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    The Hidden Magic of Gems: part 1 | part 2 | part 3 | part 4 | Energy Egg | Love Egg | Wealth Egg
    Uncut Stones

    The Hidden Magic of Gems [part 3]
    the benefits of gemstones

    Steeped in myths and legends, countless beliefs and fascinating tales are related about the mysterious powers of gems and precious stones. Wearing a blue sapphire, for instance, is believed to bring you a fortune, love, and release from prison! Since ancient times, gems and precious stones have been associated with the zodiac signs and continue to be credited with possessing power to bring luck and change the course of an individual's life.

    Go to Top What Benefits Can a Gemstone Bring?

    In the professional sphere, a Gem or a precious stone can help most of you to achieve breakthroughs which have topped your list of aspirations for a long time. You won't have to wait in the wings if you're wearing a suitable gem. Instead, your skills and expertise can be in demand and you'll be able to build up a strong reputation as a consistent worker who can deliver quality, even when circumstances are stacked against a positive outcome. Seniors and people in authority can be inclined to accept many of your ideas and proposals, while colleagues and juniors can be more cooperative if you wear an auspicious Gem.

    In business, the right Gem can enable you to usher in and sustain a phase of expansion. Your capacity to visualize plans, which are responsive to market trends, can be enhanced manifold and many of you can quickly find that you're amongst the front-runners in your field. A Gem can also enable you to adopt the most sophisticated marketing techniques.

    Romantic involvement can become more intense and important decisions kept in abeyance can be easier to deal with in a long term context. In many cases, a Gem could hasten marriage or a meeting with a special someone, in addition to saving your marriage if it's heading for the rocks. If you suffer off and on from respiratory problems or are concerned about putting on weight, a Gem would be just what you need.

    Overall, your run of success can gain power and pick up speed if you wear a Gem in 2002. And in the bargain, many of the weak areas in your life can be transformed into strengths if you wear a Gem.

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    A Gem can lift you to new heights by bringing out the best in you. Your strong qualities such as diligence, patience, tenacity of purpose and an eye for detail can grow stronger if you wear a Gem; while your weak areas, such as a tendency to get bored quickly, or change your mind too often, can also benefit from a Gem. Many of the ideas and plans which were gestating in your mind, can, under the influence of a Gem, become ripe for implementation in a remarkable manner.

    Your creativity and administrative abilities can reach new heights and you'll be ready to step into a position of authority. Promotions that were held up due to an assortment of factors can soon move towards a favorable outcome. While seniors can be demanding, a Gem can ensure that commensurate facilities and perks or remuneration are placed at your command in 2012. Work connected with medicine, the law or communication can benefit tremendously if you wear the right Gem. Freelancers and those who are 'self employed' can also gain immensely from a Gem and can be able to cash in optimally on the infrastructure available.

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    Wearing a Gem in 2008 can induce many of you to create a home within a home. This means that you could shift your office or a part of it into your home, add more living space to your residence, or undertake a thorough spring-cleaning or re-arranging which can provide you with a lot more room than before, an additional home as it were. A Gem can enable many of you to pick up some truly beautiful furnishings for your home.

    Throughout 2012, most of you can be adding to your inventory of electronic items. Food and clothes – both can assume, largely indirectly, additional interest for you in 2012 and, under the infuence of a Gem, you'll develop a keen eye for spotting just the right gifts even when the choice is very wide.

    Go to Top Love and Romance

    By wearing the right kind of Gem, love can become as constant in your life as the water you drink. If you're waiting for somebody who matches your fancies, a Gem can bring the momentous moment of meeting closer. If you feel that romance in your life is beginning to pall, a Gem could act like champagne. While a Gem could also lead some of you up the path of fantasies which have little chance of becoming part of real life, it can certainly mark the beginning of a most satisfying phase in love and romance. A Gem can ensure that alliances riddled by uncertainties become more solid and stable relationships acquire a special lustre.

    Go to Top Business and Finances

    Business can prosper and finances can soar skywards at a rapid pace if you wear the right gem. Opportunities to improve your business and financial prospects can become abundant through an unexpected chain of events. Market conditions can tend to favour you and the financial grapevine can provide you with excellent tips. Even if the product you're relying on falls below expectations or you're unable to meet delivery schedules, a Gem can ensure that you'll get a second chance to redeem or re-establish your reputation.

    Payments held up in the market can come in more regularly than before and widen your scope for investment. However, despite the of business and financial benefits that a Gem yields, often unexpectedly, the optimum results can stem from partnerships. Loans and funds can be easily available, but the initial paperwork may entail a lot of time wasted despite help from the Gem. Overall, a Gem can ensure stability, growth and a heartening increase in profits in 2008.

    Go to Top Health

    Freedom from various health problems, a trim figure, greater resistance to infections – a Gem can ensure all this and more for you in your life.

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    The Hidden Magic of Gems: part 1 | part 2 | part 3 | part 4The Vital Force

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