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    by Rob Tillett

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    AquariusAquarius Daily Forecast for January 2023
    (If you know your rising sign, read that too, for a balanced forecast. Go to Forecasts)

    Daily forecasts for January 2023 written by
    Rob Tillett.
    Click here for Moonbeam's
    Month in Brief.

    Go to TopSun Jan 1: New Year's Day
    Happy New Year Aquarius! I hope you had a great night and I'm sure you can find a great hangover cure somewhere on the Net! You'll be able to learn a lot this year if you keep an open mind and discuss your opinions with enlightened individuals. A romantic connection could be made via a sibling or neighbour, and is a strong possibility: it may also have something to do with last night.... Check out your stars for the year ahead! Fortunate colours are sapphire blue and antique silver. Lucky numbers are 3 and 12.
    Go to TopMon Jan 2: Phone Runs Hot
    Why should anything fall short of your expectations, Aquarius? Be clear about everything you do, for you can to accomplish a lot today. Luckily for you, you're feeling rather playful! The phone is running hot and you can get away with almost anything with the Moon in outgoing Aries. Keep the home fires burning tonight. Communicative colours are rose pink and avocado. Lucky numbers are 3 and 9.
    Go to TopTue Jan 3: Mood Improves
    Try to avoid arguments with your family and friends, because, with the Moon in Taurus, you are inclined to be less than satisfied with the way things are around you. Keep the peace with your parents. If you are working, the pressure will be on, but after hours the mood really improves! The cosmos will revitalize your energies, and maybe send you a stroke of genius! Beneficial colours are silver and white. Lucky numbers are 18 and 22.
    Go to TopWed Jan 4: Give It Some Time
    You may not be as satisfied as you could be in your work, but give it some time and things will fall into place. Some hidden information is likely to come out very much to your benefit. If you are in the construction business you should get some good news. Avoid negative thinking as much as possible. Favourable colours are electric blue and gold. Lucky numbers are 12 and 21.
    Go to TopThu Jan 5: Romantic Attraction?
    The Moon in chatty Gemini lightens the atmosphere for you now, Aquarius. Even though the general tone is somewhat problematic, at least you will be whistling while you work. Singles may find a romantic attraction, but make your move with care, as people are touchy today. If you have kids, make allowances for grumpy behaviour. Gambling on your luck would be a mistake today. Favourable colours are lavender and mulberry. Lucky numbers are 5 and 9.
    Go to TopFri Jan 6: Love Is In The Air
    You need to make a decision today, with a potential boost to your career and a lift to your affections. Whatever decision you make today should lead you to the right course of action. If your health is under pressure (perhaps a temporary respiratory problem?), things improve as the day goes on. Love is in the air for eligible Aquarians. Favourable colours are emerald and peach. Lucky numbers are 14 and 28.
    Go to TopSat Jan 7: Juggling Act
    If you have difficulty finding some equilibrium in your emotional life at the moment, try to control the impulsive side of your character. At work, your usually incisive powers of concentration may be clouded and verbal repartee is unsettling. Fits of feverishness may bother you and break down your energy. Get out into the countryside for a walk, you'll feel much better. Restorative colours are bright blue and olive green. Lucky numbers are 30 and 31.
    Go to TopSun Jan 8: Subtle Messages
    Divide your time in a planned and phased manner, or things could get away from you. Starting a lot of new projects but not having time to finish any of them creates mental overload. This will burn your busy schedules and health problems may crop up. Ugh. Take some time out. Investigating the past or contact with people from your past is also a possibility. Messages this month may be subtle or contain hidden meanings meant only for you. If you party with friends this evening, don't make it too late. Propitious colours are deep blue and old gold. Lucky numbers are 6 and 12.
    Go to TopMon Jan 9: Full Moon
    The temptation to enter into a concealed liaison is high under this Full Moon, when an attraction you have felt for a co-worker may flare up. If other people have been keeping a subtle eye on this, or if it has been a secret attraction, it is likely to come out into the light. Don't take on too much overtime, as tonight is an ideal party night. Favourable colours are rose red and creamy jade. Lucky numbers are 6 and 12.
    Go to TopTue Jan 10: Cool And Detached
    The mood is cooperative, but other people's egos might be hard to handle today, Aquarius. There could be some financial hiccups. Have you sorted out your taxes? If you are in a committed relationship, tensions can be resolved in the traditional manner, but if you are single, edgy attitudes might get in the way. Keep cool and detached. That's your forte. Beneficial colours are sage green and marigold. Lucky numbers are 15 and 23.
