PM AEST (12:20 UT/8:20 AM EST). The chart speaks a great deal about happiness and the road to that happiness, but most especially the obstacles to that in this case. The Wesak period this year sets the tone for some rather interesting astrology coming in the months of mid-year. We will see a t-square formed on three of the four Aries points by Saturn, Uranus and Pluto, which is actually taking shape now, a much more potent version of the same when the three aforementioned planets are joined at those angles by Venus, Mars and Jupiter from the last of July through the first part of August, culminating in a Great Cross (sometimes called a 'cosmic cross') with its completion by the Moon on the 7th of August. There will be a powerful eclipse with Sun at 5° Cancer on 26 Jun. In addition, there will be some rather striking septile patterns formed from late September through mid-October, culminating in a beautiful interlocked pattern on the 29th of that month, with a septile triangle pretty much pervading that entire period (more on that in another letter). There is enormous quintile activity throughout most of May (next month) adding greatly to the creative potential of this Wesak period, but also to world instability throughout that period. Later on Saturn forms a bi-quintile with Chiron and Neptune from late July through mid-September, which will bring its share of positive disillusionment and a reevaluation and consequent creative restructuring of ideals and relationships.

    Regarding happiness, the symbol for the solar degree reads as follows:

    A fully decorated Christmas tree. – 9° Taurus

    Christmas would hardly be associated with the Wesak period upon first glance, Christmas being largely associated with winter, Capricorn and festivity. However, in this case what is being considered with this symbol is twofold: desire for happy times and the gloss that is often put over as ordinary appearances. Dane Rhudyar associates this symbol with faith in cyclic renewal and the ability to create inner happiness in dark hours, as he terms it. There are two inferences from this symbol that would seem to be of real importance here. Firstly, Christmas in the West is more associated with desire and the fulfillment of one's wishes these days than with the true spirit of Christmas—giving out of a true sense of generosity. Secondly, one gets the sense that all the decoration of the tree has no real meaning in the context of the season. It is all trappings meant to appeal to the senses and to accentuate the participant's sense of revelry in what is otherwise simply another day. Really, shouldn't every day be like Christmas in the real spirit of things? Should we not all be generous all the time and fully celebrate life with our fellows?

    Taking Desire onto the Path

    The real crux of this symbol comes down to a very Taurean issue or dynamic—the interweaving of desire with one's progress on the path. What is it that ultimately brings us happiness? Is it the satiation of our desires, worldly fulfillment or is it something much more sublime? For most people the road to release from the great cycle of lives comes only after a very protracted cycle of lives wherein the karma of the desire nature is fully played out. However, for a relative few compared to the great bulk of humanity, desire is used as a catalyst to accelerate the processes of spiritual evolution and as a way to cut off desires (baser desires) at their root. In Buddhism this is called 'taking desire onto the path' and is the basis for all of the four classes of tantra. Perhaps what we need in this interval and throughout this year is to use our desires to bring us to a point where we can move past them, which is what 'taking desire onto the path' is about in a way.

    Dentist at Work

    The symbol for the lunar degree speaks a lot of the results of our desires wrongly pursued, and reads as follows:

    A dentist at work. – 9° Scorpio

    As I said at the start of this letter, I spent a lot of time in the dentist's chair in my childhood and, like most of us, I know full well what this symbol means: Look after your endowments, hereditary or karmic, or suffer the consequences. If we do have to suffer consequences, see it as medicine and know that we have exhausted some portion of our negative karma. The drill might be uncomfortable, but would we rather suffer a toothache later?

    I think Dane Rhudyar quite rightly equated this symbol with overcoming the negative results of our cravings and social practices. Having worked on a long litany of broken machinery through most of my adult life, for example, I have a lot of stories to tell about what happens when one does not give proper care to what is provided in order to perform one's duties. One cannot push the limits of things without expecting consequences after a time. In physics, too, there is a law that states, “Entropy is ever-increasing.” In the physical world, this is true—everything eventually wears out and passes on to obscurity. It is only ever the spirit of things or beings that lives on after the fact.

