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    Part 1 of a full relationship analysis:

    the relationship between Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn

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    Kurt Russell & Goldie Hawn: Part I

    Part One -- Planets and Aspects
    Each of us has every planet in his or her chart. Each planet symbolizes a different facet of life. In synastry, when we compare two charts, we look at the aspects (distance in degrees) between the planets of one chart and the planets of the other to determine areas of potential ease or difficulty. In general, sextiles and trines are easy aspects; squares and oppositions are challenging or dynamic aspects. Conjunctions can be either easy or difficult, depending on the planets involved...

    Common Aspects

    Sun trine Sun
    This is one of the better indications of compatibility. You tend to be on the same wavelength in many areas of life. You probably felt immediately at ease with one another when you met, and continue to be on a harmonious wavelength. This aspect tends to make for a comfortable relationship, as a rule, regardless of any other negative influences that may also impact on your pairing. You can support each other in your individual objectives and cooperate together in joint endeavors. About the only negative thing you can say for this trine is that it almost makes things too easy between you, so that you don't feel challenged to grow as individuals.

    Moon square Jupiter
    This can sometimes indicate overblown emotions or a tendency to encourage one another to be emotionally indulgent. There may be a touch of insincerity in the emotional expression between you or perhaps just oversentimentality. In any event, this is not a particularly troublesome square as a rule.

    Pluto conjunct Pluto
    As Pluto remains in one sign anywhere from 12 to 31 years, all those born within several years of each other have this aspect between their charts.

    This conjunction therefore has generational rather than personal relationship significance. It shows obsessions, compulsions and intense drives; transformative, death/rebirth and purging issues confronted in some way by an entire generation. The generation with Pluto in Leo, for instance, is the first in modern times to deal as a whole, and with great intensity, with the purging (Pluto) from within of the fetus (Leo rules children). The generation is also dealing intensely with other Pluto/Leo combinations, such as pornography -- sex (Pluto) as entertainment (Leo).

    Kurt Russell's Planets Aspecting Goldie Hawn's Planets

    Sun square Moon
    While this can be a problematic combination, it also seems to produce attraction, as it is one of the more common aspects between couples. There may be clashes between the Sun person's need to assert his or her ego and the Moon person's emotional needs. There is also the potential for one of you to dominate and overshadow the other; often, but not necessarily, the Sun person. However, when the attraction is strong enough -- which it often is with this aspect -- people usually learn to get past the potential for misunderstanding and grow as individuals and as a couple through dealing with the challenges posed by this square.

    Sun square Mercury
    There is potential here for clashing due to a basic incompatibility between the Sun person's ego and need for self-assertion and the ideas and communications of the Mercury person. The Sun person may occasionally see what the Mercury person says or writes as something of a threat or challenge. However, this is unlikely to be a really problematic aspect unless there are several other, stronger negative factors in the chart comparison. If so, this square will aggravate them.

    Sun trine Mars
    You are likely to be great cheerleaders and energizers for one another and should be able to get a great deal done together and individually as a result of the support you give one another. You can challenge each other in positive ways to achieve more. Often, this aspect is an indication of sexual attraction. You'll enjoy any kind of physical activity you engage in together, especially competitive sports and work that is physically challenging.

    Sun trine Saturn
    This aspect tends to produce a sense of responsibility and loyalty toward one another and makes it easier for each of you to accept limits and stick to your commitments to each other. The Saturn person can help the Sun person stay on course and stay grounded; the Sun person can lift the Saturn person's mood and self-esteem.

    Moon trine Venus
    Emotional harmony and greater than usual sensitivity toward each other's feelings are typical with this aspect. A Moon/Venus trine can indicate a very romantic, caring relationship. You are likely to enjoy similar activities, especially if there is a creative or imaginative element to them. Mutual support is one of the traits typical with this trine, along with the empathy that allows you to understand when support is needed without always having to be told (although good communication always helps).

    Moon conjunct Saturn
    This can be a difficult aspect in a relationship chart for a number of reasons. It tends to limit the partners' ability to express emotions to and about one another. It's not that the feelings aren't there. However, there is a tendency to impose rules and conditions on the way feelings may be expressed. Often this is because one of you has conflicting emotional or familial obligations. The restrictions generally tend to occur on the Saturn person's side, and can cause the Moon person frustration and depression. The Saturn person meanwhile, may be thrown off balance by the Moon person's moodiness or may feel uncomfortable with the Moon person's desire for closeness. Even in a relationship where there are none of the aforementioned emotional boundaries, and you enjoy a balanced partnership, there may be rather domestic responsibilities to contend with.

    Mercury trine Mars
    Generally speaking, this trine indicates an intellectually stimulating relationship. The Mars person can encourage the Mercury person to think more courageously and to act on his or her ideas. The Mercury person can help the Mars person formulate better plans for action. You can each inspire the other to have the courage to speak up and be more assertive. You may enjoy playing competitive games together, especially those that require both physical and strategic skills.

