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    by Rob Tillett

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    LibraLibra Daily Forecast for February 2023
    (If you know your rising sign, read that too, for a balanced forecast. Go to Forecasts)

    Daily forecasts for February 2023 written by
    Rob Tillett.
    Click here for Moonbeam's
    Month in Brief.

    Go to TopWed Feb 1: Challenges
    The chatty Moon squares nebulous Neptune today, so social interactions don't run smoothly. You may meet friction or a block to your plans. Relations with co-workers could be tense and health issues could limit your efforts. Be careful with work-related travel. You may have to put aside social matters to fulfill responsibilities, but Venus and Mars are active, so romance is definitely in the wind. Practical colors are beige and tan. Lucky numbers are 4 and 16.
    Go to TopThu Feb 2: Buzz Buzz
    Creative projects get back on track as the Sun and Mercury are buzzing. Communication should be excellent. Trust your intuitive responses, but don't try to take control. Let life take its course. The best work today is that which does itself. Romance is favored, especially at a foreign fashion show. Children could be a joy: let them have their way, you'll love it! Fortunate colors are wild strawberry and dark wine. Lucky numbers are 13 and 18.
    Go to TopFri Feb 3: Neptune Enters Pisces
    The Gemini Moon is really rather pleasant, but today Neptune moves into his cave beneath the waters of Pisces. It's a long term phase that brings a subtle realignment with your work and may mark the start of hard to diagnose issues with your health. This is a treacherous time for drugs, medicine, or alcohol since safe limits can easily be breached, or you may get adverse reactions. Don't be the victim of bogus health or diet systems. And don't be fooled by promises that seem too good to be true, especially among colleagues or employees. More on Neptune in Pisces. Insightful colors are scarlet and champagne. Lucky numbers are 9 and 27.
    Go to TopSat Feb 4: Responsibilities
    The shifting Moon sails through Cancer and your solar tenth house today, coming away from a meeting with sober Saturn. There may be obligations that call on your time. There will be dealings with those in authority or with elderly people. Some of you will have to meet the requirements of the day with little time for yourself. Others will have to contemplate the burdens of the day alone. Meaningful colors are plum and ruby. Lucky numbers are 10 and 26.
    Go to TopSun Feb 5: Lifestyle
    The Sun in Aquarius creates lifestyle pressures, but tonight the atmosphere improves out o sight as the Moon dances with Venus, your life-ruler. Of course there are limits as to how far you can push the envelope. Just take your time and don't blow the budget. If your love is feeling amorous, give in gracefully. Suitable colors are mink and cream. Lucky numbers are 7 and 24.
    Go to TopMon Feb 6: Friends And Lovers
    The shifting Moon lights up your eleventh house of friends and associates, activating dreamy Neptune and exciting Uranus. Friends may become lovers and lovers seem more like friends under these influences. Creativity is high, so those of you in artistic fields should take advantage of the visiting muse. Children's interests are highlighted. Expansive colors are midnight blue and lavender. Lucky numbers are 8 and 36.
    Go to TopTue Feb 7: Full Moon
    As the magnificent Moon blazes to the Full in dramatic Leo and your solar eleventh house, you may find friendships are tested by current emotional conditions. Something about those around you causes you to step away, or vice-versa. As Saturn stations in your sign, you may have to alter plans for something you've been aspiring to as it simply won't work. There may also be difficulties with children, your own or someone else's. Calming colors are sky blue and silver grey. Lucky numbers are 23 and 37.
    Go to TopWed Feb 8: Shining Venus
    Shining Venus your life-ruler moves into Aries, spicing up your romantic life as she travels there over the next four weeks. Some begin a new partnership under this influence. Others renew old affections. The Moon is in your twelfth house today, so it will be best if you can stay in a more reflective mode. Prepare for upsets as hidden matters come to light. Stay calm. Favorable colors are vivid green and dark cherry. Lucky numbers are 25 and 37.
    Go to TopThu Feb 9: A Cautionary Tale
    Warrior Mars clashes with Mercury the messenger, illuminating matters in your solar eighth and fifth houses. This is not a day for risk-taking or running on instinct, whether your endeavors be physical or financial. You may be inclined to 'go for it' when what's needed is good old-fashioned wisdom before the event. You can, of course, indulge your passions in the regulation manner. Providential colors are claret and rouge. Lucky numbers are 24 and 40.
