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    Cancer Info: Cancer the Crab | Cancer Relationships | Sexuality | Cancer Rising
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    Cancer, the Crab, Body Art by Rudy Everts
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    2012 Horoscope Forecast
    Cancer the Crab in 2012 
    far and away

    Moon children are notorious hearth lovers but this year events may begin that take you far and away from your origins. It starts with unpredictable Uranus shaking things up in your 10th house of career… which lies directly opposite your 4th house of home and family, so you can see where that might lead to! Unexpected changes in career, for better or for worse, will impact your sweet abode.

    To complicate things, warrior Mars turns retrograde in your 3rd house of community and communication, making it a bit harder for you to express yourself assertively. Then as February begins, idealistic Neptune enters your 9th house of other cultures and philosophies, giving you the opportunity to learn and experience new things. In early April, Mars turns direct again, giving you a chance to really speak your mind clearly after having time to really think about where you stand and where you would like to go from here. This is the beginning of great changes in your life, and they won't happen overnight. If you can resist the urge to fight, you will end up in amazing places with fantastic people. Remain open and curious!

    Benevolent Jupiter spends the first half of the year in your 11th house of friends and associates, giving you a little help from your friends just when you need it the most. As mentioned earlier, a lot of change is in the air and most Cancerians are not crazy about breaking with tradition. Your friends will be the rock you can stand on while you find a way to regain your own footing, and they are likely to keep you busy with group activities.

    Single Crabs may find love blossoming among your circle of friends… The best relationships are often born out of true friendship. After June 11th, Jupiter enters Gemini and your 12th house of secrets and solitude, urging you to spend more time reflecting on your beliefs and how they have affected your life over the past 12 years.

    Saturn remains in Libra and your 4th house of home and family for most of 2012, giving you more time to create the structure you need to have a peaceful, balanced home life. As a Cancer, home and family are extremely important to you, and when things are not right under your roof, it is hard for you to function well in general. Saturn's presence here serves to help you 'remodel' as needed, building an even stronger base for yourself. Remember, home is wherever and whatever you make of it.

    July and August should be significant as Mars gets in on the action. Work with your family to create a better environment for all, even if that means a great deal of change. On October 5th, the taskmaster enters your 5th house of children and creativity, signaling a period of heavy responsibility related to the children or creative endeavors in your life. To avoid making life all work and no play, find constructive, practical forms of pleasure and entertainment to compliment Saturn's serious-minded energy.

    2012 Cancer Love and Money Relationships: the Journey to the Heart  Go to Top

    The year starts off on an intimate note as Venus in Aquarius stimulates your 8th house of sex and shared resources, making close relationships more harmonious. People will be feeling generous and kind towards you, so don't turn down what is offered! The weekend of the 13th is likely to be especially dreamy as Neptune joins forces with Venus, creating glamour and mystery. After January 14th, the planet of love lights up your 9th house of travel and adventure, making it a wonderful time to see exotic places and meet new people (or see new places and meet exotic people!). If possible, schedule a much needed vacation for late January.

    By the time Venus enters Aries and your 10th house of career and public standing on Feb. 9th, you'll be back at work and in the spotlight. You have unique talents and abilities that won't go unnoticed, and you may be given an unexpected honor or bonus during this transit. After March 5th, sociable Venus in Taurus enters your 11th house of friends and associates, awaking your desire to enjoy the finest in life with your pals. However, be careful not to overdo it as expansive Jupiter adds a “More is More!” flavor to the mix. Remember to practice moderation if you want to avoid feeling run down and overbooked.

    Even if you do go overboard with social events, after April 3rd Venus sets up camp in Gemini and your 12th house of secrets and solitude, where it will stay for some time to come. Traditionally, this is a time of clandestine relationships and affairs, as well as work behind the scenes in hospitals and prisons. More commonly, you'll have an opportunity to rest and recharge your spiritual batteries, so practice saying 'no' to events and activities you won't have the energy for.

    Venus will commence retrograde motion on May 15th, urging you to spend time reflecting on your relationship. It's time to ask yourself, what has been working, and what needs to be improved? An Eclipse on June 4th may bring relationship issues that you may not have been aware of to the surface. Work with this energy to put your valued commitments back on track, and you should be well on your way to resolution as Venus turns direct on June 18th.