    Mars squares the Sun and the Moon in this chart, forming a t-square, which is quite a chaotic sort of dynamic and one which will indeed have the capacity to push people past their boundaries or limitations. That will bring the tensions necessary to make us confront the consequences of our overindulgences or wrong use of resources, but also to push us toward something better, more harmonious. The thing that stands out the most to me with the melding of these two symbols is the fact that we have been living under the illusion of material security in the West and that under the impulse and impress of this Wesak period as the months and years unfold we may well have to make 'adjustments' for the enjoyments of our western affluence, especially those of the past fifty years. We should keep in mind that, even though an astrological event takes place in a moment, relatively speaking, its effects are often felt years into the future. The Taurus full moon this year especially marks a turning point in the working out of world karma.

    Saturn, Uranus and Pluto

    Underlying all the activity mentioned in the previous paragraphs we have Saturn and Uranus both activating the 22 Sep 06 eclipse point, which was on an Aries point (0_ Libra), both separately and at the same time at various times from the present through to March of next year. So far that opposition has brought about civil unrest in Thailand, the crash which killed a significant number of the Polish government (the September 06 eclipse was on the Mercury of the current constitution of that country, Mercury being associated with transport and air disasters), the Qinghai earthquake (Kham region of Tibet) and the current amazing scenes of the volcanic ash cloud over Europe, which could conceivably go on for months off and on. Saturn and Uranus across that eclipse point will bring sweeping change and with Pluto squaring off between the two we can expect change to come in a big way. So, what exactly will all this activity bring about?

    The last time we saw these big three—Saturn, Uranus and Pluto—all at Aries points at the same time was in 1761. Did the Earth shake and civilization come to an end? Well, no, but that period did bring on something that has changed world societies dramatically and in a very short space of time, comparatively speaking—the Industrial Revolution. Saturn is structure, both structures from the past and new structures being developed. Saturn also represents planning and karmic necessity. Uranus rules technology and all things new. Pluto changes the shape of society and wipes away the old orders, so with the combination of the three planets working in concert we could see that there was definitely some movement afoot at the time that would bring sweeping change to the world, which it did. That period also sowed the seeds of revolution in the world, and we have the same sorts of dynamics at work now. With these points in mind, what new structures will be put in place? What old orders will die away? How will our lives be changed in the years to come as a result of all this marvelous astrological activity? Certain things are apparent with regard to those questions if we take time to look.

    Changing Our Energy Sources

    To begin with, we are going to have to change our energy sources. We were told today here in Australia that we could expect to be paying $2.00/liter for gas (petrol) in a year's time due to demands and shortfalls. In all likelihood the price of oil will never fall to its previous levels and only looks set to rise. Crisis is coming in the transport and energy sectors and in a few short years. Growth cannot be sustained at its current rates with the finite resources we have. So, new modes of transport and smarter use of resources will have to be developed. One phrase that comes to mind with the three planets under consideration is, “Necessity is the mother of invention.” Earth changes will intensify due to the shifts in temperatures we are seeing. Weather patterns will get wilder. Keep in mind as we go through these factors that we do not need to go into doom and gloom. We simply have to be smarter about things. Yes, life will be more stressful while we go through these changes, but it does not have to be cataclysmic.

    Here is a little Saturn/Uranus/Pluto wrinkle: What would happen with the environment if the world suddenly stopped using oil? If the world was not on an oil-based regime, what would become of global warming? Would it begin to reverse itself? If there were epidemics among animals and people suddenly had to change their diets, for instance, what would happen? It is said that a third of the world's greenhouse gases come from cattle. If you think I am being fanciful here, consider that fact that 150 years ago people relied on horses and coal-fired trains to get them to and fro, for instance. The internal combustion engine changed everything in a short space of time. What if we happened on another discovery that enabled us to wean ourselves from oil? I tell you it can and probably will happen. There is, as the Master Djwhal Khul stated, a 'great saving force' which we have yet to realize. Look for developments from the CERN Collider to be a catalyst there. As much as some people might like to, we will never go back to horse and buggy days. The elite and the middle classes would never allow it. We, as a species, have imagination and the spark of the divine in us. Privation and limitation make us think, make us strive to overcome those limitations, and we will. Expect new and revolutionary technology to emerge in the coming decade. That is what I expect from the Wesak blessing this year, though it will likely not surface for several more years. I have a sense that the world in the next fifty years will be as foreign to us now as the world of today would have been to those who lived through WWII.

