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    Saturn Enters Virgo 2007
    How this transit affects the Sign Libra

    Saturn, slow-moving Lord of Karma, changes from one sign to the next every two and a half years, restructuring the foundations of our social awareness and karmic realisation. Each sign is affected differently, so in this article, Mary MacLean discusses the effects of this transit on the sign of Libra, the Scales.

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    Saturn in the 12th house seems to scare some people. However it is really all about preparing for Saturn in the 1st house and a new 28 year cycle. The 12th house represents the past, the subconscious, hospitals or institutions. You must face your fears and worries, resolve issues from the past that continue to weaken your happiness and productivity, and deal responsibly with loss and disappointment. This is a time to let go of the baggage you have been carrying with you for the last 20 years.

    You may find that you need to get rid of stuff that has accumulated in your home that takes up valuable space. Same with the subconscious: it's time to purge. You will feel like stripping off anything that has no meaning in your life. It is important to feel free of the past and anything that drags along with it.

    Mars Retrograde Phase

    Mars starts to enter your 9th house of education, religion, cultural pursuits, in-laws, foreign affairs and philosophy in early August. Mars wants to upset the matters of this house in order to find out what is outdated and not useful. You may find yourself immersed in legal matters, or mesmerized by education or travelling to far-off places.

    This Mars transit will redefine the concerns of your 9th house. The most positive way to approach this influence is to use whatever circumstances and activities you encounter as a way to broaden your spiritual and intellectual horizons. Two important dates to watch are November 15, 2007 and Jan. 30th, 2008. This period can bring in a delay or you may change direction. Stay light until Jan. 30th 2008. Then move forward without interruption.

    The Full Moon Eclipse (Aug. 28, 2007) at 4°46' of Pisces occurs in your 6th house of health and everyday work. Full moons always bring changes and conclusions and, with the Eclipse, it will be 20 times stronger. Look for situations to change or end at work or with health matters.

    A New Moon Eclipse (September 11, 2007) at 18°25' Virgo follows in two weeks. This New Moon has everything to do with your 12th house of the past and preparation. Clandestine situations may take center stage. The New Moon Eclipse indicates the area in which you will be challenged and will take a lot of time and attention.

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