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    The Hidden Magic of Gems: part 1 | part 2 | part 3 | part 4 | Energy Egg | Love Egg | Wealth Egg
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    The Hidden Magic of Gems [part 2]
    the science and philosophy of gems

    The human body contains carbon and various metallic elements also present in plants, metals and jewels. People are very sensitive to E-M radiation. If your astrological chart shows that your receptivity to beneficial planetary radiation is weak or out of balance, it can be rectified and strengthened by the natural electromagnetic radiation emanating from the appropriate gems.

    Just as we need vitamins and minerals to meet our physical requirements, we can also utilise different forms of invisible energy to stimulate and aid our mental, spiritual, and physical dispositions. Gemstones have traditionally been used as a potent source of these invisible, therapeutic energies.

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    No detailed scientific explanations have been offered yet to show how precious stones are able to rearrange and re-orient our negative karmic patterns into positive patterns that can heal and improve our lives. A full scientific understanding of the healing potential of gems may well require an unusually wide scope of investigation, ranging from the macrocosm of astrophysics to the microcosm of atomic structure.

    Gems, as intelligently grown crystal forms, share – by common design – unique, patterned symmetries in their atomic lattices that contain billions of atoms in geometric alignment. The precise structure adopted by atoms when they link to form a crystal depends upon which kinds of atoms are present at the time, which ones end up in the crystal structure and the conditions (temperature, pressure etc) which control the way they link together.

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    Gems are considered, by those who study Ayurveda – the traditional medicine of India – to have a particularly potent and stable resonance of energy (consciousness), due to an exceptionally free flow of energy from their geometrically aligned atoms. This resonant energy has either an obvious or subtle effect on the mind (consciousness), depending on the individual wearing the gems. They will vibrate at a new energy level only if they are exposed to energy of their resonant frequency.

    In the human body there may be a low or weakened degree of receptivity to a frequency of needed cosmic radiation due to a variety of karmic reasons. A gem resonating at a frequency which is identical to that 'weak link' in the individual's bio-electronic pattern could well be the catalyst for a definite improvement in physical, psychological, and spiritual health. We can infer that gems resonate to the needed frequencies radiated by the planets and, hence, strengthen or retune our weakened receptivity to these frequencies. Holistic practitioners believe that disease is generally a symptom of lack, or excess, of a particular form of energy. The correct balance of energy is the remedy that seems to procure the greatest health.

    Go to Top Where To Start

    A detailed planetary analysis is the first step. In India, the proper method of determining the right gem is to do a lifetime chart for the person, based on his or her birth information. For finding out your present planetary position, we need your time of birth, date of birth, and the place of birth. With this information, we will find out the present planetary positions and your birth star and advise you the right kind of gem to be worn for this period. The proper stone is then prescribed.

    It is necessary that the gem must remain in direct contact with the body. So, when getting the ring made from a jeweller, make sure that the design is such that the stone touches the skin when you wear the ring. Also, its surface must be open to receive the rays. The rays should be able to pass through the gemstone, into your body, and no metal should block their path. The stone must be worn in a ring or a bracelet, but never as a pendant as pendants swing and lessen the power of the stone.

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    When choosing a gemstone, consult a good gemmologist and buy gems from a recognised gemstone mart. Only experience will help you distinguish the fake from the real. It is said that you can check the gemstone by carefully feeling and touching the gem: most of the gems are hard, the duplicate ones are waxy if they are squeezed between the fingers. However, the correct scientific method is to rely on the specific gravity test and the refractive index test. Artificial and fake gems serve no purpose except ornamentation and will not create the desired results of the original gem.

    Go to Top A Word of Caution

    Remember, a gem is only a means to end – and not the end – of sorrows, obstructions, etc. Do not believe anyone who says that all your problems will come to an end after you start wearing a lucky gem. Just as astrology is the torchlight to truth, and not the truth in itself (which is for you to seek with your own effort), gems can be a valuable aid to life, but not the ultimate solution.

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