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    Neil Giles

    Neil Giles is a storyteller, astrologer and historian. He is a novelist and journalist and has written for theatre, radio and television, as well as many articles for Astrology on the Web.
    His passion for mythology and the ancient traditions has led him on a journey through Astrology, Tarot, the Runes and the Celtic Ogham Script as a seeker and personal reader.
    He is the author of a number of works on Celtic and Teutonic spirituality, including Odin's Runes and The Oracle of the Trees.
    For Neil, the storyteller's path reminds us that while the wisdom of the past still lives, we can take wise action now and in the future. Always a traveller, Neil has now returned to the glorious Southern Highlands of New South Wales, on the East Coast of Australia.

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    Aries Aries Monthly Forecast for May 2006
    (If you know your rising sign, read that too, for a balanced forecast. Go to Forecasts)

    More on Aries, the Ram
    Plans and Schemes
    With Saturn moving forward, advance your plans and schemes. With the signs of Taurus and Gemini featuring, money, movement and communication will be the means of your advancement. Yet, as Mars, Jupiter and Uranus form a grand trine in the water signs, you'll need to concentrate on flow and divining hidden traps, rather than focusing on your usual fiery forward motion. If you go with the flow, good things can happen in the realm of home, finance and the realization of your dreams. With the Sun in Taurus, focus on money, the budget and getting the order of what's to be done. Be direct and practical. Be straightforward in discussion, especially from May 5th.

    There may be change with financial life at the Full Moon in Scorpio on May 13th. You may see your situation revealed or there may be developments that alter your state. Be careful about taking immediate action, as Neptune clouds the situation. Trust your spiritual or intuitive side. Act from reflection not impulse. Be careful of your choices then as they'll have unforeseen consequences. Don't give way to frustration or rash action. Choose wisely by working to divine likely outcomes.

    Things begin to buzz as Mercury and the Sun move to communicative Gemini. May 21st sees the principal Light in the sign of the Twins, bringing a New Moon on May 27th. As Mercury clashes with Uranus, there will be surprising developments or sudden change. Grab onto the coattails of the comet and ride. You may take a different path from the one you expected. Powerful news, communications and decisions will follow.
    Quick Changes
    Mercury bolts through three signs this month, speeding along after the drift and drag of recent times. Be direct from May 5th when the messenger moves to Taurus. Money is in the frame. Do some straight talking. Don't get the wrong end of the stick. Plan well. Avoid rash judgement, especially after the Full Moon. Events may get out of control or people may overreact on May 18th. Mercury moves to Gemini the next day, bringing surprises or snap decisions, especially at the New Moon. Watch travel and the reactions of others.
    Venus the goddess moves to Aries on May 3rd, bringing all kinds of impulses to bear but benefiting you through the contact or support from those older or in authority early on. Romance and creativity are favoured if you work by 'feel'. Judgement may be flawed unless it comes from deep within. This is a great time to start a new venture or a new romance, as long as it's done with sensitivity. Venus moves to Taurus on May 29th, bringing more of a flavour of finance and practical matters to your social interactions.
    Strong Feeling
    Mars spends the month in Cancer, focusing on home, family and emotional life. Act to bring security for you and your loved ones. Rest, time out and a good diet will play their part in you keeping your cool. This is not a time to go for it 24/7. Let off steam and relax in healing waters. May 1st and May 16th are times to adopt a more cautious or reflective approach. You may be inclined towards explosiveness unless you wind down properly. You may overdo things and have to step back, or else under-do things then get frustrated in the wake of inaction. Go deep within yourself to find the right path.

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