    Go to TopFri Feb 10: Something to Consider
    The mystic Moon is moving into your sign today, dear Libra. For some, responsibilities may seem especially burdensome. For others, there may be some tension in dealing with authorities or older people. Reflect on what's happened. Take a little time to spoil yourself. It might be the best means of getting away from the pressures for a while. Restful colors are blue grey and sunflower yellow. Lucky numbers are 19 and 37.
    Go to TopSat Feb 11: How are you feeling?
    With The Moon still moving through your sign, this may be a day of some emotional ups and downs. Family responsibilities loom large. Emotional life will be a key matter for some. For others, there will simply be a lot to do around the home. Take some time to have a long hot bath or a little self-nurture. While doing so, make sure you run a check list on how you're feeling. Pleasurable colors are brown and orange. Lucky numbers are 22 and 43.
    Go to TopSun Feb 12: A Wonderful Day
    It's a wonderful day for Libra, with the Sun and Moon shining for you! The cosmos infuses a more positive sense of your own uniqueness. Your increased self-confidence and vitality make the circumstances in your life even better, especially if a whiff of romance is in the air. What a good day to enjoy the world and your place in it. Enjoyable colors are silver and blue. Lucky numbers are 1 and 5.
    Go to TopMon Feb 13: Get Things Done
    Put the full force of your energies into play and you can accomplish miracles. Mercury and Saturn harmonize, with the Moon in intense Scorpio, giving you the drive you need to get things done. Cooperation with superiors or authorities comes easily if you lay your cards on the table. If you need to negotiate an agreement of any sort, you can succeed without resorting to your legendary diplomacy. Honesty will do it. Positive colors are yellow topaz and red garnet. Lucky numbers are 6 and 29.
    Go to TopTue Feb 14: Good Karma
    Someone may be working behind the scenes in your behalf or perhaps good karma is coming back your way. Money may come in from an unexpected source just when you need it most. Spiritual and emotional support may also be coming from places you least expect it as the Universe sends love your way. Accept the kindness of others and go on to spread good will. Beneficial colors are terra cotta and fern green. Lucky numbers are 15 and 29.
    Go to TopWed Feb 15: Buzzing
    The Moon shimmers in Sagittarius and your solar third house so you can be out and about today. It's time to cut deals, make conversation, stay on the move and generally have a busy day that will leave you feeling good. If you find that things don't quite go to your liking, use your sense of humor to laugh it off. You may need to travel here and there to get things done or catch up with people. Enjoy! Advantageous colors are carnation and powder blue. Lucky numbers are 5 and 11.
    Go to TopThu Feb 16: Good News
    The Moon in Sagittarius brings good news into your life. Venus is in a good place too, so your health and working conditions should improve. There's a financial component to this, but resist the urge to splurge! Avoid disagreements with males over matters that should be kept confidential, or the knives will be out. Meaningful colors are blackberry and leaf green. Lucky numbers are 5 and 28.
    Go to TopFri Feb 17: Sort It Out
    The Moon moves through Capricorn and your solar fourth house today so your attention will turn to matters regarding your domestic and emotional life. Make sure you're attending to all the necessary tasks and responsibilities. Someone needs your care and attention. If you've let an atmosphere or a mess accumulate until it's become a problem, now's the time to start sorting things out. Practical colors are emerald and grey. Lucky numbers are 4 and 39.
    Go to TopSat Feb 18: A Time To Reflect
    If you can take time out to reflect on yourself and your life, you will benefit immensely. With the Moon in Capricorn and your solar fourth house harmonizing with mighty Mars retro in your twelfth, you can gain insight and understanding, especially if you reflect on the past, your family history and the effect it's had on you. Take some time out. Positive colors are apricot and violet. Lucky numbers are 9 and 12.
    Go to TopSun Feb 19: The Microcosm
    The Sun moves into Pisces and your solar sixth house of work, health and daily routines, travelling there over the next four weeks. Pay very close attention to detail and get down to the nitty gritty. Get the little things right and the big ones will fall into place. Maintain a good balance between your effort to get things done and your effort to keep healthy and well-exercised. Use your creative flair. Examine your work methods. Proper colors are raspberry and peppermint. Lucky numbers are 12 and 16.