    You'll be ready to make your grand entrance when Venus lights up your first house of personality and appearance on August 7th. People will naturally gravitate towards you and it will be easy to feel friendly and attractive. Single Crabs will be able to make a great first impression, so don't be afraid to get out and meet new people while Venus smiles on you.

    After Sept. 6th, your focus may turn more towards what you own and value as Venus begins to move through Leo and your 2nd house of money. Towards the end of the month, sexy Mars gets involved, making you much more likely to go after what you want! It will certainly be a good time for flirting and letting others know what you like and how you like it. It will be even easier to express yourself after October 3rd, when Venus twinkles in your 3rd house of communication. However, Jupiter will turn retrograde at about the same time, signaling a period of introspection for you. Creative visualization could really pay off now, so imagine the future you want for yourself daily.

    Home sweet home is dearer than ever after Oct. 28th, when Venus blesses your 4th house of hearth and family. The great news is that Saturn is no longer lingering here, giving you to opportunity to feel more free and relaxed under your own roof. Your hard work over the past two years creating a balanced environment should be paying off now, so enjoy the fruits of your labor.

    A serious note may be played during the last week of November, when warm and loving Venus meets with stern and burdensome Saturn in your 5th house of love and children. You'll need to get used to Saturn's energy here, so try to remain positive even though you may feel stymied. As the year ends, Venus graces your 6th house of health and service, giving you a vitamin-like boost when you need it the most. Treat yourself kindly and it will show!

    2012 Cancer Home and Family Home and Family Go to Top

    Saturn will finally complete his journey through your 4th house of home and family by Oct. 5th, but until then you will face heavier-than-usual burdens related to your domestic life. Many have been facing personal and financial difficulties that have resulted in having to move back in with your parents, while others may have had parents or grown children move in with you.

    Saturn always forces us to 'grow up and face reality' wherever he travels, but if you learn his lessons well, you are rewarded with a wisdom and maturity that will serve you well. Saturn in Libra is all about justice and harmony, and by the end of this transit, you should be able to determine exactly what it is you need to live in a balanced, peaceful environment. Don't accept anything less.

    2012 Cancer Work and Health Work and Health Go to Top

    In June, Jupiter will enter Gemini and your 12th house of secrets and solitude, which is directly opposite your 6th house of work and health. A Full Moon and Eclipse on June 4th has the potential to drain you of your strength and vitality in the form of overindulgence, wool-gathering, and hidden addictions. You may not realize when you are acting as your own enemy by daydreaming or drinking (or shopping, or eating) more than you should. It will be important to strike a healthy balance between your daily life and habits and your dreams and fantasies.

    The most vulnerable month is October, when fiery Mars lights up your 6th house and you end up with a bit more on your plate than you were prepared to handle. Retrograde Mercury rubs salt in the wound in November, but after Nov. 25th, you should be back on the road to good health and happiness at work.

    2012 Cancer Career Matters Career Matters Go to Top

    Neptune finally leaves your 8th house of shared resources on Feb. 3rd, helping to clear up any confusion related to joint finances, inheritances, and loans. This in itself will ease up any financial uncertainty you've had lately, and give you a chance to reformulate your plans. For the next several years, mystical Neptune will activate your 9th house of religion and philosophy, potentially increasing your prophetic and intuitive experiences. Already one of the most psychic signs of the zodiac, you may find your sixth sense working overtime. This could help you out financially, as your instincts are on spot on regarding cultural trends!

    Jupiter also lends you a financial hand through supportive friends and associates during the first half of the year… if you need references or job opportunities, look to your pals. Do watch out for Mercury retrograde in your 2nd house of finances during late July, which has the potential to cause problems related to money miscalculations and payments lost in the mail.

    Mercury the MessengerMercury the Messenger  Go to Top

    Ah, Mercury retrograde! You can expect the Winged Messenger to go retrograde three times a year for about three weeks each time. During retrogrades, you can expect miscommunication, delays in travel, and breakdowns in machinery and appliances. Usually these breakdowns are due to neglect or lack of attention to detail and the retrograde period simply brings this to the surface. It's often a good idea to hold off on making any important decisions, purchases, or signing contracts when Mercury is retrograde. Brides planning weddings should certainly consult an astrologer to avoid scheduling the Big Day during a retrograde! On the positive side, Mercury retrograde is excellent for research and investigation. It is a time to go over everything carefully, looking for loopholes, mistakes, and weaknesses. Here are this year's Mercury retrogrades and how they are likely to impact you:

    March 12th – April 4th Mercury Retrograde in Pisces, 9th House

    Travel and educational plans slow down considerably as Mercury turns retrograde in your 9th house of culture and religion. With the added influence of Neptune in this house, you may find that plans are confused, and what you thought was for certain, isn't! Even plans you have previously confirmed are subject to mysteriously falling through, so be sure to check and check again to avoid disappointment. After April 4th, your plans and schedules are back on track, allowing you to sail on smoothly.