    Go to TopWed Jan 11: Unexpected Developments
    Partnership matters are in the frame with the Moon in the sign of Leo and your solar seventh house. At first you might be uncertain of yourself, your loved one or close associates. Prepare for some uncertainty. What's going on? An unexpected development could have you bouncing off one another, but not necessarily with enthusiasm. Give each other time and effort. If your opposite number seems wilful, it may be that you're hard to reach. Beneficial colours are indigo and azure. Lucky numbers are 7 and 9.
    Go to TopThu Jan 12: Daily Grind
    Today's Virgo Moon could have you trying to get on with the daily grind, only to be confronted by unexpected annoyances or developments. Just try to ride out what doesn't work for you. A forgotten detail or a neglected process may interfere with shared financial issues at hand. Good communications with loved ones could offset the effect of a series of minor irritations. Favourable colours are copper and red. Lucky numbers are 26 and 27.
    Go to TopFri Jan 13: General Progress
    This afternoon things will seem to smooth out, though there will be a lot happening. Your natural abilities produce a sense of focus and rhythm. You put forth a lot of effort today, especially with regard to your public image. Outer circumstances are favourable and it should be easy for you to push forward in projects and in all aspects of your life, despite the tension rising in the evening. Read more on Friday 13th! Advantageous colours are rich maroon and golden amber. Lucky numbers are 36 and 25.
    Go to TopSat Jan 14: Smooth Operator
    You may have a greater tendency to purchase luxury items. More money than usual is also apt to be spent on cultural events or to enhance your appearance and environment. The issue of wealth connected with social status may arise in some form. Make sure you are in possession of all the facts before making an important personal decision. You have a lot on your plate at the moment so don't be fooled by a smooth operator. Call things as you see them. Favourable colours are hazel and aqua. Lucky numbers are 16 and 36.
    Go to TopSun Jan 15: Creative Energy
    The cultured Libran Moon is just what the doctor ordered. Set your sights high and surf the creative cosmic wave, Aquarius. Stay out of the way of the Fat Controller (and other power-trippers) and spread your wings with your eye on the long term outcome. Spend time with creative people, artists or writers, because that's where you can get inspiration for the wider picture. Mars warns you not to forget to take care of the details. Beneficial colours are russet and coral. Lucky numbers are 9 and 18.
    Go to TopMon Jan 16: Trip For Two?
    A little journey today might be enjoyable, and even financially rewarding. If you're in holiday mode, your sweetheart may discuss plans for a trip for two out of town. Students who've applied for scholarships or grants may receive good news today. Money could come in unexpectedly. Prosperous colours are chestnut and red. Lucky numbers are 9 and 10.
    Go to TopTue Jan 17: Early Bird
    With Venus in your house of personal finance, there are some excellent chances for success, but you'll have to be up with the sparrows to take advantage of them. Later in the day there could be significant emotional recriminations, especially if you made the wrong move. Auspicious colours are lemon and sky blue. Lucky numbers are 4 and 13.
    Go to TopWed Jan 18: Reluctant Peacemaker
    If you find yourself reluctantly involved in other people's conflicts, you may be called upon to make peace between them. There may be some sort of disturbing event on your campus or at your place of study. Lovers' tiffs are not ruled out, so play it cool. A calm, collected manner will pay off, then tonight you can spend enjoying the company of friends. Advantageous colours are aubergine and copper. Lucky numbers are 8 and 9.
    Go to TopThu Jan 19: Be Prepared
    Be optimistic about your future and do not let criticism stand in the way of a good thing. Major alterations in your position are likely if you have not taken the time to deal with important details in your job. Be prepared to make changes. Don't become involved in speculation or gossip, even if you do find it intriguing. Favourable colours are brick red and golden amber. Lucky numbers are 45 and 46.
    Go to TopFri Jan 20: More Successful
    As the Sun enters your sign, you can be more successful and independent. A strong, healthy self-image makes you more productive, which encourages you to treat others with more generosity and sensitivity. Take care of things personally. DonŐt let others speak or act for you. Your personality, behaviour and physical presentation that can make the difference between success and failure in weeks ahead. Favourable colours are amethyst and neon. Lucky numbers are 1 and 11.
    Go to TopSat Jan 21: Use Your Insight
    You can get ahead if you use your insight into future trends, Aquarius. Even if you are feeling a trifle under par, the only real limitations are the ones you impose yourself. The world is a mental creation, my friend, and so we can remodel it to make a difference. Positive aspects like we have today make the process a lot easier! Fortunate colours are dark tan and burnt orange. Lucky numbers are 14 and 25.
