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    by Rob Tillett

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    LeoLeo Daily Forecast for April 2022
    (If you know your rising sign, read that too, for a balanced forecast. Go to Forecasts)

    Daily forecasts for April 2022 written by
    Rob Tillett.
    Click here for Moonbeam's
    Month in Brief.

    Go to TopSun Apr 1: April Fool
    Play a subtle trick on siblings or neighbors to celebrate this April Fool's Day. There'll be news and communications arriving and people or events coming thick and fast, especially as the day progresses. You'll be constantly on the move, so pace yourself. Be light on those feline paws of yours, ready to respond at a moment's notice! Read more on the April Fool! Favorable colors are cocoa and brass. Lucky numbers are 6 and 53.
    Go to TopMon Apr 2: Be Yourself
    The glorious Moon is in your sign, so why be hypersensitive or overreact to other people's comments? Sometimes you can just get yourself worked up about things that aren't that important. Give yourself space to wind down and receive the plaudits proper to the lordly Lion. Your emotions may be getting in the way of reason because you cannot think as clearly as usual, so be true to yourself and avoid carrying on over trivia. Empowering colors are aztec gold and silvery blue. Lucky numbers are 1 and 9.
    Go to TopTue Apr 3: Full Of Fun
    With mischievous Venus now swanning through your eleventh house, the atmosphere is friendly, laid back, detached and full of fun. Seek out space, freedom and independence in your social and emotional life. It's also time for a financial decision. Get the facts straight, or you'll need to redo the whole shebang. Where a loved one is concerned, you may be over-intense. Fortunate colors are red and violet. Lucky numbers are 11 and 18.
    Go to TopWed Apr 4: Low On Energy
    Nothing works out quite as you planned today, as you are low on energy. Mercury turns direct today, so you need to keep your feet on the ground. You believe the best of everyone, and only see what you want to see. This is hardly helpful when it comes to practical matters. Realistic colors are pumpkin and ruby. Lucky numbers are 8 and 9.
    Go to TopThu Apr 5: Dynamic And Energetic
    The planetary influences surrounding you now are very dynamic and energetic. This atmosphere will help to make you feel lucky and confident. Remember to employ a common-sense approach to the tasks you embark upon, for you will be prone to charge into action rather recklessly. Over the next few weeks you will want to throw your energy wholeheartedly into all kinds of team and group efforts. Advantageous colors are auburn and pink champagne. Lucky numbers are 18 and 29.
    Go to TopFri Apr 6: Various Possibilities
    If you try to be all things to all people, it won't work. As the Moon is full, you're too emotional about certain things, too close to whatever it is you're talking about. Your heart is certainly in the right place, but your brain may be in the wrong gear. Remember to pause for thought every so often. Ponder various possibilities. Read more on Easter. Positive colors are indian red and white gold. Lucky numbers are 5 and 11.
    Go to TopSat Apr 7: More Disciplined
    If you are on your own for a little while, it won't bother you much because the Lunar aspects offer a hint to cool off, calm down and get away from hassle, hustle and aggravation. Don't be overwhelmed by the things of the outside world. The approach to money is easy come, easy go. If you are spending extravagantly, learn to be more disciplined - and saving a little would be a great idea. Propitious colors are tartan and amethyst. Lucky numbers are 24 and 46.
    Go to TopSun Apr 8: Elbow Room
    You have a wonderful knack of putting others at their ease, Leo, so you are more than welcome wherever you go, just as others are welcome in your own part of the savannah. Be sure to give yourself some elbow room and don't put up with jealousy this Easter. New friends may be fun but they may not be steady. Take them as they come, and be prepared to let them go when they want. At the first whiff of possessiveness they will be off. Favorable colors are chocolate and natural hide. Lucky numbers are 6 and 9.
    Go to TopMon Apr 9: Off The Wall
    The fiery Sagittarian Moon attracts new, fun people, stimulation, sparkle and some excitement, Leo. A touch of romance could be in the air. You are at your best in large social groups and team relationships at work. Look optimistically ahead. Your circle is welcoming, and you will have no shortage of invitations or ports-of-call if you are out and about. Delightful colors are brown sugar and purple satin. Lucky numbers are 11 and 14.
    Go to TopTue Apr 10: Intense Passions
    Passions are stirring in your romantic life, but don't let possessiveness spoil relationships. If you have started a new romance, check that it's someone who's good for you. Insecurity makes you want to be in control, but be more confident and all will flow smoothly. Today, you can put companions at their ease. You could work well as a go-between. Passionate colors are scarlet and sapphire. Lucky numbers are 9 and 26.
