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    Here is an example of a composite chart analysis:
    the soul connection between President Bill and Hillary Clinton

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    Bill Clinton & Hillary Clinton: Part I

    The composite Sun, like the Sun in a natal chart, is the heart of the relationship and its primary drive and focus. The sign in which it falls will color the entire relationship, as many of the important events in the relationship will occur when transiting bodies are in this sign...The Sun's primary quality is restorative drive, the general impetus toward life and its sustenance, rather than any specific traits or areas of endeavor such as are represented by the planets. Therefore its placement will tell the overall thrust and style of the relationship and how well it bears up under fire, rather than give the details of just how it will do so...It is the driving engine of the relationship and everything else orbits around it and derives life from its energy.

    SUN in VIRGO
    This is a very complex relationship to which a good deal of attention will have to be paid. It is down-to-earth in the particulars but not that good at seeing the big picture. When an overview is needed, flip a coin and take one opinion or the other, as the joint one may be limited in its scope. Of all sun-sign types of composite, this is the best one in which to work with contracts, be they marriage or business. It can also be one of the busiest kinds of relationships, as you will probably never lack for something to do. It will also tend to sharpen the acuity of both partners when you work together, as the relationship may be more demanding than either of you are on yourselves. If there is any problem here, it may be in developing the ability to turn off your mind, relax, and float down stream, as there will tend to be storms of busywork - mental, emotional and physical - which can get in the way of pure relaxation. Nevertheless, this can be one of the most fruitful of relationships and can bear you a rich harvest if you tend its crops with care. But you really do need to pick up each stitch as it comes along, or else the resulting tangle is the one thing most likely to seriously damage the relationship.

    The Composite Moon
    The symbolism of the composite Moon in a relationship is that of reflection - not in the sense of intellectual deliberation or thoughtful rumination but much more literally, reflective like a mirror. Whereas the Sun represents the primal, outgoing energy in the relationship, the Moon shows how the relationship reacts to situations once they have been presented to it... how you feel about a situation, the process and style in which your emotions are stirred. The things to which you react include each other, so the position of the composite Moon will be critical to the emotional well-being and functionality of the relationship, independent of your individual natures... This accounts for a lot of the "magic" - both good and bad - that is associated with relationships...In tandem with the Sun, the Moon and its position will make or break most relationships. If the Sun and Moon are well-placed and well- aspected, the relationship is anything from a good bet to a sure thing, regardless of the other positions and problems that need to be worked out. If the Sun and Moon are badly positioned or afflicted, it will be an uphill fight all the way, and one that either or both of you may choose to set aside unless you feel compelled to spend a great deal of time, energy, and emotion rising to the challenge. Life is about choices, and here especially the composite chart can help supply the data you need to aid you in your selection.

    This relationship is very quick on the uptake and can serve to pick up the pace for both of you individually. When asked to confront a problem, you will be the first with the most enthusiasm to respond and can leave others behind. This will make you first out of the gate, but it can also tire out your energy and interest rather quickly, so you will do well to temper your first reactions with a view of your long-term energy reservoir...The same goes for your enthusiasm for each other, which may come and go in passionate spurts, which are exceedingly joyful but which may leave you down and wondering where it all went further down the line. It's easy (and fun!) to go overboard and if you are aware of what you are doing and are willing to jointly take a welcome rest when it's done, you will find this relationship to be invigorating for both of you. If you expect your initial high level of burn to go on indefinitely, you can turn yourselves into cinders or may blame each other for not going the distance. Just be ready to take a breather; then jump back in.

    Mercury in the composite chart represents the mutual meeting of minds, or lack of it, between you. It also represents your ability to communicate to others as a couple or as individuals. In the first instance, in which the position symbolizes the shore between two intellects, it will be important to know what kind of communication goes on: by style, substance, and action (sign, house, and aspect)...Its placement also describes how you communicate as a duo with the public at large, so herein lies further opportunities for good or ill...Nevertheless, knowing the situation in advance can help enormously, as you won't have to learn the communications value of the relationship by trial and error or blame each other for problems that arise from what is essentially a third party with its own horoscope, the relationship itself. Rather, you can take advantage of the best that it offers and avoid what looks like trouble by one or both of you pulling back on your own to handle problems the relationship does not cope with well.

    When together, you will likely find your powers of perception and fine-tuning capabilities heightened, making you much more able to pick up every stitch. Virgo is a good position for Mercury, as its natural communications ability is enhanced here by an added talent for picking up all the details, thus avoiding missing crucial bits of information. Conversely, you may find yourself getting tied into knots by trying to follow too many threads at the same time. Try to limit your input to one project at a time so you have the time and space to do the job the way you truly can. Similarly, you should be forgiving of the small mistakes of others (and each other), which can upset you more that it might others. Do not expect the perfection in others that you are likely to demand in yourselves when working as a unit. It may be impossible and can make for needless disappointment. The same goes for mutual expectations. Compliment achievement and correct errors without blame. Do one thing at time, and everything will fall into place. Once around these possible pitfalls, you will find that the precision and keenness you lend to each other will be a benefit for you in implementing factors in business and in providing an endless pageant of diversions should this turn into a romantic relationship.