    Overcoming Oppression

    I do not see a single or major cataclysmic event coming that will bring the world to its knees in the coming years. I do not see the return of the dark ages. I am more optimistic than that and more aware of the potential of human beings to overcome difficulties in a positive manner. There is growing talk on the internet of the coming 'Cosmic Cross' of August 7th this year. What will it mean, people ask? Well, the world didn't end when we had the 'big three' on Aries points in 1761. We got smarter instead, and we eventually overthrew repressive regimes. That period presaged the world of wonder that we live in today.

    What is it that most oppresses people today? Is it government? Not nearly to the extent it was in the 1700s. No, I think what most oppresses people these days is financial in nature. Big money controls the power structures in the world today—big pharma, multinationals, the banking sector, so on and so forth. It is there that the revolution needs to come. Take away a person's care about basic necessities and they are then able to progress spiritually and materially. We stand poised on the verge of a new day, in a manner of speaking. All we need are the crises necessary to push us through the door.

    Tension leading to insight, creative use of resources, suddenly waking up to the fact that we do not have to do things in the established ways and that there are better ways of doing things, a door being opened to more subtle ways of seeing things, seeing things from a different perspective—these are the things we can expect from the astrology of the coming months, culminating at the last of June through to the start of August. There are some brilliant old souls alive in the world now, with more coming along every day. I have every reason to feel optimistic about the times to come, although I have no illusions that things will be easy or that we will suddenly awake to a new world. Life doesn't work that way. We all have to work ourselves out of the mess we are in, but we can do it. There is much talk about the 'end of the world and 2012'. It is a lot of sensationalism and short on substance. What I see instead is a revolution in thought which will bring an end to the world as we know it now, much as the Industrial Revolution and the Renaissance brought an end to the Middle Ages and the world as it had been in the millennia previously. That is the promise I see in the 'Cosmic Cross', the present Wesak period and the present world period.

    Other Aspects

    Aside from the aforementioned astrological markers and patterns over the next few months there are some other factors worthy of mention in the full moon figure itself. Firstly, the Sun and Moon are applying to the square of Mars, the Sun exactly squaring it in a few days. Applying aspects always have more power and potential than separating ones, so the power of this full moon figure is waxing. Mars sesquisquares Uranus, adding to the energetic input and potential power of the figure. A octal-series rectangle is formed with the Sun, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn, creating a unique sort of push-pull 'feel' to the chart. People feel that 'something is in the air', that something is about to 'let go'. For instance Jupiter and Saturn in aspect often highlight financial concerns (Jupiter is applying to the opposition with Saturn at the moment) and we see the investigation of Goldman Sachs in the US, the trumping of the release of the Apple I-phone, the movement of the Wal-Mart discrimination case toward a full-blown trial, the scrapping of the carbon trading scheme here in Australia because it is too expensive, financial losses from the volcano in Iceland, the downgrade of the Greek financial sector by Standard and Poors, and so forth. Tensions are building. People are coming undone if their lives are not on solid ground. Jupiter and Saturn together also speak of propriety and ethics. We will see public figures fall from grace under this transit. We just saw the resignation of the West Australian treasurer here is Oz following a set of tawdry revelations about his behavior.

    We find a modified 'Finger of the World' triangle formed with Jupiter/Uranus at the apex and the Moon/Mars square at the base. This pattern defines a pressing social or evolutionary need that that is highlighted by the action of the square. The Jupiter/Uranus apex is an indicator of the need for change in the arena of big business and government to a lesser extent. That conjunction is normally an indicator of sudden gains and organizational ability. However, it is opposed by Saturn, with Saturn also being virtually at the midpoint of the Moon/Mars square. The midpoint keywords point to a general feeling of frustration and of feeling 'caught in the middle'. Moon/Mars squares highlight a big push toward getting one's needs met, but with Saturn in the mix the drive is generally thwarted or modified toward caution at the least. This combination of planets will bring some most unexpected outcomes in the world of finance and thus government.

    Bumpy Ride Ahead

    Let's face it—governments are largely in bed with business and one cannot affect one without affecting the other. For instance, there is no love lost at the moment between Wall Street and the Obama administration and financial reform looms large in the spotlight of American politics. Look for a bumpy ride in the investment sector over the next year. Add to this the fact that Saturn is linked to Neptune by a quincunx and it is not difficult to see that this Wesak period is going to have a powerful impact on the financial sector. Wesak has an intimate relation to the governments of the world, the First Ray of will or power being most strongly expressed by Taurus. The general feel of the chart this year is one of 'something has to give'. Change must come and better conditions must ensue.

