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    Year of the Water Horse: part 1 | part 2 | Daily Forecasts | EclipsesYour Year Ahead

    4th December, 2002

    Eclipses are fascinating and mysterious events that frightened or panicked mankind over thousands of years. In the astrological tradition they are associated with major events in the world involving the fates of kings and rulers. They also effect the future of ordinary men and women, although that would depend on the zodiac degrees of a chart touched by the eclipse. This article by Richard Giles examines the effects of the impending Total Solar Eclipse.

    The English astrologer William Lilly (born 1602), who was one of the great astrologers of 17th century England, wrote at length on eclipses, in particular a series in 1652 which he called the "dark year" as two eclipses were in Aries, the traditional sign of strife and war. Back in Lilly's time, astrologers used the exact moment of totality to make predictions. Today astrologers look at the countries through which the path passes and make forecasts based on land areas touched by the shadow. Lilly was among the great early authorities on eclipses and much of today's knowledge is based on his work.

    His book
    Annus Tenebrosus (1652) called attention to the three eclipses of 1652, all visible in England that year. His intention for the 'ordinary folk' was to clarify the nature of eclipses. That work has passed to us as one of the great astrology texts. The three were: (1) Lunar Eclipse, on 15th March 1652 (5 degrees Aries), (2) Solar Eclipses, 29th March (19 degrees Aries) and 7th September 1652 (25 degrees Virgo).

    How did his predictions go? Well, he forecast "difficulties between friends followed by death" with the eclipse being in the "Warring" sign of Aries. He predicted that England would be in strife and trouble with the Dutch and the Scots - "I very much fear a War, or some Warlike attempts by sea or land doe follow...". In 1652 the Anglo-Dutch war broke out, leading to the defeat of the Dutch at sea off Dover, then defeat of the British off Dungeness. In 1653 the Dutch were defeated off Portland and then off Frisia and the Dutch admiral Martin Tromp killed in battle. Very much to the point.

    On December 4th, 2002 a total Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius reaches the south coast of Australia, the shadow of the Moon crossing the coastline at Ceduna (SA) and moving in a north-easterly direction through the centre of South Australia petering out just past the SA, NSW and Qld border at sunset. The exact time the moment the shadow crosses the coast is 7.40 pm (SA Daylight Saving time). The actual duration of totality will be 34 seconds at Ceduna and the width of the shadow path will be about 38 klms. In Perth, people will see the Sun lose 80 percent of its light, but the total shadow will not cross them, passing by at sea in the Great Australian Bight. Adelaide will also experience the Sun about 90 percent eclipsed. In the NT and in Sydney it will be less than 60 percent eclipsed.

    The last total solar eclipse visible in Australia was in June 1974 (South-west WA) and October 1976 (South-eastern SA, VIC and parts of NSW). Before that it was 1922. The next one won't be until 2012, so this is quite a rare event.


    Using traditional formulae, what does this eclipse portend for Australia? I looked at the chart for the eclipse peak, placing it on the Australian federation chart, and I looked at the physical path of the shadow. The eclipse begins in the Pacific Ocean, crossing Africa over Angola, Zimbabwe and the Transvaal heading across the Indian Ocean, where it reaches its peak in the Indian Ocean. It crosses the coast at Ceduna, heading inland over Woomera and Roxby Downs to the NSW/SA/QLD border.

    In Australia's chart, the eclipse falls at 12 degrees of Sagittarius, being within a degree of the midpoint between Venus and Uranus in our national natal chart (1st January 1901). The Venus/Uranus midpoint in a nation refers to a meeting between national values and self-willedness or the drive to independent ways. This could step up Australia's debate about an independent and republican nation again and it could also help change our national attitude to money and taxes (the GST came in as Pluto, the transformer, went across our national Venus). The eclipse occurs in our national 8th House of joint money, treasury and taxes, so money seems a strong focus. Venus is also the nation's capacity to love and embrace others, so the race and refugee issue may reach a highpoint again after 4th December.

    In the rest of the world the eclipse degree triggers off a number of countries' national charts. The most significant are
    • Zimbabwe
    • Egypt
    • Lebanon
    • Senegal
    • Tonga
    • Czechoslovakia
    • North Yemen
    • Kampuchea
    • Indonesia
    • and the USA.
    Zimbabwe is the one to watch, as four planets in its natal chart are triggered and the eclipse shadow heads straight through that land. I expect to see more turmoil there, perhaps a sudden change in leadership within the six months of the eclipse?

