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    by Rob Tillett

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    VirgoVirgo Forecast for February 2023
    (If you know your rising sign, read that too, for a balanced forecast. Go to Forecasts)

    Daily forecasts for February 2023 written by
    Rob Tillett.
    Click here for Moonbeam's
    Month in Brief.

    Go to TopWed Feb 1: Trying Times
    As Mercury clashes with Mars, you may find yourself dealing with a difficult individual, someone in business or in a position of authority. Don't allow conflict to develop: compromise before things get out of hand. Don't forget to give yourself a little RnR today either. You have some inhibitions about your freedom to play and relax but you can break through them. Your partner is under some stress so be extra loving. Playful colors are ginger and tangerine. Lucky numbers are 7 and 26.
    Go to TopThu Feb 2: Pace Yourself
    As the Sun and Mercury are active in your solar sixth house there's a powerful urge to get on with the day. However, as Mars is retro in your sign, take it easy and don't try to get everything done, or your health will suffer. It wouldn't hurt to consult a traditional or alternative health practitioner. Things should go well with co-workers and employees, and the Gemini Moon says you can assume more responsibility in your career. Beneficial colors are mauve and pale gold. Lucky numbers are 36 and 41.
    Go to TopFri Feb 3: Neptune Enters Pisces
    Neptune surfs into Pisces today, your seventh house of marriage, partners, and (gasp!) open enmity. It's a tricky new phase that will flavor the atmosphere for a long time to come. Be as patient and philosophical as you can. Avoid scandalous or dishonest people, or situations that could damage your reputation. It's possible to counterbalance the potential for erosion or uncertainty in alliances with a high level of spiritual and intuitive sensitivity, but nevertheless deception and delusion are in the wind, so be wary. Control any unrealistic expectations; you are vulnerable to false flattery and those who promise more than they can deliver. More on Neptune in Pisces. Adventurous colors are purple and rose. Lucky numbers are 12 and 25.
    Go to TopSat Feb 4: Revise Your Strategies
    The Moon is sailing through Cancer and your solar eleventh house of friends, hopes and wishes so enjoy the company of friends today. Discuss ideas and revise your strategies in light of what others have to say. Someone older may have a piece of good advice that comes home to you in time. If help is needed, don't hesitate to ask for it or to give it. Stimulating colors are navy and off white. Lucky numbers are 3 and 29.
    Go to TopSun Feb 5: Interruptions
    The Sun and Mercury in your solar sixth house of work and health create some tension, but the energy picks up as the day flows on.. There are interruptions to your daily routine as co-workers or those in authority direct you down another path or claim your attention. Minor ailments or fatigue are likely -- rest and spiritual practices are the best cure. Proper colors are grey and brick red. Lucky numbers are 29 and 39.
    Go to TopMon Feb 6: Still Small Voice
    The restless Moon drifts through your twelfth house of secrets and solitude today, making this a good time to recharge your spiritual batteries. Make time for rest and meditation so you can hear the small still voice that often gets drowned out by the noise of everyday living. If you are having health problems, consider alternative therapies. Be sure to get plenty of sleep. Uplifting colors are silver and bright orange. Lucky numbers are 18 and 32.
    Go to TopTue Feb 7: Full Moon
    The Moon blazes to the Full in fiery Leo, illuminating your solar twelfth house. Spiritual insights and understanding surface, but they come through confusion or testing conditions, as unexpected feelings come to light. Work matters are subject to changing conditions or interruptions. Your health may fluctuate so don't wear yourself out. Financial developments may grind to a halt as Saturn turns retrograde in your second house today. Mystic colors are amethyst and silver. Lucky numbers are 7 and 22.
    Go to TopWed Feb 8: Up And Down
    As the Moon in your sign forms the beneficial trine to giant Jupiter and clashes with Pluto, there could be some strong emotion at work in your life today. You're up and down with the force of it all, but something good is in the air. Travel is favored. There could be important developments in your emotional and spiritual life as well. Serene colors are lavender and white gold. Lucky numbers are 21 and 36.
    Go to TopThu Feb 9: Wanting More
    With Venus moving through Aries and your solar eighth house there over the next four weeks, you'll be looking for a little bit more of everything. Renewed passion is definitely on the cards and you'll put more effort into making those few extra dollars. You might be inclined to take risks at this time but make sure you take good advice first. Favorable colors are leaf green and wild strawberry. Lucky numbers are 9 and 18.
