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    by Rob Tillett

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    TaurusTaurus Daily Forecast for February 2024
    (If you know your rising sign, read that too, for a balanced forecast. Go to Forecasts)

    Daily forecasts for February 2024 written by
    Rob Tillett.
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    Month in Brief.

    Go to TopWed Feb 1: A Mixed Bag
    A touch of romance is in the air, but you might miss it if you're preoccupied. You may be wrestling with a money problem, especially where the credit card or overdraft is concerned, but it's hard to get the advice or help you're looking for. Sail your own course. Discuss important money matters with someone in the know. There may be communications from overseas. Beneficial colors are cerise and oyster. Lucky numbers are 17 and 21.
    Go to TopThu Feb 2: Reflections
    With the Sun and Moon working well today, you may need to reflect on the path you're taking in life. Are you satisfied with your professional direction? Do you derive meaning or satisfaction from what you're doing? Only you can provide the answer. Dealings with authority figures should go well, but if you push too hard, they'll be frustrating or confusing. Mystic colors are amethyst and wild rose. Lucky numbers are 5 and 11.
    Go to TopFri Feb 3: Neptune Enters Pisces
    As Neptune swims into Pisces, a new underlying cosmic influence opens up a new direction for the Bull. Make changes with the way you do things, for as time goes on you will have to re-imagine what you want from the people in your life. Love will be found among friends and associates, but it's a long term development. Keep your wits about you and don't take everyone at their word as the influence develops. More on Neptune in Pisces. Earthy colors are apache red and apple green. Lucky numbers are 6 and 23.
    Go to TopSat Feb 4: A Serious Tone
    The Moon glides through Cancer and your solar third house after crossing the path of Saturn, so you may have serious thoughts on your mind. There are important plans in the formative stages and you could have weighty matters to discuss with authority figures or elders. Take time to digest what's going on in your life -- the best results will come from deep thought. Prudent colors are almond and orange. Lucky numbers are 9 and 28.
    Go to TopSun Feb 5: Where Do You Stand?
    You may need to take a break from certain people or circumstances today; this could be a short term decision for some Bulls while for others there may be long term consequences. If you find yourself at odds with either individuals or groups, ask yourself where you really stand over attitudes and values. Is there a growing rift or just intermediate tension you can ride out? If you remain calm it will be easier to make decisions. Gracious colors are royal blue and . Lucky numbers are 17 and 19.
    Go to TopMon Feb 6: Problems At Home
    Problems at home may interfere with your job today. It may be that pressures at work are causing you to neglect your family; if this is the case, try to make time for your loved ones this afternoon. Many of you will find the emotional tension grows stronger as the day wears on. You may need to get some fresh air in order to repair your nerves. Make time for yourself this evening. Communicative colors are pale green and oyster. Lucky numbers are 5 and 49.
    Go to TopTue Feb 7: Full Moon
    Lady Moon blazes in fiery Leo as she comes to the Full, testing the Sun and tricky Mercury, so issues in your emotional or domestic life tend to surge to the surface now. You need to think deeply about what you're doing or where you're going as there will be confusion or uncertainty for Bulls who don't have spiritual values in place. Make decisions about what is of real value in your life, or Saturn will have his way creating problems at work or in your health. Uplifting colors are oyster grey and misty blue. Lucky numbers are 11 and 33.
    Go to TopWed Feb 8: Behind the Scenes
    As Venus slips behind the scenes to your twelfth house, the Moon dances with Jupiter and sorely tests Pluto. Visitors and gatherings may set the scene for high drama -- some of which might be connected with children, or romantic connections. Don't push the budget and don't get locked into old agendas. Beware false flattery and ulterior motives. Love relationships from the past can intrude on the present in some way. Stay buoyant but maintain a practical focus. Craft or creative activities are favored. Fortunate colors are emerald and ruby. Lucky numbers are 5 and 12.
    Go to TopThu Feb 9: Step Back
    As Venus moves through your solar twelfth house you need to step back from the hurly-burly and take time for your inner self. Focus on creative activities and/or your spiritual life and give some attention to a loved one in need. Try to see how your life is going, as well as where it is going. Don't take risks with love or money. Protective colors are forest green and apricot. Lucky numbers are 7 and 13.
