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    Pisces Pisces Health Analysis

    More on Pisces, the Fishes

    Pisces, the Fishes, is the third sign of the Water triplicity and the twelfth sign of the tropical zodiac. This deeply sensitive and charming sign is ruled by Jupiter (expansion; fortune) and Neptune (delusion; deception; illumination). The key phrase for Pisces is "I believe".

    Jupiter, considered the great benefic, is the traditional ruler of Pisces. This is the sign of expanded emotions, sensitivity and natural dumb luck. The new-age ruler of Pisces is Neptune, planet of the mysterious, illusory, spiritual and sensitive aspects in mankind. Venus, the cosmic queen of love, is exalted in Pisces, increasing your natural charm.

    Piscean people are apt to be idealistic, sensitive and responsive to the thoughts and feelings of others. Your temperament varies from being strongly optimistic to acutely pessimistic. Not generally ambitious for material gain, preferring human interactions, your charm, humour and sympathy open the gate to opportunity. Your innate dramatic abilities may even lead you to develop self-expression through art, music or poetry.

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    Intense Imagination

    Shy Pisceans would much rather impersonate someone else than be themselves. No wonder so many of you are actors, artists, writers, and dreamers. Elusive Neptune makes it hard to predict how you will develop. Some of you are neat and well organized, while others become slovenly and careless – largely a reflection of your emotional reactions to the environment. An intense imagination can lead you to stretch the truth under many circumstances (the other side to your creative abilities), write fantastic novels, poetry and produce other artistic endeavours.

    Confronting a sense of personal vulnerability, Pisces can be a daredevil and risk-taker. The thrills of car racing, piloting a plane, exploring the wilderness, or hunting game can be seductive. Pisces can be a compulsive eater. Sports and physical fitness routines are a good way to keep in shape and reduce emotional stress. Horseback riding, dancing, skating, swimming or sailing are favoured activities.

    Pisces, the Fishes
    Pisces Rules the Feet

    Each sign has internal, external and structural rulerships. Internally, Pisces rules the lymphatic system, synovial fluids and functions of the glands in general. Externally, it rules the feet and toes, and structurally the bones of the feet.

    Swelling, allergic reaction to drugs, injuries to the feet and related problems are common complaints, but your emotional nature can also make you vulnerable to psychosomatic illness. The susceptibility of the Piscean nature to drugs and alcohol as a way of dealing with the pressures of the world needs to be addressed in a sensitive and realistic way.



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    Shades of Pisces
    Pisces rules the pale green, purple, rose and grey-blue. Pisces people also benefit through the intellectually stimulating ray of yellow.

    Pisces Birthstone
    The birthstone for Pisces is the aquamarine. Pisces also responds to the energies of chrysolite and moonstone. Remember only to wear these stones if you want to bring their influence into your life. More about Gemstones and Astrology.

    Flowers and Herbs
    gardenia, orchid, lilac, wisteria, water lily, poppy and pansy.
    Bach Flower Essences
    Tiredness, weariness, mental and physical exhaustion.
    Changeable, indecisive, suffers from extreme moods and energy, does not seek advice of others or physicians.

    Homoeopathic Remedy
    Veratrum album
    Used in the treatment of heat exhaustion, headache, nausea, cramps.

    Metal: pewter; tin compounds
    Cell Salt: ferr phos
    Healing Musical Note: B
    Healing Aromas
    Apple, camphor, cardamom, gardenia, hyacinth, jasmine, lily, mugwort, myrrh, palmarosa, sandalwood, vanilla, ylang-ylang.

    Pisceans should avoid intoxicants, as this is one of the addictive signs.
    Many foods do not agree with Pisces, especially milk and dairy products, leading to lymphatic stasis and phlegm.
    Fish is their best source of protein.
    Lemon and lime juices, cranberries and apple juice offset lymphatic stasis.
    Best grains are brown rice, bulghur wheat and quinoa, all being a fine lime green color when viewed under a prism.
    Cabbage, celery and green juices will keep their lymphatic system flowing, along with good breathing and exercise.
    Tubers like potato and sweet potato are good starch foods. Eat fresh salads daily to keep the bowels in order.

    Susceptible Areas: thighs, sex organs

    • extravagance, indulgence and feasting leading to impure blood, intestinal putrefaction, obesity and cancer;
    • fond of alcohol;
    • oedema, lymphatic stasis, swollen ankles/feet, sores, ulcers;
    • insomnia;
    • tendency to catch pneumonia;
    • corns, bunions;
    • slothful, neglectful.

    Karmic Tendencies
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