    Go to TopFri Feb 10: Counting The Pennies
    Money matters will be on your mind today as the Moon sails into Libra and your solar second house. As the lovely lunar light is coming off a clash with sober Saturn, it may be that there is a lack or deficiency that you're concerned about making up. Don't worry! A little careful management will get you where you want to go. Assistance from others fill in the gaps. Beneficial colors are honey and chocolate. Lucky numbers are 12 and 24.
    Go to TopSat Feb 11: Team Work
    If you concentrate and focus on getting things done today, you'll win by a mile. Never forget the benefits of team work: brainstorming and prioritizing tasks will see things running much more smoothly. Virgoans are extremely resourceful and with a little help from your friends or associates there'll be no stopping you! Profitable colors are chartreuse and obsidian. Lucky numbers are 19 and 28.
    Go to TopSun Feb 12: Financial Benefit
    Before the day's even fully under way, you could be drawn to an item which proves irresistible. Of course, there could be other wonderful items in other shops.... but can you afford to smile and keep shopping? Take advantage of the atmosphere, dear Virgo. Financial benefit is coming your way, and what you find today could be the key! Beneficial colors are sky blue and olive green. Lucky numbers are 2 and 9.
    Go to TopMon Feb 13: Brooding
    The Moon simmers in Scorpio, your third house of communication, lighting a fire under Warrior Mars running retro in your sign. Thankfully, Mercury your life-ruler and Saturn harmonize, bringing the promise of assistance when you need it most. Whatever it is you've been working on or trying to complete, the efforts of others will assist you to get things done or advance them in some way. Get outside for some vigorous exercise before tension gets the better of you. Once you've thought things over, your mood improves. Fortunate colors are rose red and lime. Lucky numbers are 2 and 3.
    Go to TopTue Feb 14: Meaning Is Obscure
    Many of you will find yourselves feeling overly emotional and responding to others in unpredictable ways. The true meaning of the information is obscure, especially if connected with your love, a partner or legal matters. Trying to get to the bottom of a mystery (or any situation) may end in confusion, raising more questions than it answers. Don't lose your keys! Ideas may be understood in a mystical or spiritual sense, whether or not that is the intended result. Spend the day doing what makes you feel centered and balanced. Fortunate colors are pale yellow and sky blue. Lucky number is 5.
    Go to TopWed Feb 15: A Different Feel
    The Moon is moving through Sagittarius and your solar fourth house today so your attention will naturally turn to matters of the home and your emotional life. You may simply want to give the premises a good clean. It may be that there are changes of circumstance that bring a different feel to the home and visitors are extremely likely. There could be news from overseas. Magnanimous colors are rich brown and corn. Lucky numbers are 2 and 26.
    Go to TopThu Feb 16: Right Place, Right Time
    There's an end and a beginning with a domestic or emotional cycle now. This could bring a dramatic change... or you'll simply take it in your stride and incorporate it in your daily life. Mercury joins forces with fortunate Jupiter, so you could be in the right place at the right time! Take care in all health matters - prevention is better than cure. Providential colors are fuchsia and berry red. Lucky numbers are 3 and 18.
    Go to TopFri Feb 17: On The Go
    Looking for rest or relaxation today? Well, you will find that you have to be on the ball. The Moon hovers in Capricorn and your solar fifth house, resulting in more responsibility or a goal to pursue. Romance is in the frame for eligible Virgos, so try to work a little recreation into the demands of an otherwise busy day. Stay focused. Active colors are pale purple and rich brown. Lucky numbers are 19 and 22.
    Go to TopSat Feb 18: Personal Horizon
    The Moon in your house of romance, children and speculation stimulates passionate Mars, which is retrograde in your sign. An old flame may reappear. But bear in mind that this is an important time for coming to grips with the process by which you get what you really want. There may be expansion or development as you cross a personal horizon, and a strong feeling of what you really need to do next. Keep a hand on the tiller and the ship will steer itself. Expansive colors are autumn brown and pale gold. Lucky numbers are 24 and 26.
    Go to TopSun Feb 19: Sun In Pisces
    The Sun moves through Pisces and your solar seventh house, travelling there over the next four weeks, so partners and close associates will figure strongly in any plans. You will have to determine what you're going to do because of things that happen to, or for, those close to you. Let the month take shape in its own way. A bond between you and a loved one strengthens. Secure colors are mauve and lemon yellow. Lucky numbers are 19 and 21.
