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    Ganesha, the God: part 1 | part 2 | Amazing EncounterGems of the Zodiac

    Ganesha the God  [part two]
    an inspired story by Ram Ramakrishnan

    Many years had passed since the time Aarumugam had analyzed the charts of Mungu and Godbolay. During this period the fame of Mungu Baba had spread far and wide. He had set up a mission with branches in many lands and frequent foreign jaunts had become the order of the day for him, much of this being financed by Godbolay.

    Lately Aarumugam was having this premonition of an impending change of a drastic kind. He would sit at the balcony of his dilapidated one room tenement every evening gazing at the setting Sun and contemplating the possible scenarios that was to come. It was one such evening that saw the astrologer in a pensive mood looking at the silhouette of the flag fluttering on the mast atop the congregation hall of Mungu Baba's religious seminary nearby, in the background of brilliant orange. That day had begun with a bang and the events that followed were so fast-paced that they defied logic.

    The priest at the London centre of Mungu Baba's mission had reported that the idol of Ganesha at the centre had partaken of the milk offered to it! Within a matter of a few hours, the news had spread around every centre associated with the mission in every land, and thence to every Ganesha temple of every size and stature. There were unending queues of devotees with offerings of milk, vying to feed Ganesha. A few thoughtful persons did attempt to reason out the phenomenon and surmised that it was surface tension of the liquid and the smooth wet surface of the idol made of marble in contact with the liquid in the container that would have caused the milk rise up the idol, creating a drop in the level of the liquid in the container. However logic was no match for mass hysteria. Or perhaps it was because this mismatch was but logical.

    Milk flowed down the gutters incessantly. Ganesha was sick. And what was worse, as the day wore on the milk was becoming increasingly adulterated. He wanted to yell at the people to stop this nonsense. He wanted to curse them all and make sure that none of them ever realized any of their yearnings. But he could not. He just stood rooted in his corner upon his polished granite pedestal. He was God!

    Aarumugam was one of the first to go to the seminary that morning on hearing about this incident. He could see the gleam in Mungu Baba's eyes as he schemed of using this opportunity to amass a fortune from the pathetic devotees. It had made Aarumugam retrace his steps to his own abode with a heavy heart. Thoughts had overwhelmed him for the day and sunset seemed to follow sunrise in quick succession. The long and loud honk of a horn jolted him from his reverie. Looking down his balcony he saw Godbolay arrive in a limousine and head straight for Mungu's chambers.

    Mungu was in a maniacal mood, pacing up and down the carpeted floor. Godbolay had never seen him thus before for Mungu had always endeavored to hide his real intentions from all his disciples. But today was different. It had the potential of creating wealth for him in excess of all that he had accumulated through the years. Mungu confided in Godbolay. He needed a friend to share his bizarre thoughts. Unacknowledged but known to both, a deep bond of friendship and respect had developed between the two with time.


    It was however a bolt from the blue for Godbolay. He had always considered Mungu as a man of God. And now this?! Slowly and unrealized, Godbolay had truly shed all his attachment to material trappings since he had come into contact with Mungu. The only bond that remained was his attachment to Mungu. Now, this too was broken. He quietly turned around and walked away, leaving everything — a free man.

    It was then that Mungu realized his folly. Realized that his attachment to Godbolay was far greater and strong than his desire for riches. With that bond shattered, he too resolved to end his psuedo-existence then and there and walked away a free man.

    Aarumugam watched the two leave the place one after the other, calmness on their countenance and peace in their hearts and realized the significance of Time, its implications and the way it makes the world work. This was the impending change that he was anticipating.

    Ganesha was ecstatic on seeing three of his ardent devotees shed the bonds that held them to life's bondage. He wanted to jump with joy. He wanted to do a songful jig. But he could not. He just stood rooted in his corner upon his polished granite pedestal. He was God!

    Here ends this article.

    Go Forward Now read Ram's Amazing Encounter with Destiny.

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    Ganesha, the God: part 1 | part 2 | Amazing EncounterGems of the Zodiac

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