    Go to TopFri Feb 10: Daily Routines
    The Moon sails through Libra and your solar sixth house of work and health today, so take time for exercise if your schedule is busy. Eat what does you good rather than indulging in what you feel like. You may have to work around the needs of others, but make sure you get your own tasks done. You'll feel better at the end of the day if you've crossed off everything on the list. Don't ignore minor health problems. Practical colors are red ochre and light brown. Lucky numbers are 14 and 21.
    Go to TopSat Feb 11: Decision Making
    If you have to make work or health related decisions, give them your full attention: there may be more at stake than you realize. You will set patterns for the future with the approach your adopt now. Discuss important matters with colleagues or loved ones as they may present a different view or reveal another side of the picture. Emotional happiness is as important as achievement in work. Propitious colors are champagne and cloudy blue. Lucky numbers are 8 and 19.
    Go to TopSun Feb 12: Epiphany
    Most Taureans prefer to work methodically, finishing one task thoroughly before moving on to the next, but there's not much chance of that today. Why not try exercising your versatility muscle - let's face it, it's not the strongest one you have, so it'll do you good. Good news is on the way and your partnership energy is strengthened by the Moon tonight. Use your imagination. Some of you are in line to receive a spiritual epiphany tonight. Excellent colors are duckegg blue and warm brown. Lucky numbers are 11 and 16.
    Go to TopMon Feb 13: A Little Passion
    The Moon is in Scorpio and your solar seventh house of partners and close associates, so if you can sort out any differences then you can work together to achieve your goals. Don't try to put aside the concerns or objections of others, though. Take time to discuss important matters. There's passion in the air; it may be passionate delight or there may be fireworks of a different nature. Whichever way things go, pay attention to those close to you and work to enjoy what's right or resolve what's wrong. Passionate colors are crimson and wine red. Lucky numbers are 18 and 30.
    Go to TopTue Feb 14: Fresh Start
    Mercury heads into Pisces, as the Moon moves through your seventh house of marriage and partnerships. This helps you make a fresh start in important relationships. This may be painful and you may have difficulty accepting certain changes within yourself or someone you love. Under this influence you'll take more interest in clubs and associations. Fundraising, membership drives, blogging or newsletters may be on your to-do list. Sociable colors are blush pink and spring green. Lucky numbers are 11 and 25.
    Go to TopWed Feb 15: Over The Top
    The Moon blazes in fiery Sagittarius today so you'll need to find an outlet for your energy. Make sure it's not a spending spree you'll regret when the bill arrives! If you are feeling passionate at the moment, indulge yourself. Other Bulls need to burn off their restlessness with vigorous activity of another kind. Turn your attention inward if you're feeling restless and ask what's really driving you. Insightful colors are cherry and blossom pink. Lucky numbers are 34 and 39.
    Go to TopThu Feb 16: The Budget
    The Moon careers through Sagittarius and your solar eighth house, so take care with spending, especially where the credit card or the overdraft are concerned. It will be easy to go over the limit. Seek a healthy outlet for your energies and don't let restlessness push you to doing things out of boredom. Consider your professional direction. Are you ready for a change? Go for it! Providential colors are almond and copper green. Lucky numbers are 2 and 26.
    Go to TopFri Feb 17: Getting Away
    With the Moon moving through Capricorn and your solar ninth house, you may feel the urge to get away. However, you may have trouble breaking away from duties or obligations for long enough to satisfy those freedom urges. Some of you may content yourself with an imaginative roam. Others may flee, but it'll all be there waiting for you on your return. Prudent colors are carmine and apple green. Lucky numbers are 3 and 29.
    Go to TopSat Feb 18: Confluence
    The Moon and Mars are working hard for you, Taurus. Creative expressions consistent with your beliefs become possible now, largely because of what you've been doing for some time. Your sign is concerned with values. This is a time to really put it out there with regard to what you believe is important in life. Break the shackles! Passionate colors are midnight blue and deep red. Lucky numbers are 7 and 28.
    Go to TopSun Feb 19: Cruising
    The Sun moves into Pisces and your solar eleventh house for the next four weeks. You will be among friends. There may be a path to share and ideas to exchange and you can advance your hopes and wishes if you use a creative approach to put your dreams into action. There may be changes as someone you've known moves on and someone new comes in. This may happen suddenly. Harmonious colors are champagne and green topaz. Lucky numbers are 8 and 27.
