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    Here is Part III of a full composite interpretation:
    the soul connection between John Lennon and Paul McCartney

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    John Lennon & Paul McCartney: Part III

    Creativity will be its own motive and its own reward for you, and if you find yourself working on something you don't actively enjoy, you may be barking up the wrong tree. Spontaneity and the ability to laugh and not worry about the final outcome will assure the final outcome is the best possible, and inhibitions are likely to be few at least in major growth and development areas. Thus you will find that professionally you can do well in the creative arts or any other area where spontaneous development of ideas and actions are at a premium...Overall you will maintain a kind of innocence and clarity that comes from direct experience of life and where this is emphasized and optimized, you will find your most profitable areas both personally and professionally. The more you make contact with and develop the children inside of you, the more tangible benefits you are likely to receive in the outside world, as well as finding life a lot more enjoyable overall. If you set yourselves goals, rather than limits, your reach will not exceed your grasp and your own enthusiasm will provide the basis of your success. Your limitations are bounded by your imagination and that will be the primary wellspring of your growth.

    JUPITER sextile PLUTO
    There is a quiet certainty to the way you innovate and grow within this relationship that won't quit and won't take no for an answer. The reasons for this lie in a mixture of faith in what you are doing and the willingness to use necessary force to accomplish your tasks. When you see an opportunity, it takes on the quality of a mission, wherein you may feel there is more than just your personal interests at stake and that somehow greater environmental forces are helping sweep you along to realize it. Often that is literally the case, as you will have a feeling for what the wave of the future is, but even if you aren't strictly in tune your clear determination can win the day over forces aligned against you without quite such a clear self-mandate. When they hesitate and you don't, you win. Of course this is a big help in the professional end of things, as you can be a quiet steamroller against others who would rather give ground to than put up a fight. Be sure you're right, then go ahead, as once you have taken action you may well find that it cannot easily be undone. Personally, this will give you a feeling of inner validation from being together, that you are indeed more than the sum of your parts and that when you stand united you can accomplish much more than when you stand alone.

    This is a challenging position for Venus, as it means working for what you want and wanting to work, not for yourselves but for others. Thus, to a large extent, you will get what you want out of giving others what they want and sometimes denying yourselves. At a deep, spiritual level this is of course a high and wonderful ideal, becoming servants and helpers to the human race. Good karma. But it is not always the most enjoyable position to find yourselves in, when others profit from your efforts more than you appear to. Nevertheless, what goes around comes around, and to the extent that you show patience and tenacity and don't expect immediate gratification, you'll find the rewards forthcoming in the end. On the profes sional level, this is actually a good position for success in service industries as you will be more likely to enjoy them and be perceived as doing them well. On the personal level, you will need to be willing to play second fiddle and do your time in the pits and do it not just because you have to but because doing everything well needs to be looked at as its own reward. Only in that way do you perform at your best, by putting your own joy of life into it and by communicating that joy to each other and to those that you must willingly serve and work with.

    VENUS opposite ASCENDANT
    This is an excellent aspect, bringing mutual affection and a real concern for each other's wants and needs... Even in a strictly professional arrangement, there is a feeling of natural mutual interest where you both think you will benefit equally from working together because you have fundamentally the same desires and goals in the relationship...this will attract others of a warm and friendly nature who will give you what you want because it is clear that you know what sharing is all about. Sharing is really at the heart of this. You have come together not because you have exactly the same needs and goals, but because you compliment each other in such a way that you both more fully realize your aims by being together. Not that you might not have done as well on your own - this is not a mutual dependency - but that it works so much better and easier when you do it together. Although this one aspect is not a guarantee that everything will work out OK, since there are many other factors in the chart that need to be taken into consideration, it is a strength that will help overcome many weaknesses that might occur elsewhere.

    Competition and the elimination of it may be the key factor in whatever struggles arise between you. Attaining and maintaining equality will likely be a major issue, and to disempower one will be to disempower both. That would seem like a strange thing to get in a fight over, but it's entirely within the range of possibility that disagreements may arise over how equal your opportunities are. In fact, there can be a good deal of one-upsmanship here, and very often neither will benefit from the other's well-wishing because it is actually a power play in disguise. The trick is to just let it be and understand that what supports you is not one or the other but the interplay, which needs to be left alone in order to work. Neither false aid nor mutual subjugation will be of any help in making it work, though both may be the first routes taken. Instead, it is the relinquishment of power that brings joint authority and the willingness to bow not to each other but to circumstances that allows you to be in charge of your environment. This approach is more than critical, as this position of Pluto can make for confrontations that are quite intractable, even though seen from an outside point of view they needn't be. If you are willing to cooperate, not just technically, you've got it made.

    This relationship can have a kind of magnetism that is quite tangible and palpable and can draw you into it even when there seems to be no exterior reason to pursue it...In more exterior affairs it may be very good for managing resources, particularly where other people's stakes are within your control and management. A special love and respect for what is old and time-tested, a reverence for antiquity and the greatness of the past and those who created it, may suffuse the relationship, giving you at times a sense of deja vu about each other and the situations you get yourselves into. At almost any level, the feeling will be that this is no lightweight affair, even if is not a permanent relationship. Something about it is very important to both of you and its function will be to pull you deeper into yourselves and your life experience than you might have ordinarily chosen to go alone. You will not be the same for this meeting, and you both will be the wiser (and hopefully the better and happier) for the understandings brought on by what may have been a chance encounter, but a fated one. The very feeling that there is more going on here than meets the eye will be an eye-opener itself, and this relationship can be the door into new worlds of inner exploration if you have the opportunity and patience to allow it to be.

