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    Neil Giles

    Neil Giles is a storyteller, astrologer and historian. He is a novelist and journalist and has written for theatre, radio and television, as well as many articles for Astrology on the Web.
    His passion for mythology and the ancient traditions has led him on a journey through Astrology, Tarot, the Runes and the Celtic Ogham Script as a seeker and personal reader.
    He is the author of a number of works on Celtic and Teutonic spirituality, including Odin's Runes and The Oracle of the Trees.
    For Neil, the storyteller's path reminds us that while the wisdom of the past still lives, we can take wise action now and in the future. Always a traveller, Neil has now returned to the glorious Southern Highlands of New South Wales, on the East Coast of Australia.

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    Leo the Lion in 2005
    Landmark Year for the Lions

    This is a landmark year for you Lions as Saturn, the measurer of effort, finally leaves your solar twelfth house and enters your sign. This marks a significant cyclical change that can send you forward into a new era of your life. However, this won't occur until mid July so there's still a little time left to grow and explore your inner reaches before those paws of yours reach out into the world to find what you want and value most.

    Until then, there's excitement aplenty and lots of talk. Jupiter, lord of fortune, is in Libra until October. Excitement, communications and ideas abound. You're in a learning phase with activities or business. There may be travel because of work or study commitments. There will be opportune meetings as you find yourselves among new and interesting people. This is a time to learn, grow and flourish. Travel, good fortune or advancement could come to siblings. Some of you will find inspiration in the ideas and company of others. You may mix with people of standing in the community. Academics or professional people may be among your associates. People from overseas and influences from other cultures and foreign climes may enter your sphere. On October 26th, Jupiter moves to Scorpio, opening the door to change in domestic and emotional life.

    With Uranus moving through Pisces as the year begins, you hunger with new intensity. Sex, money and the hidden side of life and human behaviour may fascinate. Learn about yourself and the world as you find a new focus. Some of you will become interested with the workings of the psyche. Dive in and see what you can learn. Be careful you don't end up entwined in other people's business with no way out though, for you may be tempted to go too far with everything you're drawn to. It's important to plumb new depths and reach new heights but you'll also need to work out when to stop. Some of you may be drawn to study matters esoteric or occult. Many of you will find you are gripped by new insights about people and life. Some will begin a new path with regard to career and life direction. New interests and practices with money could see you prepared to take financial risks for gain or a new lifestyle could see your attitude to money changing altogether.

    2005 Leo Love and Money Love and Money  Go to Top

    With Mars, Mercury, Venus and Pluto in Sagittarius and your solar fifth house, the Lion may be a pleasure seeker this year. However, there are big moves in the Heavens that will affect partnership matters. They will require a great deal of you, much more than just the search for pleasure or romance.

    Firstly, Chiron the wounded healer moves to Aquarius and your solar seventh house on February 21st. He travels there until August 1st then returns to your house of health till December 6th when he establishes himself in your partnership house. This move presages a new era of learning about partners and partnership.

    Singles will be bound for romantic encounters over these next years though they may be with unusual people, ones who go against the type you might see for yourselves. This can be a most beneficial time as long as you're prepared to move past the simple 'lust and bust' encounter or the 'waiting for Ms/Mr Right' and develop a strong working relationship with another human being.

    Those in a partnership will find themselves in a new phase of relating. You will need new tools or methods to alter the bond you have with your loved one and understand it more deeply. You will feel moved to work on your relationship or have it work for you in a new and different way. You may choose new activities or new practices that set your lives together on a new course. This may be anything from involvement with common interest groups to tantric yoga.

    For both, a partner may become a teacher and a key to new self-understanding. Some of you may undertake therapy or a healing journey to get the best from your partnership potential or situation. Health issues may affect a partner or close associate. Shared health concerns could lead to a new partnership regime. Your relationship with your partner may change because of a changed financial picture or a new partner may change the financial situation.

    Saturn, measurer of effort, calls you to a new cosmic dance on July 16th as he moves to your sign, a dance where self-determination and self-responsibility have real meaning. Serious endeavour and dealings with authoritative bodies or people are your milestones. Some of you may take on new partnership duties while others may have to carry burdens alone because partners or associates step back or choose a new direction. Some of you may feel isolated because of work or conditions. It may be hard to delegate or get others to pull their weight. Some of you may take a heavier than usual load while others may find yourselves separated from familiar people or points of reference and 'go it alone'.

