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    Neil Giles

    Neil Giles is a storyteller, astrologer and historian. He is a novelist and journalist and has written for theatre, radio and television, as well as many articles for Astrology on the Web.
    His passion for mythology and the ancient traditions has led him on a journey through Astrology, Tarot, the Runes and the Celtic Ogham Script as a seeker and personal reader.
    He is the author of a number of works on Celtic and Teutonic spirituality, including Odin's Runes and The Oracle of the Trees.
    For Neil, the storyteller's path reminds us that while the wisdom of the past still lives, we can take wise action now and in the future. Always a traveller, Neil has now returned to the glorious Southern Highlands of New South Wales, on the East Coast of Australia.

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    Libra Libra Forecast for July 2006
    (If you know your rising sign, read that too, for a balanced forecast. Go to Forecasts)
    More on Libra, weighing things up!
    Be On The Ball

    You'll have to be on the ball! The Sun's in Cancer, urging you to walk the line with career or professional matters, dealings with authority and personal responsibility. Keep up. You may have to put your own feelings or concerns to one side for a time. You may feel the urge for romance and entertainment as the month begins. Don't overindulge or cross a boundary.

    You may be pulled between the professional and the personal when Mercury turns retrograde on Jul 4th. Expect glitches or hitches or a little excitement on Jul 5th, especially where work and health are concerned. Money it set for a change or a lift as Jupiter moves forward on Jul 6th. There may be ructions, revelations or an upsurge of feeling on Jul 11th as the Full Moon comes in Capricorn. An older female or family member may feature. There may be issues of domestic or emotional responsibility to resolve. Communications, news from overseas or exotic visitors may spice up your life. Don't get excited. Work to keep your cool. It may be time to say goodbye to someone or something as events or changes come out of the blue and touch your life. Be professional with your choices.

    Review your options then clear your head on Jul 20th and make a tough or demanding decision. Don't be too quick to implement them though. Be methodical and sensitive to the feelings of others. Watch for opposition to your efforts and also fatigue or minor health problems from Jul 22nd. With the Sun in Leo from Jul 23rd and a New Moon in that sign on Jul 25th, set a new course. Make new contacts. Dream new dreams.

    A Review
    Mercury moves into reverse in Leo on Jul 3rd. You may have a break or separation from friends. You may review the dreams you're pursuing. You may be distracted or divide your attention because something old has taken your interest again. Mercury returns to Cancer on Jul 10th, urging a review of recent activities and dealings with professional or personal responsibilities. There may be confusion or misunderstanding with authorities or older family members. You may review career options. You may find personal responsibilities taxing or tiring. Wait. Discuss. Clarify. The busy messenger moves direct on Jul 30th. Read more on Mercury Retrograde!
    On Your Mettle
    It's a taste of freedom and independence as Venus the goddess glides through Gemini, bringing exotic cuisine, contacts and the odd adventure. There may be a foreign film or a visit from overseas on your entertainment list. Dealings are intense mid month. You may have to negotiate with an exciting or daunting individual. There may be news or a strong encounter. Venus enters Cancer on Jul 19th, bringing social dealings that are connected with career or professional situations. You may mix work and pleasure. You may deal with a strong or sensitive person in authority, most likely a female. You may somehow have the care of others in the course of your professional duties or personal responsibilities.
    Slowing Down
    With Mars in Leo as the month begins, get active. Get out there. Get it done! Though, with the recent meeting of Mars and Saturn, you may be drained or exhausted from recent activities or demands. Watch indulgence in the first week but you can enjoy romance and fantasy with your loved one. Mars enters Virgo on Jul 22nd. Slow down. Rest. Watch for unexpected opposition or obstacles. Get the little things right. Take care of your health.

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