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    by Rob Tillett

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    Aquarius Aquarius Daily Forecast for June 2023
    (If you know your rising sign, read that too, for a balanced forecast. Go to Forecasts)

    Daily forecasts for June 2023 written by Rob Tillett.
    Click here for Moonbeam's Month in Brief.

    Go to TopFri Jun 1: Read The Signs
    A certain person is supposed to be in a position of authority but they don't seem to be making much sense at the moment. They may be confused about something or experiencing a lack of confidence. Alternatively, maybe you're the one who's not reading the signs properly and who is finding it hard to work out what's going on. If so, proceed with caution. Prosperous colors are burgundy and cream. Lucky numbers are 2 and 58.
    Go to TopSat Jun 2: Wings Clipped
    You won't like it if you feel your wings are being clipped, Aquarius. You want to do something in particular, only to discover that someone is objecting to your plans or that circumstances beyond your control are standing in your way. Although your instincts tell you to throw a tantrum to get your point across, you must ask yourself what this will achieve, and whether it will actually be self-defeating. Beneficial colors are sepia and indigo. Lucky numbers are 9 and 34.
    Go to TopSun Jun 3: Yackety Yack
    This is a great day for talking about topics that mean a lot to you. You could have an engrossing conversation with someone about a shared passion, or they might describe one of their interests to you in such a way that you become ensnared. It's very likely that you'll hear some news out of the blue about a financial matter. Opportune colors are turquoise and amber. Lucky numbers are 6 and 3.
    Go to TopMon Jun 4: Full Moon Lunar Eclipse
    The emotional atmosphere is quite potent under this Lunar Eclipse, evoking a sense of crisis. The problems you've been experiencing with a certain person come to a head during the next fortnight, making you feel that you have to take drastic action or lay down the law. Yet this could make the situation worse than ever, especially if you act from a sense of panic or desperation. Take things gently and don't throw your weight around unless it's absolutely necessary. Fortunate colors are silver and gold. Lucky numbers are 29 and 4.
    Go to TopTue Jun 5: Spiritual Experience
    Feeling highly creative today? Make the most of this enjoyable phase. If you want to do something artistic, you'll become completely absorbed in what you�re doing to the point of looking on it as a spiritual experience. It is also a wonderful day for being with a special someone and for putting your heart and soul into your relationship. Positive colors are lemon and tan. Lucky numbers are 9 and 47.
    Go to TopWed Jun 6: Sunny Sunday
    Children are lively and playful, making them fun to be around. Do something interesting together, such as going on a mini-adventure or trying magic tricks on each other. If you've got the time you'll love relaxing with the papers or with some favourite magazines, or watching the television with your feet up. Harmonious colors are silver grey and sunflower yellow. Lucky numbers are 3 and 35.
    Go to TopThu Jun 7: On The Tiles
    It's another super day for being with children, but you'll also enjoy being with some of the other favorites, such as close friends or your soulmate. You'll gain a tremendous amount of pleasure, and if you can't see them in person you'll enjoy giving them a ring. Do it now, as the next two weeks focus on schedules and assignment of tasks and responsibilities related to your own work as well as to those who may work for or with you. Ideal colors are dark green and russet. Lucky numbers are 10 and 63.
    Go to TopFri Jun 8: Love Life Sizzles
    This is going to be a great night for your love life, as things are sizzling with that special person. You can't put a foot wrong right now, so enjoy it while it lasts. Maybe you could woo this person all over again, even if you've been together for longer than either of you cares to remember. If you've only recently paired up, the future look bright. Beneficial colors are sapphire blue and emerald green. Lucky numbers are 34 and 6.
    Go to TopSat Jun 9: Legendary Cool
    If you keep an open mind today, all will be well. Events can be electrifying, exciting and really memorable, thanks to the dazzling antics of a certain someone. However, if you're feeling stubborn and intransigent, it will be very difficult to go with the flow and to keep your legendary cool. Positive colors are russet and pineapple. Lucky numbers are 8 and 19.
    Go to TopSun Jun 10: Super Day
    Once again, you need to keep your mind and your options open in order to get the most out of the day. Be open to changing your mind in the face of a convincing argument. Forget about your financial problems. It's a super day for putting lots of energy into your social life, and you could have a really entertaining and laughter-filled encounter with someone whose wit keeps you in stitches. Soothing colors are tangerine and violet. Lucky numbers are 2 and 25.