    Mercury opposite Midheaven
    This works more like a conjunction than an opposition, linking the Mercury person with the Midheaven person's fourth house, the house that signifies the home. There is likely to be a good deal of communication between the two of you regarding domestic affairs, in which the Mercury person ideas may dominate. The Mercury person is likely to encourage the Midheaven person to share his/her thoughts regarding emotions and family; the Midheaven person can provide a comfortable situation in which the Mercury person can study, think and pursue intellectual or communications activities.

    Venus square Mars
    This aspect is one of the strongest indicators of a dynamic sexual attraction between two people. It's such a powerful aspect in fact, that even when the two planets are considered "out of orb" (meaning that the aspect is more than 10 degrees from an exact square) it tends to have an impact (although this impact is weakened considerably when the square is out of sign). While some astrologers see this aspect as potentially problematic(because of the tensions associated with the square aspect and the differing expressions of the two planets involved) the positives usually far outweigh the negatives. There may occasionally be irritations because what the Mars person demands may not always be what the Venus person has to offer. But between two mature individuals this can allow for mutual and individual growth. Minor problems often tend to get worked out through sexual encounters; this is a great kiss-and-make-up kind of aspect.

    Venus opposite Jupiter
    This is generally an indication of a genial relationship, where each of you may go out of your way to maintain harmony. The Jupiter person is likely to admire the Venus person's poise and social skills. The Venus person may feel equal admiration for the Jupiter person's intellectual or cultural knowledge. You can broaden each other's cultural, educational and entertainment universe by introducing each other to aspects of these things that the other is unfamiliar with but is likely to find interesting or enjoyable. The only real potential dangers of this aspect are that you may encourage each other in indulgence, extravagance and waste.

    Venus square Saturn
    This tends to be a difficult aspect. There may be conditions or limitations on this relationship, or the timing may be off. Sometimes it indicates internal or external obstacles that keep an otherwise good relationship from going anywhere. There may be worry, fear of intimacy, and blocking of emotional expression. It may also indicate that one or the other has another important relationship that gets in the way of this one. With Saturn, loyalty is often an issue. If expressed positively through this aspect, it can help form a solid, loyal, serious bond between you. If expressed negatively, one or both may show disloyalty to the other.

    Mars opposite Jupiter
    There can be a lot of exuberance with this comparative aspect, but there is also the potential for you to waste energy, activity and resources together. When you get along, you should have lots of good times together, but when it's not working as well, you can spur each other on to excess, and then blame each other for the results. The Mars person may sometimes seem too aggressive, impulsive or inconsiderate to the Jupiter person . The Jupiter person may occasionally come across as pompous or holier than thou to the Mars person.

    Mars opposite Midheaven
    This is more a conjunction of the Midheaven person's Fourth House cusp- the house ruling home, mother and domesticity - with Mars, rather than a true opposition. With energetic Mars tweaking this area of the chart, you can bet that if you live under the same roof, you are probably going to get a great deal done in and around the home - as a great deal of your energy will be focused there. You may find you have a disproportionate number of disagreements over the relative importance of domestic/emotional versus career issues with this comparative aspect. It may also be difficult to establish a relaxed domestic situation.

    Jupiter trine Saturn
    With this comparative aspect, you can offer each other balance and get a great deal done together. The Jupiter person lifts the Saturn person's spirits and provides opportunities for adventure and growth . The Saturn person can help the Jupiter person find useful channels and practical applications for expansiveness and optimism. Together, you can optimistically plan, expand your opportunities, and carefully lay the groundwork that results in greater rewards than either of you might be able to achieve separately.

    Jupiter square Uranus
    This can be a exuberant combination, but a problem exists that it can be difficult for each of you to know how far istoo far. You can cook up grand, rash, wild plans together that may, thanks to the luck of Jupiter, work out against the odds, but can just as easily backfire and cause you both grief. Unfortunately, there's no way to guess in advance which it will be. You're likely to encourage each other in unwise activities and have overinflated expectations of success together. You must give each other plenty of freedom in order to feel comfortable in the relationship.

    Uranus conjunct North Node
    With this aspect, the two of you are likely to flout social convention and go your own eccentric way together. Otherwise, this is not a particularly potent influence in the comparative chart.

    Ascendant conjunct North Node
    You are both likely to approach the outside world in a similar fashion and to enjoy socializing together. The Ascendant person's path may be difficult at times for the North Node person to follow, but if he/she does so, it will probably be rewarding in the long run. There is a likelihood of dependency on each other for social activities.

    Written by Anita Bartholomew Time Cycles Research
    To view the rest of the reading, click on the links. Part II Part III Part IV

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