    There may be a rise in status for some, one that will ask for more than you've had to give before. As sobering as this sounds, there are rewards for sustained effort in doing what's required or setting new directions. Though there is an emphasis on completing old or outstanding matters, this period nonetheless marks the start of an era. Step into it, undeterred by what must be done and you can set patterns and structures that will carry you into the future. In the overall, this new era will see you become a new and different person with regard to your function and role in important relationships.

    On Christmas Eve, Venus the goddess turns retrograde in Aquarius and your house of partnership. There may be changes or interruptions in relations with partners and close associates. You might find that a partner or associate from the past will come back into your life. There may be outstanding matters between you to be dealt with or it may simply be you can take pleasure in an old friendship renewed. Some of you may find you have to deal with close friends or people connected with your own partner. Be accommodating if that's what's required. If you've any outstanding money matters connected with partners or close associates, use this time to sort them out. Someone close may have problems with money. Some of you may have to deal with changeable people, especially women. Others may find they are separated from a partner or associate for a time. Use this time to conduct a review of relationships in your life. View matters with detachment.

    2005 Leo Home and Family Home and Family  Go to Top

    On October 26th, Jupiter, lord of fortune moves to Scorpio and your solar fourth house. There will be changes in the wind with regard to emotional and domestic life. There may be home improvements for some. For others, there may be a relocation, one that could take you overseas. Some will find that housing conditions improve or change dramatically.

    Family or emotional matters may be linked with overseas connections or travel. Some may find that people of status, such as foreign visitors, academics or professional people become part of domestic life. There may be intensity in their demeanour or experience. You may be driven by a strong desire to know more or to do more with your life.

    There may be strong feelings or a high emotional state at the home. Sexuality and your sex life could be powerful issues. For some, there will simply be a 'larger than life' feel to the goings on in the domicile. You may have to make powerful or determining decisions about emotional or domestic life. These may mark the end of cycle. Good fortune may come from proper attention to domestic matters. At times, the atmosphere will be charged and there could be strong words and high emotion. Be careful of decision-making in mid December as Jupiter squares retrograde Saturn. There may be conflicting paths to take or contradictory advice. Go within to find guidance. Delay important decisions.

    2005 Leo Work and Health Work and Health  Go to Top

    Chiron the wounded healer is still in Capricorn and your solar sixth house till February 21st and then again from August 1st until December 6th. If you haven't begun a new regime with health, then it's crucial that you do so during these times. Change your work habits or patterns. Change your diet and exercise routine. Start with something new or different in any or all of these areas. Bring a different rhythm to daily life and healthcare practice. After Saturn enters your sign on July 16th, this will become more important as new tasks or responsibilities will ask for strong endeavour. From here and for the next two years, you will need to take full responsibility for health and wellbeing, keeping up a regime that fits you for the authority or effort to which you are called. Health will be a crucial building block in success with new endeavours.

    Seek a change of work that brings something more stimulating or enjoyable. If you lack the confidence to stretch yourself or try something new, look within to discover the root of any fears or lack of confidence. It may be you will discover that someone in authority from your past has instilled a fear in you in early in life. This is a time to lay such ghosts to rest by taking strong action.

    2005 Leo Career Matters Career Matters  Go to Top

    On July 16th, Saturn moves to your sign, marking the start of a period when it is crucial for you to step up and prove yourself, to yourself as much as to others. Take authority and responsibility for who you are and what you do. Take on the big challenge. Shoulder the burdens of those close to you who need your effort, help or support. This may sometimes seem a lonely road even though others are around you for you will have to bear the load yourself or deal with things in a new and independent manner. You may be following a 'long term' plan or carrying an important task through to the end. You may carve a path for yourself or set out in a new direction. Rely on your instincts and your own inner guidance. Develop of sense of 'knowing' what you have to do and just get on and do it. You may be less inclined to talk or disclose to others your plans or feelings are during this period. This is a time to look ahead three years, five years, seven years and begin to shape the place you want to be then through your efforts in the moment.

    2005 Leo Mercury the MessengerMercury the Messenger  Go to Top

    Mercury moves into retrograde (reverse) motion three times a year for about three weeks each time. This phase heralds a time of confusion and misunderstandings that can affect arrangements, travel, transport, appliances, machinery and communications. The breakdowns that occur are a function of neglect, inattention, simple misunderstandings or component failure. They will often bring to the fore the very contingency we should have planned for and didn't. When the retrograde phase occurs, watch out for such possibilities as well as putting off major decision-making or the signing of crucial documents and agreements. We tend to miss things while Mercury is in reverse motion and then have to come back and do them again. A process of review in the retrograde phase can efficiently show where problems might lie and help us with damage control or the mending of things. Double check arrangements at these times! What you think you've said and what others have understood will often prove to be two different things.