    Go to TopSun Jan 22: Something Good
    The Moon in your twelfth house inclines you to take some time to recharge your spiritual batteries, perhaps through reflection, perhaps just some relaxed enjoyments that soothe your soul. It's definitely the sort of day to take it easy and keep a low profile. Something good could come out of the blue. Restorative colors are red wine and charcoal. Lucky numbers are 3 and 12.
    Go to TopMon Jan 23: New Moon, Year Of The Dragon
    The New Moon in your sign means your personal magnetism and physical charm are powerfully boosted, and the social energies are strong. It's the very beginning of the brand new Year of the Water Dragon, so watch out for firecrackers! Mars is stationary prior to turning retrograde in Virgo tomorrow so don't blow your own trumpet to the detriment of those in close relationships with you. Anything connected with computers, communications, writing assignments, mechanical and design projects, education, and training may be subject to lively interruptions. Use your determination! Fortunate colors are bright red and silvery purple. Lucky numbers are 1 and 9.
    Go to TopTue Jan 24: Mars Retrograde
    Mars hits the retro button, a rare and potent event. If you need to collect debts and favors owed, obstacles may emerge to prevent you, at least until you have grasped the underlying factors. However, the Moon in your sign gives you a positive glow, so repay your own debts if you can. Insurance, taxes, inheritance, or shared funds may demand more of you, as you seek to discover what lies beneath the appearances. It's an important new phase. Read more on Mars retrograde! Fortunate colors are violet and ruby. Lucky numbers are 8 and 21.
    Go to TopWed Jan 25: Fortunate Vibration
    Today brings good luck and the possibility of a sudden flirtation. It's a very fortunate day, so make the most of it. If anyone around is feeling down, you will cheer them up in an instant. Freedom is what you really want, away from old restrictive situations and ties... and Saturn's aspects today might just bring the means to break free. Advantageous colors are electric blue and sapphire. Lucky numbers are 9 and 11.
    Go to TopThu Jan 26: Harder Edge
    The dreamy mists of the last day or two take on a harder edge as the moody Moon and stern Saturn come to blows. It's quite fortunate early on, but the afternoon and evening see some major upsets, especially in the sporting arena. News is deceptive. Auspicious colors are aquamarine and violet. Lucky numbers are 18 and 44.
    Go to TopFri Jan 27: Good Communication
    The potential for misunderstanding due to some biffo between Mercury and Saturn which is there early on, so clarify what is really important. There's good communication in store later in the day as Mercury moves into your sign. Surprising developments with siblings or neighbors are in the air. Providential colors are avocado and blueberry. Lucky numbers are 11 and 32.
    Go to TopSat Jan 28: Be Discreet
    You will be the target for rumors if you're not discreet about your personal life, but at least you'll feel better knowing the work is done. You need a change of pace; it's time to take a break. Pleasure trips will result in a better understanding of your relationship and your commitment to one another. Communicate with your mate. Fortunate colors are ruby red and sapphire blue. Lucky numbers are 28 and 35.
    Go to TopSun Jan 29: Creative Energy
    A creative, even spiritual energy underlies the day. Keep lines of communication open with your neighbors and family members (such as siblings). The health of a child or younger member of the family gives cause for concern, so you may decide to seek professional help in this matter. You may have to reschedule your plans to make time for house-guests. Advantageous colors are electric blue and sunny yellow. Lucky numbers are 11 and 17.
    Go to TopMon Jan 30: Home Versus Work
    There's tension at home and at work today. Do not carry your workload home with you. In fact, avoid working altogether if you can, as it will not yield the desired results. Children will be playful at the moment. Avoid getting angry with your family. Work on some healthy eating habits and exercise. Favorable colors are peach and aqua. Lucky numbers are 4 and 9.
    Go to TopTue Jan 31: Sugar Flash
    Try to improve on your communication skills, Aquarius. Affairs of the heart are a bit wobbly at the moment and tensions at home may prevent you from speaking your mind. If you suffer from a chronic health problem, the present astral influences may aggravate this state. Watch the sugar levels in the food and drink that you consume -- too much can cause mood swings, which you can do without. Moderate the amount of sugar in every food or drink that you consume. Healthy colors are lavender and bright blue. Lucky numbers are 19 and 22.
    More Daily Forecasts on line soon!
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