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    A basic synastry reading:
    the relationship between Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman

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    Tom Cruise
    Nicole Kidman

    Part One -- Planets and Aspects
    Each of us has every planet in his or her chart. Each planet symbolizes a different facet of life. In synastry, when we compare two charts, we look at the aspects (distance in degrees) between the planets of one chart and the planets of the other to determine areas of potential ease or difficulty. In general, sextiles and trines are easy aspects; squares and oppositions are challenging or dynamic aspects. Conjunctions can be either easy or difficult, depending on the planets involved...

    Common Aspects

    Sun conjunct Mercury
    This aspect usually indicates a compatibility of ideas and communication. The mental acitivity of the Mercury person helps advance the ego needs of the Sun person. Likewise, the Sun person may stimulate the Mercury person's thinking and encourage him or her to articulate their ideas. In itself, this conjunction is neutral romantically, meaning that any physical attraction between the two of you will be a result of other factors in the chart.

    Venus conjunct Venus
    Venus symbolizes what you bring to a relationship, so having this aspect in your synastry chart shows that you are each likely to go out of your way to please each other and to be indulgent of each other's needs, desires and whims. You work toward creating harmony, and you tend to be in tune emotionally. This is an excellent aspect for a romantic relationship, but it's equally good for any friendship or emotionally-based match. Your tastes in art, music and design are likely to be similar or at least in harmony with one another's.

    Venus square Neptune
    Because Neptune spends so many years in each sign, everyone born within a few years of each other will have Neptune in more or less the same position. This square is therefore more significant as an indication of the Venus person's response to an entire generation than as indication of one-to-one relationship traits. If the square is within a degree or two or exact, it can show heightened romanticism in a relationship, which may or may not be based on reality. There is the possibility that one or both of you will put the other on a pedestal and will be disappointed if that other turns out to be only human after all . In general you'll have difficulty seeing each other clearly and will be more likely to be gullible with each other.

    Saturn sextile Saturn
    This comparative aspect favors cooperation in business and organizational matters. You're able to support each other in activities that require stamina, discipline, responsibility and determination. When you put your heads together you're a powerful force, and can help each other develop strategies both for mutual and team advancement and for individual professional achievement. This is especially true if the aspect is within a degree or so of exact and other comparative chart factors support this.

    Tom Cruise's Planets Aspecting Nicole Kidman's Planets

    Sun square Mars
    There is plenty of potential for clashes and competitiveness here as each of you feels your ego is on the line every time you have a disagreement. You must learn to channel your assertive tendencies into positive activities in order for the relationship to run smoothly. Agree to disagree, but don't take the other's position as a challenge to your own; just change the subject or the scenery and accept the other's right to an alternate point of view. If diplomacy doesn't work, don't let issues smolder between you. Air your points as clearly as possible, then kiss and make-up. (That's the upside of this square. You guys are probably great at kissing and making up. ) You can also grow tremendously as individuals if you can learn to accept that -- even if you don't agree with it -- your partner's view is as valid for him or her as yours is for you.

    Sun square Saturn
    This tends to be a difficult and frustrating combination. Each of you may feel like there is a wall between you that somehow, limits your ability to really get in touch with each other . The Sun person may feel restricted or burdened by the relationship with the Saturn person, even though he or she may very much want the relationship to continue and to work out. The Saturn person may feel his or her security or authority is threatened by the Sun person or the circumstances surrounding the relationship. These difficulties are not insurmountable, by any means, but they are sobering. If the relationship flourishes in spite of the problems, it can be both solid and enduring.

    Moon conjunct Mercury
    With this conjunction, there is a powerful connection between what the Mercury person thinks and what the Moon person feels. The Mercury person's ideas may be affected on a deep level by the Moon person and may, in some cases, be subject to change depending on the Moon person's moods. Likewise, the Mercury person's ideas and words may have powerful effect on the Moon person's emotions and moods. There is a strong potential that you may nitpick when together or otherwise focus too much on trivial matters.

    Moon square Mars
    This can be a real ouch, emotionally. There is likely to be a great deal of volatility in this relationship and, when emotions flare (as they most definitely will) one of you -- often the Mars person -- may lash out without regard for the emotional pain you may cause the other. There is a tendency to have many disagreements, which you may be incapable of settling rationally and which can often become tearful or angry scenes. The Mars person is likely to feel defensive during clashes, while the Moon person feels wounded. The best way to handle these situations is to learn not to take everything the other says so personally, even if it seems as if there's not other way to take it, but to try to see where the other is coming from. Most important -- be kind in what you say to, and how you act toward, each other. Disagreements should never be cause for, or include, personal attacks and insults.

    Moon conjunct Jupiter
    This tends to be a harmonious "feel-good" combination that makes both of you see the bright side of your relationship and of life in general when you're together. Each of you tends to be willing to provide the other with emotional support when needed. The only down side here is that the Moon person may be a bit too clingy for Jupiter person.