    Go to TopMon Feb 20: Express Yourself
    The Moon dances through Aquarius and your solar fifth house today, urging you to enjoy yourself. A favourite creative or recreational pursuit will do you the world of good. Whether physical or mental it doesn't matter, as long as its something you can really express yourself through. Some Librans are feeling very romantic, while others will enjoy the company of friends. Make merry! Expressive colors are cornflower blue and deep red. Lucky numbers are 15 and 19.
    Go to TopTue Feb 21: New Moon
    Make a commitment to a new line of work or a new approach as the New Moon arrives in Pisces, dancing merrily with King Neptune, Lord of the Sea. Fishes should forge plans and dream dreams. You will benefit from a more creative slant on work and you may find that a change takes place for mysterious reasons. Health matters are very significant now and can affect your working life. Set a new health regimen in place. Auspicious colors are copper and . Lucky numbers are 22 and 38.
    Go to TopWed Feb 22: Expect The Unexpected
    There may be sudden shifts or changes with your working environment especially where personnel are concerned. Changes of organization or structure could take place. Either way, there's likely to be a change of mood or feeling among those you work with. Daily routines are also subject to surprise developments. Watch out for minor accidents. Expect the unexpected. Stimulating colors are steel grey and brick red. Lucky numbers are 25 and 41.
    Go to TopThu Feb 23: Within, Without
    As the day begins you are absorbed in your own problems. There may be minor details to attend to or a work schedule to finish. As the day goes on, your focus begins to shift to those around you, especially to your partner or a close associate. You become more mindful of their presence or their influence. Later on, you can shift your attention from work to romance. Enjoy! Ideal colors are rouge and powder blue. Lucky numbers are 14 and 19.
    Go to TopFri Feb 24: Partner Pressure
    If your partner or a close associate is under pressure, it's reflecting strongly in your life at the moment and can adversely affect the quality of life at home. The Moon in your seventh house clashes with dark Pluto, creating a theme of frustration or fatigue for those close to you, with sudden upsurges of feeling coming out of the blue. This is not a 'push ahead' situation: bear with it and try to work through things methodically. Obstruction and power struggles are on the cards. Calming colors are forest green and dark brown. Lucky numbers are 6 and 23.
    Go to TopSat Feb 25: In The Spotlight
    You may have to cut back on a plan you've been pursuing because of the cost. This could be a creative project, or it may involve some form of speculation. You come to the attention of others, but you may not like all the attention you get. Frustration or delays with plans are quite likely. Some task or project proves to be harder than you thought. Propitious colors are lavender and champagne. Lucky numbers are 26 and 32.
    Go to TopSun Feb 26: Clear Realizations
    Things will fall into place for you today if you let them. Don't be in too much of a hurry and most of the things you have to get done will do themselves. You may have some important realizations about yourself along the way. Things will be busy but you can still stay calm in the midst of the chaos. Know just how far to go and when to stop and the day will slip by easily. Beneficial colors are burnished gold and claret. Lucky numbers are 20 and 37.
    Go to TopMon Feb 27: Coping With Detail
    You will be coping with detail and specialized information more than usual, Libra. You will be talking about reorganizing your working life. Just don't get too critical with workmates. Handle yourself with a touch of care, because you're likely to be over busy with your mind on red alert. Buzzing around at top speed, your tongue will also be moving rather quickly. You won't take kindly to anyone telling you what to do. Fortunate colors are caramel and light coffee. Lucky numbers are 10 and 36.
    Go to TopTue Feb 28: Unpredictable
    Expect some surprises as the day gets underway because routines may not go as planned. Schedules may be disrupted and work could well bring the unexpected. All of this is because Mercury the Messenger is under pressure in your solar sixth house. Things will settle down after a while but the unexpected influences may be harbingers, revealing the shape of things to come. Inspiring colors are oyster pink and mauve. Lucky numbers are 17 and 28.
    Go to TopWed Feb 29: It's Leap Year!
    There's stress at the beginning of the day as the Moon clashes with Saturn in your sign, then nebulous Neptune and powerful Pluto. Communications of all kind are hit by snags, snarls and stuff ups and there could be aggression from another passenger if travelling. Stay calm. Use this extra day of February to set a new pattern regarding what you want to say and how you want to say it to carry you through this new year. Expressive colors are spring green and twilight grey. Lucky numbers are 15 and 33.
    More Daily Forecasts on line soon!

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