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      Leo Info: Leo the Lion | Leo Relationships | Leo Sexuality | Leo Rising

    Neil Giles

    Neil Giles is a storyteller, astrologer and historian. He is a novelist and journalist and has written for theatre, radio and television, as well as many articles for Astrology on the Web.
    His passion for mythology and the ancient traditions has led him on a journey through Astrology, Tarot, the Runes and the Celtic Ogham Script as a seeker and personal reader.
    He is the author of a number of works on Celtic and Teutonic spirituality, including Odin's Runes and The Oracle of the Trees.
    For Neil, the storyteller's path reminds us that while the wisdom of the past still lives, we can take wise action now and in the future. Always a traveller, Neil has now returned to the glorious Southern Highlands of New South Wales, on the East Coast of Australia.

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    Leo the Lion Logo
    bullet Relationships: the journey to the heart
    bullet Career & Finances: Stake Your Claim
    bullet Health: Balancing Your Energies
    bullet Home & Away: Family and Children
    bullet Mercury: Periods of Confusion
    bullet Eclipses: Turning Points

    Leo the Lion in 2006
    Self-Determination & Responsibility

    Chiron, the wounded healer, calls one tune in 2006. Saturn in Leo calls another. Learn to dance with both. Chiron is in Aquarius, signalling a new era with romance and partnership. Singles will find romance with unusual people that go against 'type'. This can be a beneficial time if you're prepared to move past the simple 'lust and bust' encounter or the 'waiting for Ms/Miss/Mr Right' and develop a working relationship with another human being. A new partner may change your lifestyle or financial situation.

    If you're in a partnership, you will find yourself relating in a new way, needing new tools or methods to develop your bond or understand each other more. You may work on your relationship or have it work for you in a different way. New activities or practices may put life together on a different course. Anything from common interest groups to new health practices or activities may feature. Your relationship may change because of a changed financial picture for one of you.

    Saturn, measurer of effort, in your sign, calls for self-determination and responsibility. Serious endeavour and dealings with authoritative bodies or people are your milestones. Some of you may take on new partnership duties while others may have to carry burdens alone because partners or associates step back or choose a new direction. Some of you may feel isolated because of work or conditions. It may be hard to delegate or get others to pull their weight. Some of you may take a heavier than usual load while others may find yourselves separated from familiar people or points of reference and 'go it alone'.

    There may be a rise in status, one that will ask more than you've had to give before. As sobering as this sounds, there are rewards for sustained effort in doing what's required or setting new directions. Though there is an emphasis on completing outstanding matters, this period nonetheless marks the start of an era. Step up, undeterred by what must be done and you can set patterns and structures that will carry you into the future. This era will see you become a new or different person with your function or role in relationships. Keep the polarity of Chiron and Saturn, cooperation and self-responsibility, in balance throughout the year. Mar and Jul in particular will bring this into focus.

    Jupiter, lord of fortune, favours you from Nov 24th as he enters Sagittarius. You'll have anything and everything from parties, entertainment, luck and romance to speculative or creative ventures and travel. Set the course, Leo! Jupiter and Chiron harmonize, ensuring that partnership (romantic or working) is the key to get your juices flowing and open the way ahead. As Jupiter harmonizes with Saturn and Pluto in the long term, anything is possible if you set your mind to it, take personal responsibility and then commit to a good working relationship.

    2006 Leo Love and Money Love and Money  Go to Top

    Venus the goddess is retrograde in Aquarius and conjoined with Chiron, as the year begins. There may be change or interruption with partners or close associates. Someone from the past may come back into your life. There may be outstanding matters to deal with or it may simply be you can take pleasure in a friendship renewed. Some of you may deal with close friends or people connected with your partner. Be accommodating. If there are outstanding money issues with partners or close associates, sort them. Someone close may have problems with money. Some of you may have to deal with changeable people, especially women. Others may find themselves separated from a partner or associate for a time. Review the relationships in your life. View matters with detachment.

    Jun 22nd sees the Lunar Nodes move out of Aries and Libra and into Pisces and Virgo. As they do so, they clash with Pluto, underworld god. This clash culminates in an exact square in Oct. There could be changes with regard to income or resources. You may have to move quickly in order to redirect, to get into something or out of something. You may suddenly need to go it alone or throw you lot in with someone. Three eclipses affect your houses of money this year. Don't be swayed to a gamble or a risk. Not all investments will prove worthwhile. Good practical use of money that serves the long term and accumulates worth is best till late Nov. However, when Jupiter moves to Sagittarius on Nov 24th, a risk or a gamble could save the day or lift your fortunes even higher.

    2006 Leo Home and Family Home and Family  Go to Top

    Jupiter, the lord of fortune, is in Scorpio till Nov, bringing change with emotional and domestic life. There may be home improvement for some while others may relocate, even overseas. Some will find housing conditions improve or change dramatically. Family or emotional ties may be linked to overseas connections or travel. People of status, foreign visitors, academics or professional people may be part of your domestic life. There may be intensity in their demeanour or experience.

    You may be driven by a strong desire to know more or to do more with your life. There may be strong feelings or a high emotional state in the home. Sexuality and your sex life could be powerful issues. For some, there will be a 'larger than life' feel to the goings on in the domicile. You may have to make powerful decisions about emotional or domestic life. These may involve sexual relationships or finances and will mark the end of cycle. Good fortune may come from attention to domestic matters. At times, the atmosphere at home will be charged. There may be strong words and high emotion. Delay important decisions during January and November. Be careful about how much you take on.

