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    Richard Giles, writer, astrologer and Feng Shui consultant, was born in Adelaide, South Australia, spending his childhood in sunny bliss in the climate of the City of Culture. The Vietnam war and conscription turned him towards another way of life. Spiritual journeys in Thailand, India and Indonesia with Buddhism and meditation led him to a new analysis of the world. He took up the study of astrology and more recently Feng Shui.

    Richard lives in sunny Queensland in the cool mountains in the hinterland of the Sunshine Coast, where he works as an astrologer and Feng Shui practitioner doing consultations and continues writing for various magazines and newspapers.

    2005: Year of the Rooster
    How the Year of the Rooster affects you!

    Your Year Ahead

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    Chinese Rooster

    2005: Year of the Rooster
    Your Year Ahead

    Richard Giles presents his forecast for the Year of the Rooster in 2005. He looks down the timeline for all of the Chinese Zodiac Animals and gives the flavour of the year for each one. Calculate your Zodiac Animal with our free on line calculator!

    What's in store for each of the twelve animal signs in 2005? First up are the Rooster and the Rabbit, who on the Chinese zodiac are opposite each other. Whichever animal opposes the sign of the current year always has some trouble or lessons to deal with. So the Rabbit will have a tougher year and it's advisable to be conservative this year in your efforts if you're under that sign. The three animals that gain most from the year are the Ox, the Snake and the Dragon.

    Calculate Your Chinese Zodiac Animal

    Enter your birth year. For example: "1975"

    THE RAT: (1900, '12, '24, '36, '48, '60, '72, '84, '96)
    This is going to be a year when support and assistance come your way. You feel you can compete well with others and do things that you may not have attempted or launched in previous years. Communications with others are very important to make it happen. Keep your attention focused on what you want for the year.

    THE OX: (1901, '13, '25, '37, '49, '61, '73, '85, '97)
    This is one of your better years with much support from the Rooster. Be careful about accidents this year and avoid any dangerous situations. Clarify anything to do with the law in advance of any new projects. Enjoy yourself this year and it will help you to move ahead.

    THE TIGER: (1902, '14, '26, '38, '50, '62, '74, '86, '98)
    This is a year that you need to be careful about overextending yourself. Do not spend too much money or you will find yourself outside your limits. Stay away from gambling and keep an eye on all the details in any project you are involved with this year.

    THE RABBIT: (1903, '15, '27, '39, 51, '63, '75, '87, '99)
    The yearly fortune for the opposite sign of the zodiac is always tricky. This year can bring clashes and disharmony and it can also bring financial problems. Persevere and you will be okay, but do it all quietly. Wear the pendant of a Dragon to protect you from ill fortune in 2005.

    THE DRAGON: (1904, '16, '28, '40, '52, '64, '76, '88, '00)
    Another animal that has its luck from the Rooster year. Keep an eye on your health as you may suffer from gradual loss of energy in the year. This is a good year to move ahead financially and to experience some good luck or have money fall into your lap. Personal attitudes are important.

    THE SNAKE: (1905, '17, '29, '41, '53, '65, '77, '89, '01)
    You are well favoured by the Rooster year. This is a time when you can bring projects you've been on for awhile to some fruition. You may be called upon to show leadership for others and you need to also look at how far you plan your life ahead. Keep an eye on your legal affairs and cover yourself.

    THE HORSE: (1906, '18, '30, '42, '54, '66, '78, '90, '02)
    This may be a year for romance either new or from a renewed connection with your partner. Good year for getting ahead with finances and for changing your attitudes towards a more positive approach.

    THE SHEEP: (1907, '19, '31, '43, '55, '67, '79, '91, '03)
    A year when you question yourself about where you are going. There may be issues about the loss of family members or changing family circumstances. Spend some time in contemplation or meditation this year and you'll deal with all situations much more clearly and easily.

    THE MONKEY: (1908, '20, '32, '44, '56, '68, '80, '92, '04)
    Opportunities for you to make something out of this year are here for you. If you are very practical in your approach, things ought to go well for you. There could be ups and downs with losses and gains through the year. It could be a successful year for romance for you.

    THE ROOSTER: (1909, '21, '33, '45, '57, '69, '81, '93, '05)
    Your year but it doesn't always go well every moment. You have some great support this year from the cosmos. You may be able to move ahead in your chosen professional field and make it very successful by the end of the year. Be mindful with others and deal with them honestly and justly.

    THE DOG: (1910, '22, '34, '46, '58, '70, '82, '94)
    Not the best year for Dogs but next year is coming up the Dog year. Be careful of your health and pay attention to any telltale signs of illness. Take it easy if you have problems and make plans for further down the track. Later you will be able to have a better year.

    THE PIG: (1911, '23, '35, '47, '59, '83, '95)
    The Rooster year is not your best and you may have financial or health problems. Look at how you can set up a discipline this year for yourself. You may feel the need to get away at times so if you need to, take a good vacation and relax and enjoy yourself with plenty of time out.

    Every sign is different and it's important to remember that each year the Chinese animal comes up, it can have one of five different elemental makeups. As an example, there are Fire Monkey years, Earth Monkey years, Metal Monkey years, Water Monkeys and Wood Monkeys. Each of these elements mean you react differently to the year depending on what's in play in 2005. This year is a Wood Rooster so if your element clashes with Wood you may have a tougher, more challenging or testing year. And this does not mean you won't succeed — the challenge may be just what you need to make it.

    Best of luck with 2005 and may all the choice blessings come to you this year.

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    Yin Yang Richard Giles is a Feng Shui practitioner and astrologer who is available in Australia for consultations on your home and business. He has been involved in astrology for 15 years and writes for several Australian magazines. He is also the director of the Earth Healing School of Queensland, running practitioner courses in Earth Healing and Geomancy. Click to contact Richard Giles.

    Year of the Wood Rooster: part 1 | part 2 | Daily Forecasts | Chinese Zodiac | Feng ShuiYour Year Ahead


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