    July 15th - August 8th Mercury Retrograde in Leo, 2nd House

    Mercury turns retrograde in your 2nd house of finances on July 15th, wreaking havoc on your budget and work scene. This is not a good time to sign any contracts, so avoid making long term financial commitments as a lender or borrower. If you do loan money out to a friend or family member, consider it a gift. After Aug. 8th, the lines of communication clear and it will be easier to understand the fine lines on any business transaction.

    November 6th–26th Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio, 5th House

    Those of you with children should pay closer attention to them during this period, as they may have difficulty expressing themselves and may need you to understand what goes unspoken. Lovers may also find that communication becomes rocky… perhaps a gentle reminder that you are not a mind reader (even if you appear to be) is in order. Those of you working on creative projects may find that they slow down a bit, but if you step away from the drawing board you may find inspiration where you least expect it. After Nov. 26th, you'll have a much better idea of where to go from here.

    2012 Cancer Lady Moon Lunar Life with Lady Moon Go to Top

    Your Full Moon happens on January 9th, and will represent the culmination of what began back in July 2011. This time, Saturn has eased up a bit and you've made progress on the home front, so you should be in a better position than you were then. You still may be dealing with some tension between your home life, your career, and your closest relationships, but you have an opportunity now to assess what has been working and what still needs a tweak or two.

    Your personal New Moon occurs on July 19th, signaling new beginnings for you. However, it might feel a bit like déjà vu as Saturn is back for one last pass at your home and family situation. Mercury retrograde adds misery by impacting your finances and blocking funds you may be expecting. Certain roadblocks have not run their course yet and you may have to wait before putting your plans into action. This is a good time to consider your strategy in all of your personal goals, and then visualize your success. Even if you can't take the first steps yet, you can at least create your game plan.

    EclipsesEclipses Go to Top

    Eclipses indicate change in the area of life they impact, and are often felt for much longer than regular lunations. Because the Moon is your ruler, you can expect to be very much in tune with her movements. In cases where the eclipse makes a close aspect to planets or angles in your chart, they can be felt for up to a year. Here is what to look for during the eclipse cycle of 2012:

    A New Moon and Solar Eclipse in Gemini on May 20th happens behind the scenes in your life as it impacts your 12th house of secrets and solitude. This represents the beginning of an ending in your life, for better or for worse. In many instances, this may be the blessing of not getting what you asked for (which may have been completely wrong for you) and instead simply getting what you needed. The good news is, once Jupiter enters your 12th house in June, everything will begin to unfold as it should, without much effort from you.

    A Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius on June 4th only solidifies changes that began with the New Moon and Solar Eclipse in Gemini two weeks earlier. Your path will be much clearer although the destination still might not be. Your work and health are in the spotlight and you may come to the conclusion that something's got to give. You will need to make choices now that will impact the quality of your life for some time to come. Hang in there!

    A New Moon and Solar Eclipse in Scorpio on Nov. 13th may signal the beginning of a creative project or new romance for many of you as it activates your 5th house of children and creativity. However, Mercury retrograde may slow down any plans you have, so don't try to execute the perfect first date until after this passes! Those of you with children will need to be especially watchful over them now.

    A New Moon and Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius on Nov. 28th echoes what was begun during the New Moon and Solar Eclipse on May 20th, when certain situations that could no longer be maintained were coming to an end. You've had a chance now to see what your future may hold and have the opportunity to make adjustments and corrections as needed. For many of you, this means a change of job! Others may be changing their lifestyle in order to improve health, and the results are beginning to show. Above all, take good care of yourself, because you can't help others if you are worn out.

    That's it for 2012, dear Cancer. Keep track of a more detailed forecast as the year rolls on in our Monthly, Weekly and Daily Horoscopes.

    Don't forget to follow up our daily, weekly and monthly forecasts for more in-depth forecasts.


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