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    Saturn Enters Virgo 2007
    How this transit affects the Sign Aries

    Saturn, slow-moving Lord of Karma, changes from one sign to the next every two and a half years, restructuring the foundations of our social awareness and karmic realisation. Each sign is affected differently, so in this article, Mary MacLean discusses the effects of this transit on the sign of Aries, the Ram.

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    Saturn's transit through Virgo in the 6th house has everything to do with health, pets and your everyday work. If you have Virgo on the 6th, it tells me that you are very precise about your work and that you enjoy detail. This would also say the same for health matters. You are probably a stickler for proper dietary patterns. Work-related responsibilities are apt to increase. Routine schedules, endless details, and tasks may start to become boring and tedious. Loss of employment and other disappointments or difficulties related to work, your working environment, or relationships with co-workers will demand resolution and appropriate changes. This influence does not mean you will experience illness, but it does tend to reflect any past disregard for maintaining good health and physical fitness.

    This phase is all about redefining your work and health. Think your work will stay the same during the next 2½ years? I dont think so. Watch how you take on new work habits and health habits during this cycle.

    Mars Retrograde Phase

    Gemini on the 3rd does produce a talker and with Mars in this sector, you will be talking, talking, talking. Look for Mars to accelerate your communications with brothers and sisters, community issues and issues that have to do with where you work. You will be swamped with information and ideas, not to mention coming up with an increasing number of your own!

    Travel and transportation are highlighted too, and can involve anything from increased concern with public transport to taking a trip or buying a car. Machinery or computers push you to acquire new skills. Other projects include writing, design, or arts and crafts geared toward business enterprises and that serve a definite function rather than as a way of passing time. Delays or a change of mind can come after November 15, 2007 as Mars goes retrograde. Keep matters light until the direct motion of Mars on January 30th, 2008.

    The Full Moon Eclipse (Aug. 28, 2007) at 4°46' of Pisces occurs in your 12th house of hidden matters or the past. Especially if you have planets in the 12th house, you may find that this Full Moon Eclipse brings to light things you were not aware of, or things that need to be looked at more closely.

    A New Moon Eclipse (September 11, 2007) at 18°25' Virgo follows in two weeks. It will challenge your work-a-day world and can also be an indication of new health routines you want to start. Whether it's work or health, you will definitely be challenged.

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