    Lastly, we see an 'easy opposition' between the full moon axis and Pluto, though a separating one. Still, though one can never really ignore Pluto for very long. Venus, the mundane ruler of Taurus, is linked to Pluto in this chart, and that says to me that some fortunate alliances might be formed that will help to see us through the morass before us. In all, I would have to say this is one powerful and loaded chart, and one that will most definitely set changes in motion. We will be forced to address our lives and concerns. Really, it is needed and a good thing. We will see a lot of disillusionment, and that is a good thing as well. On the other side of that, though, we will see some rather startling and positive revelations come as a result of the impress of this full moon period. By all means, if you can, take time to meditate at the time of the full moon today. I think you will be glad you did, even though you may not note anything at the time.

    Purification Precedes Transformation

    Any homeowner or householder can tell you that things always feel better around the house after a good spring clean. Getting rid of dead wood, in a manner of speaking, always makes one feel lighter and ready to move forward into bigger and better things. Look on the next few months and years as a sort of planetary 'spring clean' and you will have a better idea of what is taking place on our little planetary home at the moment. Every evolutionary step forward always has an attendant process of purification. It can be uncomfortable at the time, but we are always the better for it if we can go with it and help the process along. The clarity we have at the end of the process is always worth the trouble.

    Though I always loathed my visits to the dentist I was always happy after the fact to have gone through the process and to have a healthy dentition once again. Those visits often brought home the point of being more discerning about my health. We all know the old saying that we are what we eat. As a kid one doesn't think so much about such matters—until the dental check-up comes around or the results of unhealthy diet tell on the body through discomfort or disease. It is sort of like the libertine who goes along in life looking out only after themselves and indulging in every guilty pleasure under the sun, only to cower in fear when the karmic bill comes due and thus be heard to cry, “Poor me! Poor me! I have been dealt a sorry lot in life!” when the sentence, justly administered, is handed out. It has always amazed me at how seldom people look at something so far-reaching and simple as the law of cause and effect and think to themselves that somehow they will escape it. There is no escape. Karma has us in a headlock. Having Saturn in aspect to Pluto in my own chart I learned that lesson the hard way and early on. It is so much easier and more fulfilling to work within the laws of nature and spirit than to rail against them and to think one is somehow getting one over on our kindly Mother Nature. Well, the bill is coming due. We will see who cries tears of blood as their world comes a cropper, as we say here.

    There are times when I think of Hobart, the skill and care that he showed to me and our family. Most Taureans I know are highly skilled and sensitive people. His own bad habits came to call on him in the end, as they did my own mother (who was a Taurean), as they do for most of us, especially in the West. We do like our creature comforts. It is not to judge anyone as a person. I will have my own habits to answer for at some point. Hopefully, the good we do as members of the larger community far outweigh our little indulgences and we go on to better and better reincarnations. Often, addictive habits are the only way we know to compensate for emotional wounds we do not know how to heal or do not want to face. It may be of interest to know that teeth say a lot about a person's hereditary karma. I have no idea what my bad primary teeth say about me, save for the fact that I have felt driven to learn a lot about health and related maters this life, not because I have any certain conditions to overcome, but more so because it is in the back of my mind all the time. It interests me. Our karma is more often than not a springboard or catalyst for us to seek something better for ourselves—to find a happier state of mind, and most often we realize that such happiness is not found in worldly satisfaction. I hope that this Wesak period points toward of greater measure of happiness for us all, for now and in the years and lives to come.

    Blessings to you all,
    28 Apr 10

    The is the end of the article.

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    Yin YangMalvin Artley is an accredited member of the American Federation of Astrologers. His primary focus over the past 25 years has been on the sciences as they express occultism and with bridging work between the two. His special interests in those fields are the human subtle energy system and all the chakras, or energy centres, physics and technology, astronomy and all aspects of Chinese occultism.
    He sends out periodic emails about astrological happenings and developments. These letters are sent out as a gift and a service. If you wish to be added to or deleted from the mailing list please let me know. If you feel inspired to pass them on please do so, but do so without alteration or charge. They are sent to people of many persuasions, not just astrologers. Blessings. Click here to subscribe to Malvin's periodic letters.

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