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    The Soul Connection

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    0ur soul is the deepest part of our being. It is the source of our feelings. People come together for a reason. When two people are important to each other, they form a Soul Connection. Soul-centred astrology teaches the meaning of our relationships.

    In Astrology, the
    Soul Connection (composite mid-point chart) is constructed by the melding of two individual horoscopes into one. This generates a single, composite chart of the actual relationship itself, showing the Soul Connection. Order your Soul Connection Chart! and find out where your relationship fits.

    The Soul Connection reveals the deep links between two people, so one of our composite charts suits people already involved with a romantic or marriage partner (or any other intimate relationship). It explains the relationship's inner purpose, and how the couple responds to the world. The Soul Connection composite chart is a map of what each person brings out and stimulates (for better or worse) in the other.
    The Meaning of Karma
    Our karma, or destiny, is expressed in events emerging through of circumstances over which we have no conscious control: which come upon us, rather than having been deliberately chosen or engineered through our own intent. We are all very sensitive energy structures, acting rather like receiving and broadcasting stations in a subtle grid of (usually) unconscious transmissions.

    Karma is like a broadcast signal which brings us face to face with what we need to experience so that we may follow our own true path. Karmic events arrive to wake us up, to impel soul growth, or growth in consciousness. Often this involves the long-term interaction (perhaps over lifetimes) with others who share our karmic destiny. We truly need to experience the deep relationships which shake us to the core in order to gain wisdom and to become truly useful.

    Soul Connection needs the birth data of both people to construct a composite chart. Click here to order.

    NOTE: the Soul Connection chart may have a different sun sign and other chart factors from your own chart, or your partner's. This is quite okay, in fact, it's normal.

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