    The planet Venus represents desire, attraction, what you physically and emotionally desire and as a composite position describes where your desires meet and either blend or conflict, or a bit of both. This is too often applied to love interests alone, although it covers them as well. It means everything you desire - money, position, beautiful things, property, friends, lovers, anything that you want and believe if you get it, will make you happy. It also has another side which is your ability to appear to provide just such fulfillment for others, thus symbolizing personal charm, beauty, attractiveness, wealth, and so on. It's the two-way wish fulfillment point where dreams are born. When this is viewed between two people as a composite point, it means how and whether you make each other's dreams, on a very basic level, come true...It is, of course, critical in telling how a sexual relationship will unfold and can spell repeated ecstasy or constant frustration, especially taken in tandem with composite Mars. It also represents how well the relationship as a whole will be able to realize its goals and desires, which will of course be directly connected with its ability to make itself desirable, both of which are described by this composite point. Thus, an afflicted composite Venus is a double indemnity, because it usually prevents either of you from getting what you want out of each other, and it means the relationship will not get what it wants, either. Conversely, a well-aspected composite Venus is like a gift from above, as it means mutual success and satisfaction all around. In judging the overall success of a relationship, this is indeed a very important position.

    This is a good position for Venus, lending it and you an assertive but adaptable charm that allows you to move toward your goals whatever the situation and to gain others' assistance in your projects. It enables you to display versatile footwork and move in for the finishing touch without seeming too self-centered or acquisitive in the process. In fact, you may be able to get others to think that giving you what you want was their idea and for their own benefit, which can give you a free ride if you handle it well. You like things to be in perfect order, well-adjusted and well-designed, but you may also find that you enjoy change just as much. It may be difficult to tell when things have finally come around to your satisfaction so that you can make a final decision. Better to be happy with what you've got and then go on to something totally different. Nevertheless, the fact that you appear to have such critical talents and values will make the two of you a plus in the eyes of others and can make you a source of advice; a fountain of taste and a judgment for those who need a little advice.

    Mars represents physical and emotional energy, and as such the ability and inclination to get things done, to fulfill desire by taking action. By itself it is really just raw energy, and its placement, particularly in relation to the other bodies in the chart, describes where and how well this energy will be directed. As a composite point, it describes how your two energy directions mesh and whether they will reinforce each other or simply get in each other's way. It will tell whether sparks will fly, igniting random and destructive brush fires, or whether a controlled fire will blossom that will become the engine to power and fulfill your desires under your own direction. Its relationship to Venus, particularly in sexual relationships, is critical, as it will describe whether it will fulfill or deny your sexual needs. In both male and female it describes sexual drive as well as assertiveness and ultimately, aggression...As with Venus, this can be the greatest natural blessing or a terrible stumbling block...It will also portray the power potential of the relationship as it exists in the outside world...None of this suggests that a difficult Mars means you should forget about the relationship, however, as if one of you is simply put in charge in certain areas, mutually compartmentalizing the energy flow; the ill effect can be largely disenabled, albeit at the price of local inequality. It is something to be considered with care and attention, however, as herein lies much of your self-empowerment and control over your lives.

    Your joint ability to hit the nail on the head is characteristic of this relationship, and you will find that no job is too refined for you to accomplish together. You know what needs to be done, and you do it. You can be, for this very reason, too demanding on yourselves, and perfectionism sometimes turns into a revolving door where nothing is ever quite perfect. This applies to the way you treat each other as well as the tasks you address, so don't get too swept up in it. This talent for specifics can be a special blessing where one or both of you is better at seeing the forest than the trees. This way when you get together each tree gets attended to and the whole operation is a success. These Virgo tendencies may not be so helpful in emotional and sexual affairs, where broader feelings and the forgiveness of small errors is critical to mutual love and trust, so don't insist your partner, or yourself, be too perfect where you are dealing with such affairs. Be as tolerant of error between yourselves as you are intolerant of mistakes in the outside world and you will have the balance just right.

    Jupiter in any chart represents the capacity for growth and expansion in relation to whatever it is connected. It means bigger, better, newer, faster, higher, and more developed. It is usually looked at only in the positive aspect, but it also has the potential to get out of hand if not checked and directed. The composite chart is the area that your mutual aspiration and inventiveness meet, a point where creativity is strong but which may or may not bring its potentials to fruition, depending upon its placement and how you handle it...Jupiter usually does more good than harm and under most conditions it is the place to look for blessings...It will show you where the big picture is and provide the kind of life overview which the relationship teaches that you might not have discovered on your own. It can be the force that carries you both away with each other and raises you to heights you didn't know you had. Its only danger is allowing the relationship to take over you as individuals. Use it as a resource for each of you to draw on, not the other way round, and it will always pay off for you.

    Growth within your relationship will be characterized by careful planning and circumscription. Caution will be a watchword and the main perceived problem will be preventing things from getting out of your control. Personally, the way in which you develop together will be yours and nobody else's business, and invasion of privacy may be a serious concern when you are dealing with emotional matters. Externally, you will want to make yourselves masters of the well-conceived plan and devastatingly-accurate blow may be most comfortable when running a project with military precision. This is a good position for Jupiter, but avoid excesses...Keep a watchful eye on yourselves so that in an attempt to dominate your own landscape you do not deny your creative impulses the freedom to go where they will flourish best, even if that is outside of your original intentions or with another person. It can be easy to over fortify your positions, preventing your partner or you from having the necessary room to maneuver. Decide upon your game plan, but be willing to bend the rules when necessary as you go along. Sometimes the best way to have real, meaningful control over your life is to relinquish it.

    Written by John Townley Time Cycles Research

    To view the rest of the reading, click on the links. Part II Part III Part IV

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