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    Saturn Enters Virgo 2007
    How this transit affects the Sign Sagittarius

    Saturn, slow-moving Lord of Karma, changes from one sign to the next every two and a half years, restructuring the foundations of our social awareness and karmic realisation. Each sign is affected differently, so in this article, Mary MacLean discusses the effects of this transit on the sign of Sagittarius, the Archer.

    Sagittarius, the Archer Sagittarius, the Archer Return to Main Saturn in Virgo article

    Saturn in Virgo in the 10th house of career and public image indicates that you have reached a high point in your career. You will be looking at redefining it during this current Saturn cycle of 2½ years. If you have planets in this house, it will be even more exacting.

    This is a time when you start to yearn for challenges and look at the possibilities for your future. You will see that you can go no farther without making some adjustments. Any thoughts you might have had about another career option will surface and need attention.

    By accepting the consequences of your own actions and taking charge of your own life, you'll achieve the responsibility and maturity that places you on a higher level, where true success and fulfilment are now possible to attain.

    Mars Retrograde Phase

    Mars transiting the 7th house of partnerships brings with it a couple of bumps in the road, especially when you deal with relationships, partnerships, and the general public. You will find that some upsets that have to be dealt with may change your agreements with relationships or partnerships. The 7th house is a personal house, so this will be personal; however, it will leave you in a better position for the direction you are contemplating.

    The interesting period here will be November 15, 2007 when you start to internalize your decisions. Go easy and do not make any plans that are set in stone until Jan. 30th, 2008.

    The Full Moon Eclipse (Aug. 28, 2007) at 4°46' of Pisces occurs in your 4th house of home and core issues. The fourth house represents your home, family, domestic conditions and deeply held core issues. It marks a time of ending circumstances you have been holding on to for a while.

    A New Moon Eclipse (September 11, 2007) at 18°25' Virgo follows in two weeks. This New Moon will take place in your 10th house of career, presenting important career challenges over the next 6 months.

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