    2006 Leo Work and Health Work and Health  Go to Top

    Partnership is a key to good routines with work and health. A partner may become a teacher and the road to new self-understanding. Some may even undertake therapy or a healing journey to get the best from partnership. Health issues may affect a partner or close associate or a partner may change attitudes or practices in healthcare, asking you to respond or do the same. Shared health concerns may bring a new regime. You may change your lifestyle to suit new personal or working needs. On an individual note, with Saturn in your sign, monitor your workload and stress levels so that you can maintain your output or responsibilities. You'll need to live a different and more responsible way to keep up with what's asked of you or what you ask of yourself.

    2006 Leo Career Matters Career Matters  Go to Top

    With Saturn in your sign, it is crucial to step up and prove yourself, taking authority and responsibility for who you are and what you do. Take the challenge. This may sometimes seem a lonely road for, even though others are around you, it's you that will have to bear the load and deal with things in an independent manner. You may follow a 'long term' plan or carry through an important task. You may carve a path or set out for pastures new. Prepare your ground. Plan. Rely on your judgement. Develop of sense of 'knowing' what you have to do then do it. You may be less inclined to talk or disclose your feelings or your plans in this period. Look ahead and shape your 'long term' future.

    On November 24th, Jupiter moves to Sagittarius, opening fortune's door and ushering in a time of creative endeavours, speculative ventures, pleasure and romance. You may set new activities, projects or ventures in motion, contributing to your own career or even changing its course with a dash of inspiration. Make the opportunity then take it!

    2006 Leo Mercury the MessengerMercury the Messenger  Go to Top

    Mercury moves into retrograde (reverse) motion three times a year for about three weeks each time. This phase heralds a time of confusion and misunderstandings that can affect arrangements, travel, transport, appliances, machinery and communications. The breakdowns that occur are a function of neglect, inattention, simple misunderstandings or component failure. They will often bring to the fore the very contingency we should have planned for and didn't. When the retrograde phase occurs, watch out for such possibilities as well as putting off major decision-making or the signing of crucial documents and agreements. We tend to miss things while Mercury is in reverse motion and then have to come back and do them again. A process of review in the retrograde phase can efficiently show where problems might lie and help us with damage control or the mending of things. Double check arrangements at these times! What you think you've said and what others have understood will often prove to be two different things.

    Mercury turns retrograde in Pisces on Mar 3rd, squaring Pluto, underworld lord, as he does so. You will need to look at your spending and money handling with regard to joint finance, credit arrangements and investments. You will need to review your situation and make change or improvement. You may have set your sights on something you really want so now's the time to organize to get it. You may have a change with spending goals. There may be discussion about money in which there is disagreement. Work to resolve. Matters concerning intimacy or secrets may come to light or need to be discussed. Do so with honesty. This cycle ends on Mar 26th.

    Mercury turns retrograde in your sign on Jul 5th, in range of a T-square with Jupiter, Saturn and Chiron. You may experience confusion or misunderstanding in relationships or personal dealings. You may need to look at yourself and how you operate. Are you being honest? Are there things unsaid that need discussion. You may feel like withdrawing or stepping back to think something over. A childhood or family matter may preoccupy you. Focus on a new start with your conduct and your relationships. Watch a tendency towards minor accidents because of inattention. This cycle ends on Jul 30th.

    Mercury turns retrograde in Scorpio on Oct 28th, in a conjunction with Jupiter. Home, family or emotional life will require your attention. Watch for small accidents or problems at home. You may need to talk things over with a loved one or a family member. It may be about money, the running of the home or something much deeper. Someone may arrive or depart the family or the household. Insight is the key to change. Choose the expansive or generous solution. This cycle ends on Nov 18th.

    2006 Leo Lady Moon Lady Moon  Go to Top

    Your Full Moon comes on Feb 13th while there's still tension in the air from the Grand Cross that marked the year's beginning. Home and work, self and partnership, these are the areas that need attention and a good working balance. Events or developments may reveal how you feel about someone close. You may have to demonstrate your feelings in action. What's the 'give and take' of your situation? Errant spending or over-indulgence may catch you out.

    Your New Moon comes on Jul 25th, amid a ruckus with retrograde Mercury that began in your sign but has now returned to Cancer. Sort out what you really want and don't try to hide things or keep them back. Talk over old issues and make a new start in one way or another. Be honest and straightforward in your dealings. Ask for help if you need it. Put an important creative or spiritual practice in place.

    2006 Leo Eclipses Eclipses  Go to Top

    Eclipses of both the Sun and the Moon often indicate the end of a cycle or a significant change in the direction or pattern of the affairs governed by the house in which the eclipse falls. Eclipses of the Sun may affect work, direction and relations with people in authority. Eclipses of the Moon may affect matters of home, family and emotions as well as relations with women and children. Both may affect your health.

    Mar 14th brings a Lunar Eclipse with the Full Moon in Virgo. There may be change with money or personal earnings. You may have to review the budget. Set aside unnecessary spending in order to purchase what's most important or useful. A work or health-related matter may prove costly.

    Mar 29th brings a Solar Eclipse with the New Moon in Aries. There may be a change or an ending with a cycle of contact or communications with overseas or foreign connections. Study, travel or legal matters may be affected or interrupted. Matters related to partners or close associates may change your plans or alter the picture of what you want to do.

    Sep 7th brings a Lunar Eclipse with the Full Moon in Pisces. Matters of money or erotic life will come to light, bringing a sudden development, a change or an ending. Someone else's desires or actions, hidden up until now, may be revealed. You may realize what you really want as something or someone slips away. You may have to adjust your spending as obligations increase. An intense or controlling figure, probably female, may depart.

    Sep 22nd brings a Solar Eclipse with the New Moon in Virgo. There may be a minor crisis with money or personal resources that you will have to actively work to resolve. You may need the cooperation of others to do so. Lifestyle matters or romance may be crucial to the plot. Rein in 'leisure or luxury' spending well before this date.

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