    Mercury's first retrograde cycle begins on March 20th in the sign of Aries and your solar ninth house. There may be change or delay with travel or study. There may be confusion or just a catch-up with in-laws. There could be a change in the bigger picture of your life or you may be wondering just where to go from here. There may be unexpected of difficult dealings with people overseas. This cycle comes to an end on April 12th.

    The messenger's second reverse motion phase comes in your own sign, beginning on July 23rd. Watch for minor accidents or upsets at this time. You may find yourself uncertain or confused in communications with partners or close associates. You may come back to a situation or a person from your past. You may not be sure what you want to do from here. You may need to reflect on things and conduct a life review. This is not a good time for the 'press ahead at all costs' decision. This cycle comes to an end on August 16th.

    Mercury's final retrograde phase begins on November 14th in Sagittarius and your solar fifth house. There may be problems or communication difficulties with romantic situations. This is not a good time for gambling or speculative ventures. There may be issues with children. There may be a block or delay with creative projects. Social engagements or lifestyle matters may not work out as planned. If you're involved with physical or athletic pursuits, take care with safety or injury. This cycle ends on December 4th.

    2005 Leo Lady Moon Lady Moon  Go to Top

    Your Full Moon comes on January 25th, part of a taut configuration of cardinal signs. Change is written here and you may choose to separate from something or someone. Or vice-versa, someone or something may break from your company. There may be an end to an important life cycle. This may concern where you're headed and help to leave an unwelcome influence behind. There may be family connections involved in this.

    Your New Moon comes on August 5th, carrying tension from retrograde Mercury and mystic Neptune. There may be concerns or confusion with partners or close associates. You may need to put new patterns in place to deal with a partnership situation. You may need to talk something through with a partner or close associate. You may not even be sure what you want to say. There may be an opportunity of some kind that will affect or alter the state of your relationship.

    2005 Leo Eclipses Eclipses  Go to Top

    Eclipses of both the Sun and the Moon often indicate the end of a cycle or a significant change in the direction or pattern of the affairs governed by the house in which the eclipse falls. Eclipses of the Sun may affect work, direction and relations with people in authority. Eclipses of the Moon may affect matters of home, family and emotions as well as relations with women and children. Both may affect your health.

    There is a Solar Eclipse on April 8th at the New Moon in Aries and your solar ninth house. There may be a changes or endings with overseas connections. Communications may change the picture or the absence of a communication may be a concern. Relations with in-laws may be affected. There could be a development with studies or legal matters. Travel plans may be changed if an overseas destination is involved.

    April 24th brings a Lunar Eclipse at the Full Moon in the sign of Scorpio and your solar fourth house. There may be a change or an ending with regard to domestic or emotional matters. Someone may leave the family home. You may make changes with your home or find a new home. There may be a change or an end of cycle with family members. This could affect your partner or partnership situation in some way. You may learn more about yourself and the responsibilities you need to take.

    There is a Solar Eclipse on October 3rd at the New Moon in Libra and your solar third house. A cycle of contact or communication may be interrupted or come to an end. There may be changes with your thinking or your business contacts. Relationships with siblings may be interrupted or changed. There may be changes or an ending with education or a learning process. Daily travel plans or routines may be altered.

    A Lunar Eclipse comes on October 17th at the Full Moon in Aries and your solar ninth house. This is an emotional time. There may be unexpected communications that change the picture of where your life is going. There may be changes or interruptions with study or travel plans. Someone may arrive or depart unexpectedly. There may be change or an ending in relationships with siblings or in-laws.

    2005 Leo Special Event Special Events  Go to Top

    On October 1st, warrior Mars turns retrograde in Taurus and your solar tenth house. As Mars move backwards, there may be delays or obstructions. There can be frustration with taking action or initiative and hidden anger may also be an issue. You may hit hurdles with career matters, your relations with authority or the status that you have. You may have difficult dealings with people in authority or those connected with your career, especially males. You may encounter anger with an older family member or a boss. Negotiate. Take things slowly rather than trying to overwhelm opposition. You may feel as if you are going backwards but don't try to forge ahead at all costs. Step back. Review your situation and your action style and begin again. Climbing a mountain consists of a series of individual steps, each one well considered. Safety and health concerns could be high, especially in the first fortnight of November. Partners or close associates may be involved. Watch decision-making in mid December. Don't act in haste. Mars moves forward on Dec 10th.

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