    SUN conjunct MERCURY
    In a special way, your heads and hearts are in the same place in this relationship, and you will naturally know what the other is talking about whether you verbalize or not. But when you do put it into words, it will be well-expressed as well as sincerely delivered. This is a talent that can be taken for granted. However, there can also be a tendency to assume you have said the right thing. You let your intentions take control over your expressions without seeing them through...It's entirely a question of neglect, arising from applying assumptions you safely make between yourselves to others who don't share your background and information. Therefore, you may have to go out of your way to remember to say it all when you are addressing the outside world, especially when you have to put it in writing. Your communications skills have to be different for each person you are dealing with, something that is entirely within your reach.

    SUN square SATURN
    Sometimes it may feel as if your relationship has sprung a leak - an energy leak. It may feel that just as you are about to make a move, something undermines it and you pull your punch just enough to make it ineffectual. It may happen because of too much self-criticism or too much criticism of each other. This cuts away at self-confidence and builds unwarranted expectation of failure. It's the sort of thing that can become a vicious circle: fear of defeat leading to defeat, which then justifies further anxieties in the future...Although you should not ignore weaknesses, you will need to focus more on your strengths and accept that there will always be something to complain about if you insist, but why bother? Accentuate the positive and you're more likely to get positive results. The difficulty will be in not giving in to a backward glance at what you're afraid might be a fatal flaw. Like most squares, this is one where you learn from your mistakes over a period of time and eventually hone it down to a science. What began as crippled movement evolves into economy of motion.

    SUN square URANUS
    Instability is likely to be a chronic difficulty in this relationship, not because it doesn't have substance but because it is subject to sudden buffets like a truck crossing a windy bridge. In fact, the bigger and heavier the truck, the more windage it has and the more the risk. The same principle applies here. The more energy you put into the relationship, the more destructive potential it has when it gets blown off course. Although the shocks may come from within because of suddenly uncovered differences between you, it is just as likely to come from without, where unexpected circumstances turn up to throw things into disarray. What to do about it? Leave room for maneuvering when things go haywire and be ready and happy to follow where they lead. When you can't be in control, don't try to be, or you'll wind up going down in flames. Eventually, you will develop a sense of when change is in the wind and you will be able to control it as it comes on. Once it's already there it's too late to fight it, so roll with it. If you sometimes feel like you just can't deal with this sort of situation, look to some of the other qualities of your relationship that caused you to get into it in the first place and draw on them until the crisis has passed.

    You will find you have an instinct for digging up root causes of the events between you and around you, an ability to spiral backward until you find the buried precursors that were the seeds of the situation you now find yourselves in. This kind of makes you historians of the mind, understanding what went before in order to know better how to deal with the present. This can lead you deep into your innermost personal and emotional workings, and if you are gentle with each other and avoid blaming anyone for what you find, you will be enormously the wiser...In a more mundane sphere, it will also lend you the talent to successfully manipulate the resources of others, a valuable talent in businesses where credit and third-party investment are the key to profit. All of the above reflect your proclivity to dig up hidden potential and make the most of it by understanding its origins and possible new uses. Where others see only the present and try to exploit that, you can explore the whole time line behind it and better predict its twists and turns. By becoming masters of your resources and expanding them through exploration, you can become masters of your future.

    MERCURY conjunct MARS
    Mental fireworks can be regularly expected in this relationship, and a great deal of energy may be put into expressing yourself forcefully and to the point. It will at times be difficult to keep out of arguments because it will seem so important to get your point across that you step on each other's toes. Nevertheless, you're not likely to suffer from a lack of communication - quite the opposite, if anything you and those around you may want to shut off the spigot to get a little peace. It will be difficult to turn yourselves off once you get going, and you may quite rightly be reminded when you feel you're on a roll that you've made your point so enough already. You can find that although you are at your best when stating your position vigorously, sometimes it is best to be more subtle or even to let your partner or adversary think they came up with the idea themselves. In many instances a carrot will get you more than a stick, and that may be difficult to learn when you're so good with the stick. Still, the intellectual energy that this relationship stimulates will carry you far and help you push your way through to levels of understanding you might never have achieved on your own. Just remember to bank your fires when things start to get too hot to handle.

    Communication problems can arise between you without your being aware that this is occurring. This is because you do not fully put across your message before signing off, perhaps for a variety of reasons... the fundamental remedy is to say more and put things in a positive light. When you communicate make certain you are being fully understood. Do not take it for granted that you have been heard unless you get specific feedback. Look for the silver lining in whatever you do and focus on ways to describe it. Assume the dark side has already been sufficiently noted. Eventually, as you make these readjustments, you will find yourselves masters of precise expression, the midpoint which you seek, but it will take time.

    Unusual ideas and opinions abound in your relationship, and the trouble will not be a lack of original views but sorting out which ones are useful and which are just gratuitously different...It will be difficult to say no to what really looks like a good idea, but you will have to draw the line somewhere. Another manifestation of this aspect is simple argumentativeness - not in its purest form of argument for argument's sake, but honest dispute over what is the truth when in fact there is no reason to get into it so deeply. The fruitful approach to this is to know when to cut off discussion, to sense when you've got it honed down fine enough to be a reasonable facsimile of the truth. At first you may have to do that in a fairly arbitrary fashion, and you must be willing to accept your mistakes. In the long run, you will develop a precision that may astonish you, born primarily of your constant adjustments to reality judged between foresight and hindsight.

    Written by John Townley Time Cycles Research

    To view the rest of the reading, click on the link. Part IV

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