    Go to TopMon Jun 11: House of Fun
    Jupiter moves into your 5th house, boosting your love of fun. Are you strong-willed? Overindulgence is hard to avoid. You desire the good life, and have the feeling that prosperity is within easy reach. As a result, you may purchase more luxury items, take more expensive vacations, and buy fancier or more expensive clothes. Your imagination and creativity increase. Relationships with children tend to expand. Romance can blossom, or can enhance the quality of your life in general. Fortunate colors are burnt orange and grapefruit. Lucky numbers are 5 and 9.
    Go to TopTue Jun 12: Stars In Your Eyes
    To say you have stars in your eyes is an understatement. Replace 'stars' with 'galaxies' for a more accurate picture of your current state of mind, especially whenever you think of your love. He or she can do no wrong as far as you're concerned, everything is going to work out wonderfully and you're floating on cloud nine. And that's the way you like it! Lucky colors are butterscotch and navy. Lucky numbers are 33 and 67.
    Go to TopWed Jun 13: Dreamy Mood
    Once again you're in an idealistic mood, and you want to have as little to do with reality as possible. You may not see it like that, of course, because it's likely that you're believing everything you think. Enjoy this heady phase while it lasts. A dreamy mood will come up with some wonderfully imaginative, even inspirational ideas. Adventurous colors are silver and sage green. Lucky numbers are 40 and 78.
    Go to TopThu Jun 14: Shape Up
    If you don't want to waste time looking for things you've mislaid, try to be as tidy and organized as possible today. Unfortunately, that may be easier said than done, because you're feeling rather distracted and your thoughts keep wandering off. You may also be feeling rather dopey, or possibly even half-asleep, which won't help. Positive colors are dusky rose and mauve. Lucky numbers are 19 and 6.
    Go to TopFri Jun 15: Watch Out
    Someone's out to persuade you to see things from their point of view today, and won't like it if you fail to play ball. They become extremely insistent, falling back on manipulative tricks or emotional blackmail. There's nothing like being dogmatic, is there? There's no need for you to be equally obstinate in your determination to ignore or refute what they're telling you. Advantageous colors are chocolate brown and silvery pink. Lucky numbers are 24 and 49.
    Go to TopSat Jun 16: Spotlight On Romance
    Romance is the name of the game right now, so make your plans accordingly. If you're feeling escapist and dreamy, you'll run from harsh reality, but if you're going out on a date with someone you'll have a fabulous time, provided you haven't fantasized so much about the experience that you've got wild expectations that could never be realized. Play your cards right and tomorrow will be truly dreamy! Romantic colors are turquoise and amber. Lucky numbers are 8 and 43.
    Go to TopSun Jun 17: Brainwave
    You enjoy using your brain today, whether for business or leisure purposes. You're also feeling lucky so could be inspired to enter a competition or take part in a quiz. It's a super day for being with children, especially if you're doing something light-hearted together, such as playing a board game or investigating the contents of the dressing-up box. A flutter at the track might also be in order for the risk-takers amongst you! Creative colors are nutmeg and turquoise. Lucky numbers are 5 and 14.
    Go to TopMon Jun 18: Tripping The Light Fantastic
    It's one of those extravagant days when money seems to evaporate before your very eyes. Mind you, you must admit that you're determined to enjoy yourself , especially if some of your favourite people are involved as well. Have a great time going out for a meal, visiting the cinema or theatre, or tripping the light fantastic. Ideal colors are bright red and brilliant white. Lucky numbers are 30 and 45.
    Go to TopTue Jun 19: New Moon
    Today's New Moon sets the seal on your love life during the next couple of weeks, bringing even more happiness and emotion into your world than before. If you're currently single you could fall head over heels for someone, and if you're already spoken for you'll want to make an extra effort with your beloved so they feel special and cherished. Harmonious colors are pistachio and sienna. Lucky numbers are 9 and 68.
    Go to TopWed Jun 20: Firing Line
    More haste, less speed! Trying to do things in too much of a hurry can make you a bit of a butterfingers. This is frustrating, but don't waste valuable time getting angry with yourself or with whoever happens to be in the firing line. You'll get through much faster if you channel this energy into whatever you're doing. Fortunate colors are turquoise and caramel. Lucky numbers are 23 and 2.