    Go to TopWed Apr 11: Tackle That Problem
    Let go of the past, Leo, and move into the future. The beautiful aspect between the Sun and Moon encourages you to tackle that sticky problem; it will be overcome. Fascinating new ideas attract your wide-ranging mind. Promote your pet causes while you're loaded with evangelical zeal. Fortunate colors are blue denim and dark slate. Lucky numbers are 41 and 47.
    Go to TopThu Apr 12: Communication Skills
    You are really taking the trouble to speak as effectively as possible. Your ambitions are helped by these communication skills. Being practical, methodical and focused will be to your advantage at work. You have no time for vagueness or discussions that don't go anywhere, but the danger is that you could come across as too unemotional and detached, so develop that sense of humor. Auspicious colors are lavender and lime. Lucky numbers are 18 and 31.
    Go to TopFri Apr 13: Betwixt And Between
    If you are feeling betwixt and between, or a bit irritable and itchy, don't be discouraged, just take things more easily. Some days you can't get practical matters together no matter how hard you try. It's Friday 13 and with the Sun and Moon under pressure, this makes you unsure about your commitments and responsibilities, whether at home or at work. Be truthful to those closest to you. Check out Friday 13th! Calming colors are cinnamon and sultana. Lucky numbers are 17 and 31.
    Go to TopSat Apr 14: Safety In Numbers
    Don't go wild if you're shopping, because you can be too extravagant as Mars stations in your house of personal finances. Lions do like to spend to impress, but you might soon feel that it's been a waste of money. Ego is good in its place, but this is a light-hearted patch when you need a gang of buddies to support you. Spread your social favors in all directions, don't tie yourself down. Let safety in numbers be your motto. Read more on Mars retrograde! Fortunate colors are fuchsia and tan. Lucky numbers are 7 and 3.
    Go to TopSun Apr 15: Roll With The Flow
    Be sentimental, but don't hang on too tightly, or dig your heels in. Stand firm until you find the answers you are looking for, but then let go and roll with the flow. Unexpected events at home and elsewhere keep you on your toes and rather wound up. You will get edgy if anyone tries to control you, order you around, or becomes jealous. Express who you are and be more spontaneous. Auspicious colors are red garnet and antique silver. Lucky numbers are 6 and 9.
    Go to TopMon Apr 16: Many Possibilities
    This is the time to make long-term plans. Setting your goals is crucial, but as Mercury moves into your ninth house, there are just so many possibilities, it's hard to pick the right one! As Saturn is turning on the pressure, expect some discouragement at the hands of authority; rules and regulations, endless delays, and other frustrations are in the wind, but it's only temporary. Beneficial colors are dark tan and irish moss. Lucky numbers are 36 and 25.
    Go to TopTue Apr 17: Strong Hunch
    Are you moving a lot faster than usual right now? The planetary influences around you put you in a fidgety kind of mood. Your mind is all over the place, but keep your thoughts to yourself if you do not wish to offend. Conflict arises between what you must do and what you would rather do, not because you are malicious, but because you treasure the truth. A strong hunch may turn out to be surprisingly accurate. Beneficial colors are pale blue and bright orange. Lucky numbers are 8 and 9.
    Go to TopWed Apr 18: Mentally Stretched
    You need to be mentally stretched, Lions. Your mind is buzzing and full of interest in the unfamiliar. It's time to meet new friends, and learn about different backgrounds and countries. But are you being too sentimental, or too sugary-sweet on the surface? Be more honest about your real inner feelings. A love note could come your way, or some interesting info from afar. Beneficial colors are burgundy and butterscotch. Lucky numbers are 9 and 18.
    Go to TopThu Apr 19: Career On The Up
    Hard work and diligence in the recent past will pay off from today. There has been some focus on career issues lately, not least the factor of your worth not being properly recognized. Your patience and dignity will win out, so now you start to see the gains you deserve. If you have undertaken some studies to advance your credentials, or at least made enquiries or enrolled, this will boost the esteem in which you are held. Fortunate colors are antique gold and royal blue. Lucky numbers are 11 and 23.