    The other two important charts are the the UN and the USA. The United Nations was born October 1945 and its Part of Fortune (success point) is at the eclipse degree. The UN is being challenged now to be relevant to the issue of Saddam Hussein and his weapons of mass destruction. It may be that issue comes to the boil on or after December 4th and UN authority is fundamentally challenged. The USA, which had Pluto exactly on its ascendant as the WTC and Pentagon were hit in 2001, will have this solar eclipse on the same sensitive point. Its possible an event of great magnitude will happen to the USA again in the six months following the eclipse around its own national self-image.


    During 2001 the major outer planet transit was the Saturn-Pluto opposition of August, November and May 2002. That opposition has triggered big changes on the planet altering our whole perception of the world. These are clearly tumultuous times.

    I wrote about this back in December 2000 where I outlined some triggers that could change the world - "The two of them (Saturn/Pluto) are about big, fundamental change in the foundation of matter around us. They signal the end of older patterns, the older order. This change will likely be accompanied by turmoil and possibly shortages or restrictions making the transmutation possible. With the changes come eruptions of suppressed tension against restricting circumstances perhaps bringing explosions of rebellion". Click to read more on
    Saturn vs Pluto.

    Those "explosions" of rebellion were something most of us did not think possible on the night of September 10th 2001, but by the end of the next day we were reeling from the incredible shock of how fast the world could change. Passenger jets hit the Twin Towers and the Pentagon and a new era began. Click to read more on
    the American Catastrophe.

    According to Raymond Merriman (
    Saturn-Pluto and the World Economy, Mntn. Astrologer, Dec 2001) an opposition in astrology is like a peak experience. Its the halfway point in the cycle of a planetary pair that begins at the conjunction - it often correlates to a crossroads in one's path. Saturn-Pluto opposition has been a crossroads. The first opposition in August 2001 occurred at 12 and a half degrees Sagittarius. This eclipse occurs on 12 Sagittarius. It will remind us again of the transformational changes the world is going through and probably trigger the fears that have been unleashed by governments like the USA and Australia and it will trigger the desperate search for other ways of doing things that our general population is feeling.

    The chart for the first nuclear reaction of 2nd December 1942 in Chicago has three planets (Sun, Venus and Mercury) within a few degrees in what astrologer Mark Lerner calls the
    nuclear axis (between 10 and 14 degrees Sagg.) - a key point for anything to do with nuclear weapons. This foretells a major focus on nuclear weapons in the ensuing six months. With a world focus on an attack on Iraq by the USA and allies it would not be surprising if nuclear weapons and their use are a major feature on the planet in 2003.

    Finally, the eclipse chart is triggered off by several inner planets through 2003. On the 19th January, 4th February, 3rd March, 12th March and 6th April. The most potent date could be 4th February when Mars (god of war) conjuncts the eclipse degree. If the Iraq weapons issue is not resolved by then it could be the time that one or other country goes to war or alternatively resolves it with the true Arien courage, action and speed.


    Another major astrological event on the day of the eclipse to highlight for this December's turning point is planet Jupiter's progress. Jupiter, which rules religion, justice, education, evangelism, fanaticism, expansion, optimism and sport has been moving in forward motion for months, but will become stationary on the day of the Solar Eclipse, and then turn retrograde. With Jupiter retrograde, all things associated with this planet will become more difficult. Jupiter will be turning retrograde at the same
    11th August 1999 Grand Cross zodiac eclipse point of 18 degrees Leo!

    On September 11th 2001, the planet Venus, ruler of money, was at this major 1999 eclipse point of 18 Leo. This significance is obvious in hindsight. The symbolic home of finance, value systems and money in the USA was struck by a terror attack and demolished. See
    American Catastrophe for more on this.

    Venus was on the Ascendant of the chart for when the first plane hit the WTC in 2001, so perhaps this Jupiter focus will trigger things in the world of religion, education, justice, or fanaticism. Since Jupiter rules religion, it may well be in the churches that it will happen, or perhaps we shall see something emerging to do with the collapse of church religions, or key religious figures such as the Pope.

    There is also a possibility that some event concerning Pope John Paul's health, or his position in the church hierarchy may arise. Then again, it may be another famous religious leader, such as the Dalai Lama, the Archbishop of Cantebury, or someone in a similar religious leadership role elsewhere in the world.

    Yin Yang Richard Giles is a Feng Shui practitioner and astrologer who is available in Australia for consultations on your home and business. He has been involved in astrology for 15 years and writes for several Australian magazines. He is also the director of the Earth Healing School of Queensland, running practitioner courses in Earth Healing and Geomancy. Click to contact Richard Giles.

    Year of the Water Horse: part 1 | part 2 | Daily Forecasts | EclipsesYour Year Ahead

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