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    The World

    gods and goddesses

    Our world is constructed from a combination of the planet earth and the sum of the consciousness of all the beings who live here. In this sense the world has a multi-faceted consciousness, which is affected by its environment.

    The environment of the world includes the vibratory energies of the planets and signs. Since people and things are also a part of that environment, the effects of these energies on people and things also affects the general consciousness of the world, in a quite noticeable way. Astrologers have tracked these effects over the centuries and have built up a formidable database of information which may be used to predict human behaviour and other patterns of events in the world, such as stock market trends, political inclinations and other movements of the mass, or collective consciousness.

    Mass Psychosis?

    This mass behaviour is by and large unconscious. We are all familiar with "mass psychosis", where in times of stress irrational panic will overtake a crowd, often causing death and suffering. Similarly, the movements of the stock market, reacting to the so-called "market sentiment", are also subject to the mass mood. Any individual may be more or less subject to these collective or mega-trends, for each person has a specific set of astrological behaviour patterns that may or may not be triggered by powerful environmental energies (transits, eclipses and the like), but the general patterns of mass behaviour can readily be tracked using astrology. This science of collective behaviour is called Mundane Astrology.

    Mundane Astrology

    Mundane Astrology explores the effects of ingresses, lunations, eclipses, great conjunctions and unusual cosmic events such as comets on the collective life of the world. It uses these things as indicators of conditions affecting nations, states, or communities.

    Not only fashions, political directions and conflicts, but also major natural events can be flagged in advance using Mundane Astrology. For example, the massive earthquake in Turkey in 1999 killed many thousands of people and seemed to come out of the blue. In fact its occurrence was suggested well ahead of time by the astrology of the Solar Eclipse in August 1999 and the possible location of this major disaster was indicated on this website by leading Mundane Astrologer, Ian Thurnwald, one of the founders of Astrology on the Web.

    Middle East Crisis

    The current crisis in the Middle East can readily be tracked using Mundane Astrology. The stresses on the charts of the major players, Bush, Blair, Saddam and others have been well documented elsewhere. The transit of Uranus (sudden catastrophes; unexpected events) to Pisces, combined with the opposition of transiting Saturn (karma; responsibility; sorrow) to Pluto (power struggles) and the movements of other planets, notably Neptune (oil; delusion; deception) in President Bush's Washington DC 7th house (open conflict and partnerships) in opposition to Jupiter (political power; expansion) have created the environment wherein war can flourish. The year 2003 also sees the biennial switch to retrograde motion of Mars (aggression; war; blind passions) in Pisces, where Mars is especially inclined to engage in high-risk activities.

    The Ancient Gods

    The evolution of civilisation has sought to govern and control these archetypal, destructive passions, but they are still with us, hidden just below the surface. Early civilisations personified these passions and observed that these drives from the subconscious were stimulated by the movements of the planets, the ancient Gods and Goddesses. They also developed religions, rituals, remedies (gems; herbs etc all of which have planetary connotations) and techniques such as initiation into the mysteries to control them. In the twenty-first century, the passions and the planetary stimulants are alive and well, but the rituals and festivals, religions, initiations and mystery schools which helped us to counteract them, have fallen into stagnation and disuse to a very great extent, at least in the "modern" community.

    Will we fall victim to these mindless planetary influences, yet again, all in the name of "preserving our way of life"? Only the power of meditation and concentrated, collective will can overcome the odds, the mindless evil and the fear that confronts us. Let us hope that the the ancient gods do not have their way with us once more...

    Here endeth the Lesson...

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