    Go to TopThu Jun 21: Workhorse
    You've been having a lot of fun lately, but work starts to intrude on all that from today, which is the Solstice, a point of cosmic significance. In fact, your duties and obligations will keep you pretty busy during the next four weeks, and at times it feels as though you're just a workhorse. If you do decide that you're unappreciated or taken for granted, what are you going to do about it? Fortunate colors are toffee and platinum. Lucky numbers are 6 and 31.
    Go to TopFri Jun 22: Inventive Aquarians
    The Leo Moon is always stimulating, but can create ego tensions. Still it never hurts to ask for help from a partner or close companion. If you've been struggling to solve a problem recently, approaching it from another angle now could mean that light finally dawns and you know what to do next. You'll both be astonished by your brilliance! Favorable colors are charcoal grey and peach. Lucky numbers are 10 and 43.
    Go to TopSat Jun 23: No Tantrums!
    It's time to put your energy and enthusiasm into your relationships. However, you'll soon get rather ratty, not to say angry, if you feel your commitment isn't being reciprocated. This anger may be justified, but avoid persuading yourself that it's okay to stage tantrums when you can't get your own way. Beneficial colors are pale gold and burnished copper. Lucky numbers are 4 and 77.
    Go to TopSun Jun 24: Efficiency Plus
    You're very efficient today, which is great if you're hoping to get on with your workload. Don't waste time; start with the most urgent task and then work your way down the list in order of priority. It may also help to delegate where necessary, especially if you're handing over a job that someone can do better than you. Ideal colors are crimson and honeycomb. Lucky numbers are 23 and 8.
    Go to TopMon Jun 25: Dogsbody
    There's a clash between work and pleasure today, much to your disgust. Hopefully you don't have to put your personal life on hold while you tackle an urgent job or put in some overtime. However, beware of being manipulated into being a dogsbody, or making a rod for your own back by taking on more work than you can comfortably manage. Positive colors are persimmon and sunflower yellow. Lucky numbers are 17 and 3.
    Go to TopTue Jun 26: Far Horizons
    You have your sights set on far horizons today, such as a forthcoming holiday destination. You're also interested in a philosophy, belief or spiritual practice that comes from another country, and are itching to find out more about it. The focus may also concern lawyers and legal matters, debates, contract negotiations, partnership or other alliances, and joint ventures of any kind. Fortunate colors are peacock blue and snow white. Lucky numbers are 7 and 9.
    Go to TopWed Jun 27: Venus at the Station
    The combination of the magical Moon in your 9th house of travel, education and religion and Venus turning direct after weeks of retro movement can lead to ambitious dreams. Flights of fancy may take you farther than any plane, train or automobile, so spend some time indulging your imagination. You may even find that you are using the process of creative visualization to make your dreams come true. Lucky colors are primrose yellow and teal blue. Lucky numbers are 5 and 18.
    Go to TopThu Jun 28: Change It!
    Turn your attention to your daily routine. Is it stimulating, exciting and satisfying? Or is it boring, stultifying and frustrating? If you're fed up with it, this is a marvellous day for introducing some constructive changes. You might even be inspired to do something radical, such as completely revise the structure of each day or decide to look for another job. Anything goes now. Stabilizing colors are navy and tan. Lucky numbers are 16 and 34.
    Go to TopFri Jun 29: Good News
    You're in a chatty mood and enjoy making contact with a wide range of people (but then, you usually are). It's a great opportunity to improve your relationship with a colleague, customer or boss, simply by talking to them about whatever seems appropriate at the time. However, don't get into trouble by appearing to do nothing but exercise your jaw! Stay out of the Big Power Play. Auspicious colors are obsidian and lapis lazuli. Lucky numbers are 3 and 42.
    Go to TopSat Jun 30: Driven By Emotions
    You're driven by your emotions today, particularly when it comes to relationships. If you get the urge to see someone, you'll do your utmost to make it happen. You also have a tendency to do things as you think of them, without considering the consequences before swinging into action. This works well, provided you don't do anything reckless or hasty. Stabilizing colors are khaki and dark red. Lucky numbers are 33 and 66.
    More Daily Forecasts on line soon!
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