    Go to TopMon Feb 20: Staying On Track
    As the Moon moves through Aquarius and your solar sixth house, it's important to keep the little things together no matter how boring your daily routine may be. Make sure you get everything done in a simple and orderly fashion. A little fresh air and exercise will help to keep the work routines ticking over. Maintain a bright and breezy attitude and deal with problems with a healthy sense of detachment. Competent colors are indigo and white rose. Lucky numbers are 22 and 38.
    Go to TopTue Feb 21: New Moon
    The Moon is New in charming Pisces (your seventh house), which may bring change with regard to your affections. This could either make you avoid someone close to you, or alternatively bring you closer together. A change in your partner's circumstances could see marked changes in your own life with a strange, inexplicable shift in your relationship. Intuitive colors are aquamarine and lilac. Lucky numbers are 7 and 25.
    Go to TopWed Feb 22: Learning Process
    Opposing forces bruise your ego, as ideas and opinions emerge that are incompatible with your own. They are less than sympathetic with the type of image you like to project, or the personal influence you want to exert. Why waste your efforts trying to get others to change their minds? This is a potentially stressful time, but you have to try and view it as a learning process that will lead to spiritual growth. Meaningful colors are turquoise and obsidian. Lucky numbers are 20 and 40.
    Go to TopThu Feb 23: Shifting Tides
    The day starts on a note of cooperation and there will be certain things that need to be done because of where you are and who you're with. As the day wears on, there's a shift in your mood, making you a bit restless or uncertain. There are strong feelings of passion and it's better to relieve them through some healthy exercise than to overindulge in something you'll have to pay for later. Pleasurable colors are silver grey and crimson. Lucky numbers are 8 and 15.
    Go to TopFri Feb 24: Strong Feelings
    There are strong feelings building as the Moon clashes with obstructive Pluto so go for it. Lifestyle spending is an issue today, so cut up the credit card if you dare. You may feel more than usually passionate. If so, stay close to your nearest and dearest. Psychic or creative urges may be strong but you may be uncertain as to how to put them to work. Don't let frustration drive you. Forthright colors are beige and navy. Lucky numbers are 12 and 28.
    Go to TopSat Feb 25: Changing Influences
    There may not be a lot to do except run with what's happening today. The events will be things you've set in motion for yourself or alternatively, happenings over which you have no control. Warrior Mars is weaving something new in the web of your life. Let it take place. Impatience or frustration will not achieve anything. Mystic colors are shimmering silver and satin pink. Lucky numbers are 6 and 30.
    Go to TopSun Feb 26: Falling Into Place
    With the Moon in Taurus and your solar ninth house, the urge for freedom and wide open spaces will be overwhelming. Things should fall into place now, possibly more by accident than design. At least you'll know where you're going and what you need to do. A break from current circumstances or routines is highly likely. Adventurous colors are avocado and yellow ochre. Lucky numbers are 4 and 25.
    Go to TopMon Feb 27: Get Things Straight
    Get certain things straight with close partners as simply and quickly as possible. Mercury, the chatty planet, your ruler, is still in your opposite sign, so you will be talking more than usual to loved ones and out on the social scene. This is not the time to be hiding in a corner or sweeping your feelings out of sight. Just don't be too critical especially with thin skinned mates. Remember their sensitive spots before you blurt out your opinions. Meaningful colors are sunflower and vibrant red. Lucky numbers are 14 and 41.
    Go to TopTue Feb 28: Transform Your Life
    Mercury in Pisces your seventh house is at odds with the Moon. A changing tide of communication or feeling from a partner or close associate could come from changed circumstances or just from within. Ride out whatever happens, even if the influence seems uncertain or unpredictable for a time. It will quickly pass and be forgotten. Thanks to Pluto, a powerful love encounter could transform your life, at least for a while. Congenial colors are forest green and nut brown. Lucky number is 2.
    Go to TopWed Feb 29: It's Leap Year!
    Make sure this is a special day that reflects your desire to bring about change. There's pressure as the day gets underway so it is likely you will have to deal with a strong woman or an emotional outburst. Stay calm and listen to the other person's side of the story. It's a case of onward and upward with your professional life. If you grow through your circumstances, things will fall into place. Lucky colors are amethyst and mint green. Lucky numbers are 11 and 16.
    More Daily Forecasts on line soon!
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