    Mercury trine Mars
    Generally speaking, this trine indicates an intellectually stimulating relationship. The Mars person can encourage the Mercury person to think more courageously and to act on his or her ideas. The Mercury person can help the Mars person formulate better plans for action. You can each inspire the other to have the courage to speak up and be more assertive. You may enjoy playing competitive games together, especially those that require both physical and strategic skills.

    Mercury square Uranus
    Stimulating mental jousting and exchanging of ideas are possible with this square between your charts, but these exhanges may sometimes unexpectedly lead to argument or misinterpretation. There may be a certain rashness in your communications; you speak first, think later . You may also bring out the tendency to radical thought in one another . If this square is close to exact, there can be a tendency to encourage each other in eccentric, impractical ideas.

    Mercury square Pluto
    Because Pluto spends so many years in each sign, everyone born within a few years of each other will have Pluto in more or less the same position. This square is therefore more significant as an indication of the Mercury person's response to an entire generation than as indication of one-to-one relationship traits. If the square is within a degree or two of exact, it may show a tendency toward intense conflict over ideas, thoughts and communications. There may also be a tendency for one or both of you (but more typically the Pluto person) to try to manipulate through words (propaganda).

    Venus sextile Mars
    This combination often produces both friendship and physical attraction. Cooperation and harmony are likely between the dynamic Mars energy and the diplomatic Venus energy. While not as fiery and intense as a Mars/Venus square, this aspect is considerably easier to handle. It's a good indication that you can enjoy each other in a variety of ways, without going totally bonkers over emotional upsets -- or going through a full scale soap opera on the occasions when your desires clash.

    Mars trine Uranus
    Dynamic relationships where there is a magnetic sexual attraction often have this comparative aspect. You are likely to enjoy many adventures with each other and to do things together that separately you might only daydream about. The Mars person can give the Uranus person the necessary boost in energy to actualize his or her inspired ideas; the Uranus person can show the Mars person how to direct his or her enthusiasm in creative and innovative ways.

    Jupiter opposite Uranus
    This tends not to be a particularly important opposition, unless the planets involved are in unusually sensitive areas of your individual charts. Usually, it simply indicates that you are likely to see certain issues from very different perspectives, which may occasionally cause some minor discord. This comparative aspect works best if you're each willing to allow the other a great deal of latitude and freedom and respect each other's right to see things differently. There is a tricky little surprise that occasionally pops up with this opposition though; you may experience sudden changes of luck, for better or worse, as a result of your association.

    Nicole Kidman's Planets Aspecting Tom Cruise's Planets

    Sun sextile Uranus
    You tend to bring out the adventurous side in each other. Because of this, you're likely to take greater risks together than either of you might take alone. While there are, of course, caveats to observe, the cooperation and support you offer each other tends to help you get away with more of the gambles you take together than you might otherwise. You may also be sexually adventurous together.

    Moon square Jupiter
    This can sometimes indicate overblown emotions or a tendency to encourage one another to be emotionally indulgent. There may be a touch of insincerity in the emotional expression between you or perhaps just oversentimentality. In any event, this is not a particularly troublesome square as a rule.

    Moon sextile Saturn
    While not necessarily a fun aspect, this sextile is favorable for partners who share family responsibility because it makes you both aware of the importance of what you have to do together. It is favorable for enduring relationships and often helps cement a bond by accentuating the sense of security and purpose between you. You tend to feel a mutual sense of loyalty. You will also tend to hold compatible views on parenting unless other factors in the comparison strongly contradict this.

    Moon square Pluto
    Because Pluto spends so many years in each sign, everyone born within a few years of each other will have Pluto in more or less the same position. This square is therefore more significant as an indication of the Moon person's response to an entire generation than as an indicator of one-to-one relationship traits. If the aspect is within a couple of degrees of exact, there can be emotional power trips, manipulation and attempts to control each other. Most often these will be initiated by the Pluto person.

    Venus opposite Saturn
    This can be a problematic combination. One or both of you may place terms on the relationship, such as withholding affection unless certain conditions are met. In old astrology texts, this was often associated with May/December marriages, or marriages made for status or money, but generally speaking, the terms are more likely to be subtler than out and out financial or social gain. There can be poor timing in the relationship, so that when one is feeling warmly toward the other, the other is feeling cold, and vice-versa. There can also occasionally be great obstacles to the expressing of affection, even though the affection may be deeply felt. Other relationships may get in the way of this one or other obligations may force one of you to hold back.

    Jupiter opposite Saturn
    You probably come at most situations from opposite directions; the Jupiter person with an optimistic outlook as compared to the Saturn person, who may often play the role of pessimist and wet blanket. Nevertheless, you can learn a great deal from each other and grow as individuals through your association with one another. You will have to give each other room to move and freedom to express yourselves in the way that is most natural and comfortable for each of you, though. Maturity and openmindedness are essential.

    Written by Anita Bartholomew
    Time Cycles Research
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