    Go to TopMon Feb 20: Duty Calls
    As the ambitious Moon moves into Aquarius and your solar tenth house, responsibilities or obligations come to your attention. You may have dealings with people in authority, especially women and there may be an unusual character to such dealings. Work or professional matters may take center stage for some. Take a different approach if things have been tricky. Do what's required without complaint. Active colors are violet and butterfly yellow. Lucky numbers are 4 and 31.
    Go to TopTue Feb 21: New Moon
    The Moon comes to the New in sociable Pisces today, conjunct imaginative Neptune. Strange new developments mark a new start with your hopes and dreams. There may be a way to do something you've been chasing for a while or a new possibility may present itself. Either way, this is not the time to be a stubborn Bull. Go with the flow and let something different unfold. Ideal colors are electric blue and carnation pink. Lucky number is 32.
    Go to TopWed Feb 22: Good News
    Romance is in the air and the feelings may be larger than life. This could be a passionate encounter. Speculations will test your joint resources, so don't push the envelope too far. Children may be emotional or difficult to control and social gatherings may be boisterous. Good news is in the wind, so keep smiling. Lucky colors are cinnamon and rose. Lucky numbers are 5 and 33.
    Go to TopThu Feb 23: Restless Moon
    It could be a moody day as the restless Moon moves out of Pisces and into Aries, then caps things off by clashing with sober Saturn. Just ride out the changes. Do what you have to early on, but remember to step back as the day progresses and take a little time for yourself. Enjoy a bit of quiet time to rest and reflect. Take the time you need to mull things over. Protective colors are charcoal grey and silver. Lucky numbers are 2 and 34.
    Go to TopFri Feb 24: Behind the Scenes
    The Moon clashes with dark Pluto today. You may be caught out by unexpected developments behind the scenes and not know what to do. Reflect before you act and don't force the pace. Your actions may not seem to get you anywhere. Expect some antipathy with academics, in-laws or foreigners. Conciliate. If you're travelling overseas, take extra care. Favourable colors are pale lemon and oyster pink. Lucky numbers are 4 and 32.
    Go to TopSat Feb 25: Parting Of The Ways
    A major break or change is coming up for the Bulls. You may be changing your direction, your associates, your job or even your home in this next cycle of your life. You will need to change your approach or your action style. Be determined but work around conflict. Vibrant colors are strawberry and lime. Lucky numbers are 1 and 25.
    Go to TopSun Feb 26: Illuminations
    The Moon is in your sign today, making sweet harmony in one stream of the Heavens while building tension in another. The thing is to hold to your course in a firm but gentle way. Look after yourself. Spoil yourself a little if you can. Friends will offer support for your endeavors. Plans may show signs of coming to fruition, though that's a little way down the track yet. Stay calm and enjoy! Serene colors are radiant blue and poppy red. Lucky numbers are 9 and 30.
    Go to TopMon Feb 27: Change of Scenery
    The Moon's in your sign making a lovely aspect to Pluto in your ninth house of travel. You could do with a change of scenery, even if it's just a drive to another town a few hours away. Of course, a holiday is the best thing but as your career is looking up this month, now is not such a great time to be away. You can always take an Internet holiday, after all. Uplifting colors are coral and sea green. Lucky numbers are 3 and 33.
    Go to TopTue Feb 28: Another Way
    If you have a change of heart or mind, this is because things don't go to plan. Your best strategy is to follow the behest of what happens rather than trying to keep to the schedule you've created. The unexpected avenue holds more promise than the predictable path. Pay attention to odd talk or unusual ideas, which could present you with another perspective. Congenial colors are aqua and pale yellow. Lucky numbers are 29 and 35.
    Go to TopWed Feb 29: It's Leap Year!
    The extra day begins on a tense note as the Moon works on a clash with powerful Pluto. Work to keep stress levels down. Stay in cruise mode. Keep a tight rein on the spending and sort out any problems with finances, especially joint or credit arrangements. You may be feeling frisky or restless. Do something on this extra day that reflects your intent for the coming year. Favorable colors are cherry and marigold. Lucky numbers are 8 and 24.
    More Daily Forecasts on line soon!
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