    Go to TopFri Apr 20: Focus
    Focus on your working situation in a way that says 'I want more attention and recognition'. You have to put your energy into doing things in a new and different way. Only excitement and challenge will hold your interest. If there's a whiff of jealousy or control in the air you will be off, since you have no intention of treading anyone else's line. Favorable colors are apricot and cranberry. Lucky numbers are 44 and 37.
    Go to TopSat Apr 21: Miracles?
    You're usually disappointed if you expect miracles from other people. However, this just might happen with the planets the way they are around you at the moment! If you can be realistic as well as forgiving, an encounter under the New Moon turns out to be rather delightful. Your freedom-loving streak is making you wary of intimacy, and claustrophobic twosomes do not fit the bill. Make sure the people you love understand that your detached manner is not a rejection of them. Celebratory colors are ice blue and amethyst. Lucky numbers are 20 and 57.
    Go to TopSun Apr 22: Stimulating Energy
    As you are earning more now (or finding that your prospects are brighter), it's wise to hang onto a little of it! Cash is sliding through your fingers at an alarming rate. Now's the time to explore astrology, mathematics or anything scientific or high-tech in depth. The cosmic energy stimulates your mind. Beneficial colors are gold and silver. Lucky numbers are 57 and 71.
    Go to TopMon Apr 23: Intuitive Lions
    Today you have the capacity to intuitively understand the emotional situations around you, both at work and at home. You are able to pick up subtle hints and react in a sympathetic manner, but take care that you're not getting too close and losing your sense of perspective, in the process. Beneficial colors are dusky rose and lime. Lucky numbers are 13 and 10.
    Go to TopTue Apr 24: Group Energy
    Don't do things only for your own good. If you can work for the benefit of the group, then it will work well. Be prepared to put in the legwork and you will find that you've created something very solid in the end. More attention is coming your way. Turn your growing creative talents to good use, since your achievements will bring you all the acclaim you seek. Auspicious colors are peach and aqua. Lucky numbers are 19 and 17.
    Go to TopWed Apr 25: Have Fun
    Today's chatty Gemini Moon is inspiring and communicative, so, especially if you're celebrating Anzac Day, have fun!. The main thing to remember is you need to be yourself. There's no point in compromising: Mercury is now in a tough aspect to Pluto, so be more aware of your thinking processes, how you put ideas into words, and especially how you come across with your viewpoints. Think long term for best results. Proper colors are graphite and treacle. Lucky numbers are 10 and 55.
    Go to TopThu Apr 26: Love You
    Don't feel you're a martyr because your efforts are taken for granted. Give gladly, but rule number one: look after yourself, because you can't help others if you don't look after you. You need time out Leo - yes, even you. Ask for advice from somebody you respect, because you really need it at the moment. Beneficial colors are gold and fawn. Lucky numbers are 32 and 78.
    Go to TopFri Apr 27: Time Out
    Don't be hypersensitive or overreact to other people's comments. You can get yourself worked up about things that are not as important as you think. Give yourself some space to wind down and be at peace with yourself, if you possibly can. Rather proud and dignified now, you're putting a good deal of emphasis on personal reputation. You will dislike more than usual being passed over for attention or praise at work. Calming colors are fire engine red and dark grey. Lucky numbers are 63 and 15.
    Go to TopSat Apr 28: Uplifting Influences
    There are uplifting influences in the air today, Leo, but don't be so filled with your own confidence that you become self-righteous. Relationships with authority figures -- bosses, parents, teachers -- should be good. They respect the way you are handling yourself, because you show good, solid judgement. It's obvious that you're not plowing into things that you haven't really thought through first. Favorable colors are sunflower yellow and cornflower blue. Lucky numbers are 4 and 3.
    Go to TopSun Apr 29: New Insights
    This is a time of personal growth and new insights -- and there are better times to come, if you allow yourself to let go of old fears. You certainly aren't short of courage, dear Leo, but there are those who may say you lack commonsense. Communicate your plan of action. You actually can do things under current influences that (maybe) you wouldn't have dreamt of doing before. Lucky colors are walnut brown and burgundy. Lucky numbers are 28 and 44.
    Go to TopMon Apr 30: Optimism and Enthusiasm
    Get your feelings out in the open and be as affectionate as only you know how. Make that phone call you have been putting off. Smooth over disagreements and iron out any of the wrinkles with friends or teammates. Your optimism and enthusiasm is very infectious. Find a wider range of interests and get out of your old habits in the days to come. Positive colors are pistachio and melon. Lucky numbers are 26 and 62.
    More Daily Forecasts On Line Soon!
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